Live from Mobile World Congress with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg! [Noon EST Feb. 24]

Another Monday liveblog from Mobile World Congress is taking place and this time around,  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to give a keynote address.  Zuckerberg is always an interesting one to catch as he's generally a fairly compelling speaker, so this should be good and if nothing else, at least interesting.

We don't really expect too much, if any, Facebook news but instead look for broader topics that have to do with the Internet, social connectivity and the world in general.

We're liveblogging this one starting at 6 p.m. CET — that's noon in New York and 9 a.m. on the West Coast. Join us!

Watch the Zucknote along with us.



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Pratik Mehta says:

Y Facebook? Pleass release messenger & bbm asap! Cant wait man!

Aashish13 says:

As there have been leaks i cant wait for wp8.1 too. Hope 8.1 will remove few glitches and make the app and operating system flow more smooth.

kurotsuki says:

Wait ... What? :D

Aashish13 says:

Zucker burg windows phone app

neonspark says:

you may as well branch android and develiver that zuker phone.

Rick Smits says:

Announce Paper for WP8! more official apps the better

chad08er says:

Wish Facebook would release Paper for WP8.Messed around with it on my brothers iPhone and it's actually a damn good app.

TheJoester09 says:

It's not even out on Android yet, is it? I hate to say it, but we probably won't see it for quite a while (if at all). I hope I'm wrong though.

chad08er says:

Facebook has already said it's ios and U.S only,just wishful thinking above :)

Rick Smits says:

No wishful thinking for me ;) I'm from the U.S.

Harsh Gaurav says:

WP is becoming very much exciting these days

DaveGx says:

I never liked this guy. Can't put my finger on why exactly.

lippidp says:

I don't like him because he's a phony.

avigyan says:

His face looks like dough. Hence... XD
I rather have a feeling that he would be a better athlete than a techie.

Aashish13 says:

If he says like google no fb app for wp then im deleting my fb account

Eas195 says:

Then migrate to Path ;)

Aashish13 says:

No nothing ill better migrate to Himalayas for piece

QwarkDreams says:

I thought you can't delete it, only deactivate it?

maclancer says:

I don't like the guy and neither Facebook. I deleted an account I had in 2012 and I can live happy without it.

theavrgjoe says:

He seems to be "a snake in the grass." There is a reason why all of his friends and co creators sued him and its not because of jealousy. He looks at all of us as a product, by taking and selling all of our information to anyone and everyone in a manner more efficient than the NSA.

sHAYM4N says:

I cant trust anyone that doesn't blink.

theefman says:

Android Facebook for WP? :)

OMG55 says:

Zuck can "suck it". We don't have paper just like we didn't have instagram or a good fb client. I hope the deal back fires on him

Martin_DE says:

Does this guy only have a single outfit? He always wears the same whenever I see a photo of him.
He should be able to afford a second sweater, or even a suit by now.

theavrgjoe says:

I don't like, want, need or care about Facebook. It is nothing more than a glorified MySpace. Mark Zuckerberg is the scummiest kind of human being, willing to sell out his fellow man, a slave trader. This guy and Facebook are both crap. I hope Microsoft doesn't make a deal with him. In fact I hope Microsoft allows us to completely delete Facebook from our phones since some of us don't want to have anything to do with it. I personally want a setting that makes it so that I am never asked by any company to sign in with a Facebook account.

maclancer says:

Could not agree more... So true.

frank pik says:

Did he call everyone a bunch a "Dumb F***s" for "trusting" him and facebook again?