LockWidgets 2 released by Windows Phone Hacker [Homebrew]

LockWidgets 2

We've previously looked at the Locked Screen Widgets concept over at Windows Phone Hacker throughout it's development. We're now excited to report that LockWidgets 2 has been released and is now available to all (should you own an eligible Windows Phone of course).

What's all the fuss about? LockWidgets 2 is a complete rewrite of the original LockWidgets app, which enabled users to add widgets to their lock screen. The successor adds more functionality to the list with more opportunities present in the framework. Some highlighted features:

  • SMS widget
  • Weather widget
  • Battery widget
  • Runs in the background
  • Should run side-by-side with other homebrew apps, such as Folders, Battery Status, etc.

Features that are still in development, but are well on their way include an RSS widget, improved forecast info, more notification data, and a RAM widget. Check out the following video for more information and a quick run through.

The only downside to this awesome functionality, as mentioned above, is the requirement of a fully unlocked Windows Phone (interop unlocked). Should you be in possession of one, then you're good to go. Of course, Windows Phone Central cannot take any responsibility if you damage your Windows Phone.

Head on over to Windows Phone Hacker to download and try out LockWidgets 2.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker



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Racxie says:

Looks quite nice! Can't wait to be able to connect my phone to my PC again to try this!

goldenpipes says:

Why don't u install xaphandler then u can just install it right on the phone from the web.

Racxie says:

Unfortunately my phone doesn't have a fully unlocked ROM, it's only dev & interop unlocked and as far as I'm aware you can only install directly to phone using a full unlock.

blackprince says:

Is that a huge battery monitor to complement the small one that shows on the lock screen anyway? Redundant much?

Big waste of actual battery power, but still interesting

The widgets seems to be dimmed like the rest of the background :/

dkp23 says:

No developer unlock for 900 yet ?? :(

CJ Thunder says:

Hopefully this is on WP8 as it is very nice to customize it on W8.

Lol.  I saw that Bing background yesterday.  I loved it.  So funny.

ade333 says:

Can this be run if we unlocked with one of those tokens (forget the name) or is something more needed?

schlubadub says:

No. The Chevron unlock isn't enough & you can't buy them anymore.

schlubadub says:

But it could help you to full unlock... XDA will have the answers