Check your lucky numbers with Lottery Results, now available on Windows 8

Lottery Results Lede

The super-popular Lottery Results app for Windows Phone, Android and iOS has just landed on Windows 8. If you're a frequent player of the Euromillions, National Lottery (UK) or other gambling draws, this is the app for you. Sporting identical functionality as its Windows Phone counterpart, the developers have crafted a sweet Modern experience taking advantage of Windows 8.

With Lottery Results installed, you not only have the ability to check out results from numerous draws in seconds, but there's no initial setup screen, no loading, no waiting. Users fire up the app and select the draws they wish to view. As well as the most recent numbers available for users, results from previous draws are available for viewing too.

Lottery Results also fetches the latest numbers right after the machines churn them out, just in case you require immediate access to said draws.

Lottery Results

Here are some highlighted features:

  • Instant lottery results, updated right after the draw!
  • Supports 8 UK and Euromillions' lotteries and raffles
  • Stunning Windows touch-enabled design
  • Store your own numbers in the "my numbers" section
  • Automatically check if your numbers have won a prize against any draw date
  • Full prize breakdown for every draw
  • Number generator for lucky dip
  • Lottery statistics
  • Upcoming section for the next jackpots

We're fans of the apps. They provide instant access to all the draws you require, which is exactly what you need from such solutions. The best part is both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps are Universal beauties and are completely free.

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kenzibit says:

Weird apps coming today

Aashish13 says:

Which one r u waiting for?

Aashish13 says:

Eats so special in that app that many ppl are dying for that explain please!!!!!!

Talk4Lig says:

It's the best rss reader. You can flip pages of your rss feeds. And design is beatiful.

Aashish13 says:

What if we have Rudys Flipboard? Flip6

Talk4Lig says:

That would be awesome :3 But Youtube (6tube) would be the best! :)

Aashish13 says:

Yeah but not troubling Rudy for u tube we have my tube. And u tube on IE 11 is good just the IE11 needs bugs fixes. Sometimes I get decode error while watching videos

Eaglespro says:

Flipboard is already here but seems to be missing stuff. check check the store

Aashish13 says:

Provide the link here

Talk4Lig says:

That's the fake one LOL

PeadarWagon says:

They spelled US wrong.

kalo88 says:

You guys get just about everything else :)

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btgusto says:

Awesome to see developers making universal apps

Antluv82 says:

I already got one, but I'm going Tu try this one out

National Lottery is now just called Lotto actually /pedant