Love Readit for Windows Phone? Windows 8 version is now in development

Readit Tweet Windows 8

Readit is a popular unofficial Reddit client for Windows Phone, but if you've been waiting for the developer to bring the experience across to larger screens, we have some good news for you as development for Windows 8 has just been announced. In a message published on Twitter, MSG Across Studios states they're working on Readit for Windows 8.

Readit Windows 8

Why should you be interested in Readit for Windows 8? Well, if you've been hiding under a rock the past few months, we've not only made this superb Windows Phone app editor's choice, but also covered the great support, which has been displayed by the developer in the form of massive updates.

For now, be sure to grab Readit from the Windows Phone Store to get a taste of what's to come (QR code below). We'll update you all once more details come to light.

Source: Twitter (@MSGAcross); Thanks, Ewert, for the tip!

QR: Readit



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I hate these tweets it takes very long to materialise like tr2 for 520

Rewire says:

I've been waiting for this. The existing reddit apps feel abandoned.

mkmarine says:

Reddit to go works pretty great for me. Yes, it needs updating for opening twitter links, but I haven't found any showstoppers.

I love the app but it crashes like hell in lumia 520. 

Maybe it's because i'm using gdr3 

terrokkinit says:

Awesome!!! Cannot wait. :)

Heck freaking yea!

CombatRock says:

Awesome! Works great on my 822 and I use it daily.

DiegoMoBa says:

Is there any chance the app would get baconsync support, it's really the only thing that keeps me from migrating from baconit

AngryNil says:

Very little chance, the guys believe in supporting the official feature available through Reddit Gold.

simtafa says:

Is it going to crash as often as the windows phone 8 version?

Broomcorn says:

Does Readit crush everyone's battery, or just mine? I can feel the 1020 getting warm just browsing Readit...

Doomguy says:

They have solved this problem in the latest beta.

Broomcorn says:

How does one get said beta?

herbertsnow says:

reddit is losing steam, time to move on to something new.

Cryio says:

I just want to thank you for loving Doctor Who btw

Joost Meij says:

I'm not that into reddit but this app makes it very interesting

spectre51 says:

Can't wait for a better W8 app. Use this daily on my 1020.