Lumia 1020 not to be exclusive to Rogers in Canada, also heading to TELUS with Lumia 625

Lumia 1020

We reported earlier that Canadians will be able to enjoy the Lumia 1020 from Nokia this coming October. This information still stands, but we also stated the Windows Phone will be exclusive to Rogers. This part is where it's not entirely accurate. TELUS will also be stocking the Lumia 1020 as well as the new, gigantic Lumia 625. Good news if you're not with the mobile operator.

MobileSyrup has relayed that both Windows Phones will be heading to TELUS, meaning you won't have to switch over to Rogers if you are desperately looking forward to get your hands on the latest flagship with the 41MP camera. Soon you'll have the choice between the beast that is the cameraphone and the Lumia Windows Phone with the largest display. 4.7-inch screen big enough? 

Source: MobileSyrup; thanks, muderko, for the tip!



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jcsoriano18 says:

YES! But Nokia is already to release a 1080p, quad core phone :(

LastBattle says:

You won't see the difference between 720p and 1080p. Plus this isn't Android, even a dual core is smoother than an octa core Android.

RyanAMG says:

Hopefully Verizon gets it as well.

CX1 says:

With updated specs and more storage please

gerbir21 says:

Great news not just for Telus customers but for the Windows Phone platform as a whole. Choice is good!

bpvu says:

SWEET!!! I'll be moving to Canada soon and was thinking about going onto Telus. This is great news.

thecanuckguy says:

Where in Canada are you going to live.  If in Alberta Telus for sure.  I am on Rogers in Alberta and it is very good as well.

bpvu says:

I'll be moving to Calgary, Alberta. I'm def going with Telus since my wife is already with it. So it'll make it easier. 

jgservices says:

Welcome! I'm in Calgary as well. My wife will be buying this phone as I have a red 920 already but who knows she may convince me to get one too lol

bpvu says:

Thanks! I'm excited. Hoping that the 1020 will be out or coming out soon by the time i move.

auziez says:

Small world, Calgary here too. FINALLY A GOOD WP FOR TELUS. Or decent, i mean i wish it had better hardware (cam excluded), but honestly its worth the buy. 

simphf says:

Eastern Ontario for the win! Although, Calgary is much better than Edmonton.

mythos13 says:

Great news, finally Nokia is waking up to how damaging exclusivity is to them in North America.

wpdude says:

It is best thing that could have happen. To compete with other phones on the market they need to be on as many carriers as possible. Now we need the Nokia 1020 on the rest of the carriers in the states.

TruPlaya187 says:

Bell where are you??? LOL!!!! I really hope that they get the 1020 and also some more Nokia devices, which would be really good for the WP platform!

This! I would never go to Rogers but I would definitely switch to TELUS for the 1020... Come on, Bell... Give me a reason to stay.

DarrenSproat says:

AWESOME NEWS! I have 2 L620s from TELUS and both my Rogers L920s are activated with TELUS also... Fantastic customer service. Will be picking up L1020 ASAP

MrGoodSmith says:

Just a note to Fido and Chatr users, you can still use your sim card on a locked Rogers Lumia phone and it will work properly.

trickym81 says:

That works? Nice! I needed to unlock the Lumia 710 to get it working on Fido, but I see things have changed now. Good news.

MrGoodSmith says:

This is my personal experience with a Rogers Lumia 920 working out of the box on a Fido sim, and a Rogers Lumia 520 working out of the box with a Chatr sim card.
It seems Rogers locks their Lumia phones to work with their subsidiary networks (Rogers, Fido, Chatr), so I am assuming the same will be on the Lumia 1020 when released.

trickym81 says:

Thanks for the info!

MrGoodSmith says:

and your best bet buying the phone without a contract or Rogers account would be in a Microsoft Store. I will attempt getting it from the Yorkdale Mall in October, unless the Lumia Bandit turns out to be worth waiting for.

KQ17 says:

Yeah, those phones are network locked, not carrier locked.

This will also work with a TELUS phone on Koodo.

chezm says:

Good news, WP8 needs to be shared with as many populus as possible

Shimoner01 says:

Hopefully this will help move Windows Phone beyond 1% market share in Canada so we can get major Canadian apps (i.e. banks and news)

gerbir21 says:

Exactly! RBC I'm looking at you...

trickym81 says:

If Cineplex and BMO came to WP, I'd be happy.

simphf says:

RBC has a W8 app. They are just being lazy dicks.

Definitely. As a person living in Waterloo, I see so many BlackBerrys. Too many BlackBerrys and not enough Windows phones.

marky_yo says:

What case is on that?

mrdeeds_72 says:

Dang it! Bell drops the WP ball again!

eric249 says:

Bell favors android more than anything..

tgzgeorge says:

Definitely CDN banking apps, PC for me or TD.

peiguy67 says:

This is good news. Finally Telus is getting a phone I want. Can't wait to get my hands on that 1020!

peiguy67 says:

Maybe the new Microsoft store in West Edmonton Mall will be open by the time this is released. Anyone know when it's opening?

Squachy says:

wow 1020 on Telus?  that would have been my next phone if not for the fact i want a quad core variant :P

auziez says:

Yeh, i know what you mean. I really would have liked a AMOLED screen, or something alike... Quad core proccessor, and just better battery and such.

sl#WP says:

FYI. Verizon is entering Canadian market. End of three year contract?

Three year contracts end for all Canadians in December anyway.

Curious if Bell/Virgin will get on the bandwagon as well.

Mooncow27 says:

Don't buy it in Oct. Buy it mid December when Canadian contracts are 2 year mandatory. Not freakin 3 years.

wzp21261686 says:

all canadian carriers have shifted to 2 year contract already.

Villain says:

Color me surprised that its not a Rogers exlusive. haha I'm with Bell soooo still sucks for me BUT at least Nokia is getting a bit better.
Bell hasn't had a Lumia device at all yet. they only have the ATIS S right now as they dropped the HTC 8X a few months ago

Duffau says:

What case is that in the pic? And does it come in yellow?

blackprince says:

Oh hell yes. Good thing I just got a 520 to replace my busted 800 because this my next phone.

jm5001 says:

Well I wish Bell would get more Windows Phones (especially Nokia ones), but I'm at least encouraged to see that they're not so exclusive to Rogers.