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Lumia 1020 owners: Hipstamatic Oggl PRO follows its little brother with a big update

Oggl Pro for the Lumia 1020

Yesterday we reported on the new improved version of Hipstamatic’s Oggl photo app for Windows Phone 8. We noted how the app has had a rough start but with this latest update (version it has become significantly better. At the time, we pointed out that Oggl Pro (the version for the Lumia 1020) had yet to receive its update, but we expected it soon.

Now, version of that app is available to download and like Oggl basic, it has a nice robust changelog and yes, those much needed speed improvements. It’s not a one to one changelog though as some fixes are specific to the Pro version.

So what’s new?

Hipstamatic Oggl PRO for the Nokia Lumia 1020

  • Fixed Twitter auth issue due to timezone error
  • Added support for Photos Hub.
  • Fix crash when taking a picture and then exit via Hardware back button
  • Add #hashtags to caption when sharing
  • Added setting in the context menu of the share screen.
  • Improved error handling at login

But once again the big improvement is in speed and fluidity of the app, which makes using it now much more enjoyable, especially the rapid-resume feature where the app pops back from the background with ease.

The app still has a ways to go as even the Hipstamatic team notes in the app details, but with this update, we’d say it is certainly worth taking another look.

You can grab Hipstamatic Oggl PRO version for the Nokia Lumia 1020 here in the Store. Thanks, Ken S., for the tip!

QR: Oggl Pro


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Lumia 1020 owners: Hipstamatic Oggl PRO follows its little brother with a big update

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Nice, but I must admit I prefer to add filters afterwards. I can spent a lot of time in post production getting just the right look. Doing it up front is novel but I'm not sure I'm in on this yet.

I'm gonna go ahead and ask for a video demonstration of this improved version again. I don't own a Windows Phone yet, but I'm really interested in them.

U can add filters afterwards, but can u save the pics to ur phone. I just wish they would release hipstamatic for windows phone. I used that on my iPhone all the time. I'm not feelin the pay per month or yr for filters.

Yeah the pictures are saved to camera roll. I use this as my primary picture camera app. Just wish I can set it as my default camera