Lumia 1020 up for preorder direct from Nokia in India, goes on sale in Singapore

The 41 MP Lumia 1020 from Nokia is finally hitting its stride with its global release. Nearly every day, we hear of a new launch on some corner of the planet. Today we have two markets, both of which are quite massive for the soon-to-be Microsoft company: India and Singapore.

Nokia India has officially listed the massive camera phone on its website with a price of Rs.49999 ($812 USD) and customers can now preorder the device. Expected delivery for the flagship phone is by the third week of October. Earlier, Flipkart listed the phone in that region for preorder and it sold-out on Snapdeals, signifying strong demand.

Through Nokia direct, customers will also pick up WH-530 stereo headphones for free, a INR 1000 app voucher, free 2GB data for 2 months (for Vodafone users only) and 1 year phone insurance plan from New India Assurance. While overall the phone is quite expensive, at least those who opt for it will get a nice little package.

Heading over to Singapore, the Lumia 1020 was announced as being available there on October 5th—and that’s less than 60 minutes from now, locally. The phone retailer Adix82 is listing the phone as available and customers can walk in and pick up the 1020 with a free camera grip. Price is $920 and it is launching on three networks, including Singtel, Starhub and M1. Customers should be able to find the new phone being available at most retailers within the next few hours.

Source: Nokia (India), Adix82 (Facebook); via: PhoneNews.Co; Thanks, Jasmeet, Shavy G., and WinMaverick, for the tips!



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baron1996 says:

I think seeing that price i can guess why this company sank

sasukeluffy says:

It's normal price is $650 but it's just taxes...

Vistaus says:

And free 1 year assurance and free pretty good headphones. Too bad they didn't give free assurance when it launched here in The Netherlands...

sri_tech says:

True. They did the same mistake with Lumia 925. In less than a month of 925 release its price is reduced by Rs 6K ($100).
I don't understand how they are charging Rs 17K more than 925 ($275) for 41 MP camera and 1 GB extra RAM.

More storage too (16 GB vs 32 GB), not that it justifies the price increase.

Chix018 says:

Yeah, I agree with Daniel. Also comes with 2GB RAM btw

WinMaverick says:

925 has the MRP 38.5k while the 1020 got 50k. How is that 17k to you?
The 925 price stabilised at 33.5k after launch and I see similar trend for 1020. My guess, 44k :/

sri_tech says:

925 released at Rs 33.5K. It was 920 thats released at Rs 38.5K in January.

WinMaverick says:

Hmmm... but the 925 MRP is 38,529. I still think Nokia will keep the best buy price closer to the Z1, after the initial launch dust settles. Every Lumia best buy is about 10% lower than the MRP... the local retailers cut prices even more.

anandv427 says:

Thats hell of a price in India...damnnnnn...

Sarang68 says:

Almost 770$! So every camera megapixel is 18$! Gosh!

doppleblue says:

That's 920 SGD. If you officially buy from Nokia SG it costs SGD999 with free grip, SGD100 photobook voucher, lanyard, tripod, and peace of mind :)

karthikkini says:

I will consider 1020 after 3-4 months when the prices reduce.. This is way too pricey fr th Indian market.. Also th camera grip isn't free.. :-(

sri_tech says:

LG G2 costs Rs 41K with 1080p display, SD800 processor.
Sony Z1 costs Rs 45K with 1080p display, SD 800 processor.
This price is ridiculous and Nokia India should be fired. They runied the 925 and 625 with ridiculous prices. Now in less than one month their prices are reduced by 20-25% because of abysmal sales.
625 priced same as 820 and higher than 720.

alv3st3r says:

625 prices have fallen too. It costs Rs 2k less than 720 now.

rianext says:

That's old news man...625 costs around 16.3k...thats a huge drop...

neel07 says:

Amazon sells 625 for ₹14500....,

It will be the same case with the 1020. One month at 50k followed by subsequent price slashes binging the price close to 40k by Christmas. And if Nokia manages to release it in time for Diwali, we can see an immediate festive price drop.

dod888 says:

When they'll sell it to Indonesia?

avigyan says:

Of late such foolishness in pricing is exhibited only by a godforsaken company called Samsung where they just launch a device called Note III at 49K approx just because there has been an increment in numerical credentials of the device. But I really don't know why Nokia has done it. Spare the competition in the pricing aspect at least.

But those countries dont matter. The only important country is the USA.

avigyan says:

Excuse me? Was that real shit that you meant or just sarcasm?

This is a serious matter. And if I feel threatened I will pre-emptivly strike you.

Dexterrino says:

every country every market do matter

*except for ones outside the US

rakesh1995 says:

At Least in India i am sure of my fathers name. lol

WinMaverick says:

But we don't have oil reserves in here :P

baron1996 says:

U should be spanked

We don't spank here in the great USA, we shoot guns.

Dexterrino says:

murica. miley sirus became a hoe when obama became the president

Miley Cyrus should replace Obama. We'd be a lot better off.

avigyan says:

And let us not go into who does what. It is a long journey ;)

chmun77 says:

That's why it is so dangerous to have people like you on Earth.... Crazy people.

nocial says:

If WP needs to increase sales those countries do matter. A lot.

America - Fuck Yeah

amiraseri says:

For Singapore, is it 32 or 64Gb one?

hohohohanfan says:

If I'm not wrong 64 is not going to Singapore

WPBlox1989 says:

It's already cofirmed that the 32 GB version of the Lumia 1020 is coming to Singapore, so the 64 GB version is still a European-carrier exclusive.

empemp says:

It's seem to be Vietnamese get the best price, it's just ~710 usd (incl tax) with free camera grip. Besides; you can get a FREE bluetooth headphone or speaker, depending on the merchants.

India? Singapore? I have never heard of these cities before. What state are they in?

Rasool Shaik says:

First of your Kind i met till now.

chmun77 says:

Is more like sickening imo.

Dexterrino says:

dont insult asian countries. phlilippines just won miss world 2013 fyi.
where's your mcdonalds now?

avigyan says:

That is coz u r too undereducated to learn geography. :D

Ooohhh they are in Canada. The country that wishes it was the USA. AKA North America.

Dexterrino says:

^this is the reason why faith in humanity is so low. if thats how americans act nowadays, i feel sorry for you. your fellow americans would be ashamed having a douchebag like you living in their land. you carry their blood whilst staining it with poison

Lol, then dont feed the troll guys. :)

WinMaverick says:

Flipkart throwing in a Canon inkjet printer and Nokia powerbank DC-16 at the price with preorder.

avigyan says:

That is very stupid.

ktl88 says:

Wow, way to expensive in India. I've heard some friends are ready to get Iphone 5s unlocked from abroad at that price. Come on nokia, why price your phones so high. Even those people who are waiting to buy one are forced to change their minds with the high cost

Rasool Shaik says:

The price is very very high. Its ridiculously priced in India. 40 - 42000 was a good price for that specs. In India Iphone is considered a luxury as a jewel for women This pricing just reminds me of that. This will not sell at that price. People have to wait few months to get it to be discounted due to poor sales and by then we hear 1520 coming out so people will avoid 1020. They will start loosing interest in the device. The same will continue for each device if they price that high.

Winnabe says:

With that price, Nokia can plant its pouted lips on my behind. I will wait till the price drops about 300 dollars.

Aryan Angel says:

₹50,000? Why bother releasing the phone there at all, no more than 10 people would buy it with that price tag.

Winnabe says:

Rightly said!

rAj06 says:

Its ridiculously priced here in India. It should not be more than 40000₹!

AgileHobo says:

It's too expensive in Singapore. In Vietnam, Lumia 1020 is about 750$.

mr-ozo says:

The Lumia 1020 is now aslo on sale in Slovenia. Yeeey :]

techiez says:

Really crazy price, though currency conversion only shows it as 812$ in terms of actual value of the currency it is much much much much higher. almost about 3-4K$

swizzlerz says:

I got to hold the plastic floor display. I wonder if the weight is much different..

neel07 says:

Sure,it has to do something with the ₹ vs. Dollar thing....,Rupee lost its ground against dollar.

neel07 says:

Nokia is not an amateur in this region...,they have been here for more than 10 years and they know the market,the sentiments very well....,they have a purpose in mind which they know very well....,but at least now i can say God save Nokia.

techiez says:

galaxy note 3 + free galaxy gear watch is retailing for exactly the same price in india.