Nokia Lumia 1020 wireless charging cover listed on Amazon.com - bookmark for future purchasing

Nokia CC-3066

Waiting patiently for the Lumia 1020 from Nokia? Amazon.com appears to be too and the online retailer has one of the wireless charging back covers (Nokia CC-3066) for the Windows Phone.

Available in black and yellow, the accessory is not yet in stock but is priced at $39.99. We don't believe AT&T will carry this add-on so it's certainly worth considering.

The Nokia CC-3066 wireless charging cover brings back a missing feature from the Lumia 1020. The cover simply snaps on in seconds and offers protection for the back and corners of the device (you can see it in our second video in this article). While it does add some girth to the device (and weight) it basically makes the 1020 feel like a Lumia 920, meaning most of you current 920 owners should be okay with the addition. It also helps to negate a bit of the camera hump by making it more flush.

Even though the accessory is out of stock, we strongly urge you to bookmark the page. We'll keep an eye out for when the covers are available.

Source: Amazon, via: @jjklee



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L0gic Bom8 says:

"Overs protection"? Don't you mean "offers protection"?

nbolmer says:

The typos on this blog are constant. Its a great site, but in dire need of a proofreader.

Capsloc says:

Spell check! Lol, come on now, you guys are better than that.

nbolmer says:

One would expect, but no.

numetheus says:

Well ... Technically that word is spelled right. Lol

redeyss says:

I ordered, will ship when available;)

BK-one says:

Can you confirm that with this case on, if you put the phone on a table with the screen down, that the screen does not touch the table?

lerimer says:

I'd you look at Dan's video you can see that the cover grips to the phone in a way that the screen won't touch a flat surface.

lerimer says:

Purchased the yellow

IMStrugglin says:

I like the black / yellow contrast. :-)

Rishicash says:

Corevette racing colors!

clvrbas says:

I think the phone looks great, but a black cover on a yellow phone looks a little goofy :P. Yes? No? Looks better in person?

lerimer says:

True, I went with the yellow as well.

LOL I actually know someone who likes this color combo; it reminds them of a yellow jacket/bumble bee. I'm hedging bets that this will be their next phone/accessory combo when they're up for a contract renewal.
I ordered a white phone so if they don't offer white shells/covers, I guess I'll be looking at a black one and further imprinting an Empire/Stormtrooper identity on it ;)

Here is what I found for the White covers; http://bit.ly/16FGytK 
Never heard of this online retailer, so not sure about quality or reputation of accessories. 

WPmunkey says:

I'd be all about mixing up the colors if I had any of the Lumias with swappable/add-able parts

zenmon says:

They could change it to black racing stripes and call it the bumble bee charging cover.  I do like the contrast of black/yellow but I also like some of the color schemes they had on muscle cars in the 60's so I don't have very good taste.

taymur says:

Looks very neat.

Wait, no white on Amazon?

Chakram says:

Charging shells only coming in black and yellow. As confirmed on Nokia UK site.

BK-one says:

Black on ordered to go with the white 1020.

DaBlackGod says:

And why wireless charging isn't built in?

lippidp says:

It's to satisfy the "thin & light" phone nuts. I, too, wish it was built in and won't be getting this add-on.

DaBlackGod says:

Nokia omg what is wrong with you people

clvrbas says:

Black and white passable combo, especially for Star Wars. Now the yellow and black... I am allergic to bees.... That must be why I do not like it :S

Rishicash says:

You mean you are allergic to bee stings.

NutmegState says:

So, if you have this cover, you probably will not be able to use one of the silcone covers OR a cover that may give you better screen protection should you drop your phone.  I know why they did not include wireless charging but this is annoying.

poddie says:

Exactly.  It's an awful decision to leave it out.

Rishicash says:

Just make sure you drop it screen side up and no problem.

FBirraque says:

My personal opinion is that L1020 should come build in with wireless charger capability.

John20212 says:

or at the very least they should include the charging cover for free

MoggSquad says:

Not worth the $40 for me for an already expensive phone.  If it didn't add weight/bulk it would be more ideal.  Maybe in the future when I get to see one in person.

Booston says:

Does it work with the camera grip?

eXus#WP says:

I doubt it does according to those pictures... And I don't get how you'd use the camera grip along with a wireless charger anyway...

CCAZPastor says:

How about the 925?????

Chakram says:

Those have been on Amazon for weeks now. Just do a search. 

LoodahChris says:

Any word on the leather case with the lens cap?

peterfares says:

So instead of putting a cheap coil in the phone that would have added negligible thickness to the phone, they want to sell you a $40 external bulky ugly accessory? No thanks, Nokia. You removed one of your few features that made your phones special. 

Doug Swallow says:

I exepct this decision is at least in part due to there being some competing standards in wireless power, and perhaps Nokia is wavering from their commtiment to Qi and wants to be able to support other standards, too. Still, I find it somewhat annoying. If you want me to invest in Qi chargers, you should damn well keep support for them embedded. I hate having cases on my phones. If your phone needs a case, it's a piece of junk too fragile to be a practical mobile device. I'd even be fine going to some authorized service center and having my 1020 innards placed in a new polycarbonate shell. But jsut really hate the idea of clipping on any sort of case for this. And $40 for it is a bit out of line with the actual cost of parts and with the expectation such a feature truly should've been built in anyway.

poddie says:

$40?   $40????????
Bend over everyone, here it comes!

John20212 says:

Will stick with the wired charging, as $40 for a piece of plastic + some metal wireing is way too overpriced, considering I would also have to waste another $40 (at least) for the charger. As if the 1020 wasn't expensive enough.

Rishicash says:

Exactly. This pricing is in Apple territory.

ryangadz says:

Yellow Lumia 1020 with black wireless charging.. That's what I want!