Lumia 1525 said to be coming to T-Mobile, possibly to fill high-end void

File this one under rumor, with little else to go on, but @evleaks is reporting that T-Mobile is getting the Lumia 1525.

What is the Lumia 1525? That's a good question but no details were given in the diminutive tweet. It should seem obvious at this point that a 1525 would be a variant of the 6-inch 1080P Lumia 1520 that has been on the market for months now.

Seeing as the Lumia 1520 is exclusive to AT&T in the US, T-Mobile may be exercising their prerogative of getting their own exclusive version to differentiate themselves. Everything from a slightly redesigned body to more (or less) features are on the table, though if the rumor holds accurate, a six inch phablet Windows Phone should be gracing the budget friendly T-Mobile service.

Unfortunately, no time frame was given either for this Lumia 1525.

T-Mobile is no stranger to Nokia, often taking their own exclusive devices in the past e.g. the Lumia 810 and Lumia 521. T-Mobile has also taken off-the-shelf versions of the Lumias, including the Lumia 710 and Lumia 925.

Speaking of the Lumia 925, T-Mobile has recently halted new sales of that device, only offering refurbished ones instead. They have also announced the Lumia 635 as a new budget friendly Lumia, but that leaves a high-end Windows Phone missing from their lineup. Could the Lumia 1525 fill that void? We have not heard of a Lumia 1525 in the works from our sources, but anything is possible in these fast times. We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: @evleaks



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Anubis4574 says:

This is good news!

Good news for Canadians on Wind, if this supports HSPA on AWS (which it probably will).

BaritoneGuy says:

You can already get a version 1520.3 RM 938 that supports all the Wind stuff, Bell stuff, Rogers stuff, Telus stuff including the new 700 mHz LTE bands that are starting to roll out.

Yangstax says:

It won't do much.  Lumia 930 should be coming to T-Mobile and AT&T instead.

tbonenga says:

Speak for yourself dude. After using my note 3 my ATIV S 4.8 screen looks puny. There's just as many who want a 6 inch as a 5 inch.

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wpn00b says:

That's what she said.

And to actually contribute to the discussion, after holding the 1520 I agree. I preferred the size of the smaller devices like the HTC 8X and the Lumia Icon, but the thin profile of the 1520 makes it not seem overly large but comfortable.

My perfect device would be a slightly thinner Icon/930 and a slightly larger screen made possible by a thinner bezel. Updated innards of course.

Absolutely! The Lumia 1520 is the best phone I have ever used! A high end Windows phone has been missing from the T-Mobile line up for too long. That doesn't mean there isn't room for a mid range too!

AR2186 says:

It's not coming to AT&T or T-Mobile as Verizon has the exclusive with the Icon

The icon is exclusive! The 930 is not.

duk3togo says:

Just remember the 930 doesn't have an SD expansion slot but the 1520 does. To me that's very important since I don't have to rely on the slow OneDrive to watch my videos.

BataBole says:

Not good news! Every new phone that comes on market is either 5 or 6 inches. Any rumours about upcoming high spec phones under 4.5 inches? They forgot about us..

SleepyTheDon says:

They didnt forget. 4" just doesn't reach the G spot

BataBole says:

If you having sex with your wife using your phone instead of something else than OK ;)

saidas says:

There's an app for that.

Peg Leg says:

The trend has been increasing screen size. Yes, you are left behind...for now. The pendulum will swing back the other way.

All these people crying phones are too big. Some of us been waiting 7 years for phones big enough to actually use. This 1520 was the first I could really text on ever. I hope the pendulum never swings back.

kurtd says:

Good news but the screen is too big to keep the phone in pocket. Really need a 5" like the 930.

Dude you can have both without excluding the other. Many people want a 6" display. That doesn't mean they wouldn't want you to get what you want.

kurtd says:

How can I have both when they don't have the 930?  Not too happy about this.  Verizon is the exclusive carrier and they don't care about WP.  Most of the stores don't even have dummy demos.

Good news...This is GREAT NEWS! I thought I was dreaming when I saw this early this morning.

pierrerv says:

Wow. Taking awesome. I'll buy two of them. One for me one for my fiance

umovies says:

yes best news of the year

Eric Arc says:

Dear Dan: What are the chances that the 1525 is just a 6" 930/Icon? Or will they reserve that boxy design for 1530?

deloa84 says:

Awesome! Hope this is true.

ricardios says:

Also the Lumia 2520 tablet is rumored to come to T-Mobile. Nice!

RothSothy says:

Lumia 1525 landing on T-Mo gonna be a stunna!

sahib lopez says:

 Steppin in the club wearin Stunnanunnanunna's
Wlakin into walls like Stevie Wunnannunna

sorry i had to do it ;P

vinuonline says:

Nothing but a dual sim version :P

ArthJar says:

Doubt it, most American customers dont need dual sim.

What about those who travel back and forth between Canada and the U.S. and want to use a prepaid SIM when visiting the other country? Millions dp this every day between Canada and the U.S. We have the largest trading and travel relationship, along the longest undefended border, in the world! I want a dual-SIM Lumia with at least HSPA on North American frequencies for this.

exkerZ says:

I think that's why he said most and not all..

brmiller1976 says:

With T-Mobile, you don't need dual SIM. You get unlimited data and texts in 100+ countries for no extra charge, including Canada.

Would make sense on their prepaid seeing as you dont even get unlimited hspa

Atlic says:

About time Tmo....

omer620 says:

Lumia 1528 for verizon ;)

AlexanderJJJ says:

Now I kinda feel stupid on not just holding out for the 1525, I am typing this on my Lumia 1520.3 :/

jgbstetson says:

Get what suits you when you're ready to buy. No use regretting the purchase of such a great device. Plus, the +5 feature or spec bump won't be earth shattering.

AlexanderJJJ says:

I'm currently using the iPhone 5S on T-Mobile with JUMP but decided to get this 1520 as I missed Windows Phone after upgrading my 925 to the 5S. I would have gone with another Windows Phone, but no new high end ones were available. This 1525 is a little tempting as I want to go back to one device, but I'll just wait for McClaren which supposedly comes out in November with 41MP and 3D touch!

Anubis4574 says:

McLaren will be awesome

MikeSo says:

Don't feel stupid for using an actual phone vs waiting for a rumored one.... You won't ever have one if you hold off due to rumors of upcoming phones. :P

I can agree with that statement Rogers was supposed to get the att spec dvp but dropped it because of their idea to start supporting lte even though most areas had yet to support that & had crappy hspa coverage(& still does if you have the wrong phone)

Myster May says:

Funny, I left T-Mobile for AT&T so I could get the 1520

exkerZ says:

T-Mobile will pay your ETF!

Ben Toot says:

8 weeks after your final bill is generated. -.-

exkerZ says:

Hmm.. Well that's better than nothing I would say.

Ordeith says:

I left T-Mobile so I could get coverage :)

Don't feel stupid. Its an unlocked 4glte version of this carrier locked device. You actually made a good decision. :)

Same here. It was too long of a wait.

Sasakinator says:

"halted new sales of that device", this can't be good for North America

jgbstetson says:

I don't think that's anything to worry about. They clearly have something in the works so they decided not to purchase more units from Nokia. Current customers can still get the 925 refurbs for $150.

WilsonBlaze says:

No big deal, the 925 is already a year old

CeeGii says:

thats how the 810 died a horrible death

Sasakinator says:

One more to the casualty list unfortunately, btw how can a tmo customer get the 925 for $150?

jgbstetson says:

Login to your account and shop refurbished devices. It's $150 for current customers and $200 for new customers.

Sasakinator says:

Damn, for the life of me I can't see it even when adding a line, still shows up as $199.99!

ivankan says:

Mine just arrived yesterday in the mail, make sure you are logged in with an account on a t-mobile plan (i have the simple choice plan)

kurtd says:

They have no good replacement for the 925. What a disappointment.

kurtd says:

Been waiting too long.  925 wasn't even that good.  16gb sucks.  T-mobile needs a high end phone like the 930 for once.  Currenlty using the 1020 on tmobile but it's always anoying getting things to work like mms not to mention wifi calling. MSFT\Nokia never should have given exclusive rights to verizon.  That's a suicide mission for the device. 

VS729 says:

Congratulations t mobile people ...

DonBakke says:

Still prefer to have the footprint of an Icon/930, but I will take a 1525!

Tragic says:

I wish they would have picked up the 930 and sold the 1525 asking with it. Two high end Windows Phone rather than one

kurtd says:

Yeah, 930 perfect size at 5". Could be lighter though. 630 too cheap, no front camera... 1520 too big.

Do they usually introduce two phones on the same platform from the same company at the same time?

kurtd says:

Only apple and google know how to do that apparently.

MDak280 says:

I was hoping for an end to carrier exclusive variants. Maybe this will be the last of them and then McLaren will be the first step in the right direction. I think I'll wait for McLaren to upgrade my 925 to instead of this 1525.

eddieDOTexe says:

Hurry the fuck up tmo

Joel H18 says:

Yessss!!! Makes up for not having the Icon/(930)

irsyadhhs says:

Why keeps x25 series if x30 series already there? X25 is just a refreshment, not a true successor. Just like 920 to 925

SleepyTheDon says:

We have to first get confirmation then we can start asking the necessary questions

Aaron M says:

Well 1520 has the specs of the 930. But yeah Nokia's naming could use some work.

Still waiting on a green or orange 1520... Wonder when those will drop!?

AlexanderJJJ says:

If they made a orange Lumia 1525 for T-Mobile, I'd probably drop my 1520.3 for it. Im'ma sucka for orange!

umangpop777 says:

What is 1520.3 ??? Anything different than 1520 ???

AlexanderJJJ says:

It's a variant of the 1520 that is unlocked that works on T-Mobile and AT&T LTE bands. 32GB of storage and wireless charging built in.

adrian1338 says:

So the normal version not the at&t castrated one

tbonenga says:

And not covered under warranty by Nokia/Microsoft if you live in the U.S.

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jgbstetson says:

Are you sure, because people in the forums that purchased this said it did come with a valid US warranty?

It does not. I bought the 1520.3 from Negri, screen started to performing actions on its own. No luck with Nokia US, luckily I purchased a 2 yr Mack Warranty. The digitizer was replaced and my phone hasn't a problem since.

I think AT&T is going to release the green one no one knows when. The orange one is up in the air I guess, that's the one I want lol!

sadude69 says:

Why would they make a 1525 when the 1520.3 works perfectly for tmobile

Joe Acerbic says:

To see if they can gimp it even more than AT&T did. That's the real competition between carriers...

Tips_y says:

They should just take the 1520.3 and put WP8.1 in it and call it 1530. That way, they'll have one up over AT&T's exlcusive 1520.

supersmex says:

Please god make this happen! xD

mccasive says:

Capital 'G' please, the small gods are not powerful enough to make this happen. Lol

I hope this is true, I'm pretty tired if reading about all these great Windows phones that are only on at&t or Verizon

M4MF says:

Dual sim, WP8.1 out of box.

No more, No less!

Luminara says:

Piece of great news! Though I'll almost certainly hold on to my 1020.

Tmobile hell yea! Good news for all. Smart choice from Nokia/Microsoft. Having the exclusivity for the higher end phones in the end just hurts them.

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Ian Hanson says:

I've been using my 1520 on T Mobile for months now. Seems ridiculous to have this device just coming out now when you could just buy your own already for the last six months.

Steven Curl says:

The variant for full compatibility has only been available for 3 months. A lot of areas couldn't use the ATT variant.

kuhio3 says:

Its not ridiculous....some people dont have the money to drop 600 plus on an off contract phone... Not to mention... Its not covered by the jump program if you loose it or damage it...good luck replacing it.. Besides the fact that Tmo cant officially support a phone that's not theirs so it makes total sense for tmo to get this...

DVELOPinc says:

Exactly. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to understand that not everyone has piles of cash to throw away on every gadget.

Just hoping its something different perhaps a 5.5 inch 1080p display

Why will they drop the screen size ? Its a phablet though ;)

scdkad says:

1520 should have been released simultaneously on ATT-Tmo-Verizon-Sprint.

onysi says:

doesnt work out like that.  AT&T likes to put a gun to companies head.  Us first or no deal kind of thing.

It's a crappy deal no one makes money on exclusives nowadays. 

onysi says:

Sadly at&t has everyone by the balls. Nokia still gets money from this, but it still alienates other consumers. That's why they release a different look and name (#) of the device in order to put out on other carriers. But at&t lags everyone else. This is why I left at&t. People need to know this so they can stop this bullshjt.

RyanAMG says:

^this. I like my Icon but would prefer the 1520.

exkerZ says:

Omg I love you guys

Chef316 says:

Hope this is true!

onysi says:

two things: does this have qi wireless charging and, better camera than 920?


oh and also does it come in red ;)

The unbranded version does have Qi charging built in and
the camera is great! 20 mega pixels.

kennsg says:

Oh man do I want this to come to tmobile..I just get an 1520 yellow and my buddy on at&t got it unlocked.

BUT....please have Qi Charging..the Camera is good enough for me..fingers,legs,eyeballs..crossed..LOL

S_C_B says:

I've yet to give up my 920, because of the 32 GB internal storage and qi charging. If T-Mobile gets the 1525, I'd love if they had a 32 GB model at launch!
Just slap a T-Mobile logo on a 1520.3 and call it a day.
I'd rather have a 930 variant, but this should suffice. If push comes to above, I'll just get one from Newegg or Negri.

Tips_y says:

Yes, they should absolutely just take the 1520.3 and put in WP8.1 into it, and call it 1525 or better still 1530!

lubbalots says:

You feel better now?

12Danny123 says:

I wonder if This Lumia will use Nokia's (MS's) new phone design language with a aluminum frame

That would be interesting.

tbonenga says:

Hmm this would make me JUMP off my note 3. Hopefully it'll have a charging cord like the note 3 for super fast charging. A amelod screen would be nice too.

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Montpbm says:

I'll believe it when I see it..

AlexFirth91 says:

Nice, I picked up an unlocked 1520 RM-938...best phone I ever used. 8.1 makes this so clean, Cortana is accurate and great network speeds. Thankfully this rumor is likely true; my nephew will get this.

Lloydbm4 says:

I have the AT&T version (RM-940 unlocked obviously) and it works perfectly on T-Mobile getting near 30mps download speeds on LTE and 6mps on 4G(HSPA+21). No 3G, just Edge, when I have no good signal, but that's a rarity where I live. 

Just picked up a refurb 925 from T-Mobile for $150 though, since the 1520 really is a bit to big to haul around. Consider $150 pretty damn good deal for a 925. 

TechAbstract says:

Can't wait . Finally Tmobile has a high end phone

Shouldn't the 1025/1030 be coming before? :-/

kennsg says:

As far as me..bring them all..1525,930,1025/1030. Just bring IT!!

oniororo says:

Now I can leave Verizon

I left T-Mobile due to the 810, and needed better rural coverage. YMMV.

arn6735 says:

Count on me TM, I'd almost ordered a 635 this morning, a little more patience though...

sdreamer says:

1520 with Qi based charging and a slightly improved camera. Lol

kennsg says:

Totaly agree..Qi would just make my day!

If this hold water, I will be a happy camper for sure!!! :-)

Ejay Lozano says:

I wonder if it will support Qi wireless charging? For a massive device it had better have 32gb of storage...

kennsg says:

Hope the 1525 has both options...Come On Microsoft!  Qi/32GB!

Too little too late

I guess it's time to add JUMP to my plan!! 

JUMP isn't that great since you have to pay off 50%.  Better to pay full price and just sell the phone to make up the difference usually. 

It is better if you have the old jump with no minimum requirements other than 2 per year and wait 6 months for the first trade in.  It's usually more for people who use android since there are more devices available, apple is once per year, and who knows how often windows phones will be added. 

Your right man. I think i can make at least $140 off my Lumia 925 but we'll see. I've been waiting for something like this from T-Mobile and it's about damn time.


raiinman says:

Nice. Might as well go all out with
935,1525,2525. Keep tweeting John Legre he will listen

Pratikpalai says:

Any body having problems in playing YouTube...

adrian1338 says:

Will they stop supporting the device updates too for this one

aemehran says:

I hope we get a Windows Phone phablet here in Canada.  My dream still is a highend WP phablet with stylus to take full advantage of OneNote.  Maybe a 41MP shooter on it too!  :D

One can always hope!  But seriously, I'd find it odd if MS doesn't bring a stylus enabled phablet, seeing how they're pushing OneNote on SP3.

fazil6 says:

This should be the green variant i guess..

kennsg says:

Green..Now that would be off the Chain?

This is good, If its true.

jlynnm350z says:

How come high end windows phones only come in 15 inches in length? And are Gargantua in size?
Windows OEM'S are doing a very poor job at providing a high end selection. AKA 9**.

Tips_y says:

This phone is way better than the moto x you're using.

jlynnm350z says:

You must be one of those people who need the fastest chip, the most pixles and ram. Moto x is a pleasure to use. This abomination 1525 is bulky ugly awkward heavy and the software needs to catch up in a big way. But your right it has a faster processor. You win

SleepyTheDon says:

Thats not even close to the truth. Lumia 920,925,928,1020 all flagships do your research

omer620 says:

Lumia line.
Low end phones:
520 525 521 620 625 630/5
Mid range:
720 820 822 810 1320
920 925 928
High end:
930 1020 1520

Flagships are 1020 1520 and 930

nez99 says:

What an exciting unsubstantiated rumour! Go America!

I JUST bought an unlocked Lumia 1520, because Tmobile doesn't carry anything new on the high-end (still waiting for the nano sim card from TMobile to arrive in the mail).  If I knew about this, I would have held off.  This is my 3rd day with the device.  Quite impressive.    

xirsteon says:

did you bought this on newegg or negri?

SleepyTheDon says:

I was going to buy it from NewEgg myself on 7/15 but if this is legit then ill hold off

kennsg says:

I just got mine after holding off for a bit..And I love it..yellow 1520.(unlocked on Tmobile..getting lte in my area)  :D

b_plus says:

Same here, just orderd a 1520 from newegg and monday I'll get my baby :) but, shoot! Maybe 1525 has some better specifications :/

SleepyTheDon says:

This has to be real.

SleepyTheDon says:

Stop calling them phablets sh**!

omer620 says:

My phone seems more smaller to me everyday

How soon will this be out for Verizon and what about the 1020 coming to Verizon

I cant wait to upgrade from this 925. I need new hardware. 1525 or Mclaren whatever, bring it T-Mobile

theefman says:

Lets just hope its not gimped like the att version. Good if it turns out to be true (and non gimped) but personally I'll be waiting for another 41MP or better camera.

omer620 says:

Well my dream phone is:
20 mp camera
Quad core 2,6 ghz
2 gb ram
WP 8.1 in the box
SD card slot
4000 mah battery
4,3 inch screen.

kennsg says:

And....Qi Charging!

A new variant "935" will be better!

Great news, I have been waiting since the release of the 1520 for T-Mobile to get onboard!!

Newegg was selling the 1520.3 over the weekend unlocked for $525. Usually tmo os more expensive. But its good for in store exposure

They have partnerships with HSN selling them cheaper.  T-mobile selling the 635 for $7 a month 168 after paid off.  HSN selling for $120.  Microsoft store selling for $129. It will be $99 at metro pcs though. 

onysi says:

Non contract??

Yeah all those prices are no contract. 

felickz says:


Wow, this is awesome news if true! I personally don't have interest in getting a phablet, but my friend has talked about wanting a 1520 or 1320; this 1525 would be perfect! I hope it comes with 32GB of storage (though doubtful on T-Mo) and the normal Qi like the global version has. Very nice.

Joe Tindall says:

just make it an inch smaller ffs

Geddeeee says:

So basically a 930 with SD storage?? The 1500 series are the 6 inch screen models....

pankaj981 says:

This could be the leaked 1520v with the smaller screen

jgbstetson says:

Except that doesn't exist.

pankaj981 says:

So does the 1525 but we still have a whole article about it and us commenting about it

I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one!!

I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!

wp8-1 says:

I love this news, but I'm still happy with my 925... Has everything I need. LTE, dual flash, good camera, front camera, 1 GB ram.... Idk and screen size is perfect for me

Good news...maybe I can get this for my Wife to compliment my 1520.3 on T-Mobile.

Hope it supports band 12 that would be cool. 

Lanceloni says:

I have the Icon, its nice but love my 1520 more. It will be nice to have wi-fi calling and internet sharing back (I'm using an unlocked 1520 on TMobile)

This will likely get me to switch from AT&T this year, especially if it has Qi charging and WiFi calling. Either this or I'll be buying the RM-938 Lumia 1520. But on a side note: Microsoft/Nokia needs to bring back CYAN Lumias!!

Neo Nuke says:

+925 for cyan colored phones

If Nokia Lumia 1525 will be Like Nokia Lumia 925 Polycarbonate and metallic body than I'll buy it on first day of release

eric12341 says:

Hopefully this is true, getting tired of the earpiece, radio and overheating/battery issues on my current 925.

LaNiQuE says:

Lol it's funny that people are complaining already that it isn't the 930. How about being happy that that Windows phone desert carrier is getting a new WP period. Should've throwing a party really. I have the 1520 now did I want a huge phone no but you get what's best on your carrier at the time of your upgrade.

elitelibra says:

Cool but what if this is a version with McLaren type features but with a 5.5 inch screen instead. My guess it wouldn't be released until around October with the release of 8.1 update 1 on windows phone

brandoshido says:

Has evleaks been wrong about anything? They seem to be the main source of WP related stuff.

Neo Nuke says:

Please please please let this be true. This 925 doesn't seem the same after the 8.1 update. Has stutters and way too many resuming.... And loading... Screens

Cleon London says:

This is freaking AWESOME! Was gonna actually leave Tmo to go to Cricket for the 1320. My patience has been restored,,,,, Tmo don't you screw this up for me.

el-ojo says:

I'm just waiting for all the latest and greatest, specifically on AT&T. Rockin' a Lumia 520 at the moment.

Yes please! I'm switching to T-Mobile this year and I would love a metal rimmed 1520 to grab there.

steve_w_7 says:

I don't see this as filling the high-end void. It's a phablet, which is more of a niche device.