Lumia 610 available for pre-order from Getgoods in Germany

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The German online retailer GetGoods has published a product page for the Lumia 610, which was announced at MWC. The budget Nokia Windows Phone is priced at €199 in black, and will be reportedly available for shipping in 2-3 weeks. wpnewsflip reports that the cyan and magenta are also inbound. This follows Unlocked Mobiles in the UK, but availability is locked in for May.

Source: Getgoods.de, via: wpnewsflip, thanks Mobi for the heads up!



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rodneyej says:

Germany is an emerging market??

rafabr4 says:

I came to comment the same! Why don't they release this on really emerging markets?? Like latinoamerican countries. I think that in my country (Mexico), it would be a great deal, for a very low price you get a very fast, smooth, flawlessly and good looking OS. Not like all the low-end android phones that my friends have, they are so slow and laggy.

theres no doubt that itll be going to Mexico

Rich Edmonds says:

We've got consumers in every country that still own feature phones, they could do with a 610, which doesn't cost an arm and a leg and doesn't come packed with an 8-core chip.

Residing says:

Two weeks - that's pretty quick!  The Lumia 900 just went through the FCC, so hopefully, it will be available to market just as quick.

Tips_y says:

When is Nokia (and MS for that matter) coming to the Philippines and officially introduce WP7/8? The Philippines IS an emerging market and Lumia 610 is the perfect device to introduce WP here!

dmaxwe22 says:

I saw several Windows Phone 7 phones for sale in a store called Digital World in a Mall in Manila near the Intercontinental Hotel.