Lumia 610 budget Windows Phone passes certification in Indonesia

Lumia 610 Indonesia Certification

We've touched on the Lumia 610 (or 601 as it was referred to) previously, which is set to be announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2012 and will be powered by Windows Phone "Tango". LiveSide has received confirmation that the Nokia handset has passed through certification in Indonesia (as shown above).

Although not much detail is displayed, we do know that this device does indeed exist, which will make MWC fairly exciting with the unveiling of Microsoft's next Windows Phone update "Tango". As well as featuring the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the Lumia 610 will support GSM 900/1800 and WCDMA 2100 bands.

Source: LiveSide



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ejlee072006 says:

All this changes in tango is because of Nokia targeting small poor countries, I like this move

norville2 says:

Yeah really good move by Nokia and Microsoft, iphones and some androids are well out of reach for  most people...

How much cheaper can it get compared to the 710, which is 250USD? I really hope this comes to prepaid carriers, its one place Microsoft needs to be in the us, all there are for smartphones are laggy androids, now if these new tango phones work just as well and are just as fluid, they could take the prepaid market by storm.

rodneyej says:

Lets not fool ourselves. Although the 610 is a neccesarry, and smart move, this is not exciting. I'm not looking forward to MWC because of the unveiling of devices like this, because it scares me that a high end device won't be unveiled to counter it. While I think the 610 is great, it scares me to think that quad core high-end phones will be reveled while WP shows up with only the 610, and some other lower end stock. Another thing that worries me is the amount of devices MS/Nokia will bring to the show. While I'm not to excited about the low end stock I do think if a large amount of low end stock was introduced, like 8-10 phones, then WP might get some attention. But, 2, so what phones? WP in 2012? Sorry guys, I hope I'm wrong, but with the lingering poor marketing, and lukewarm devices, maybe we should set our eyes on 2013! By now we should have rumors on 2-3 high end devices from either Nokia, Samsung, or HTC... Where are the rumors,, doesn't that scare some of you guys?

lippidp says:

Hopefully, they're all getting better at preventing leaks. Remember, everyone was caught off guard by the Titan II.

rodneyej says:

But, then again it is only February.

Hopefully, Nokia just name it Nokia 610 to make in NOT part of the Lumia series.
Nokia Lumia series should be limited to the full feature Windows Phones.

rodneyej says:

Good point, and that makes to much sense for Nokia to do otherwise.