Lumia 610 rumored to have a 3.2" screen, ultra low cost

The 610?

Seems almost silly posting supposed renders of a phone that will be announced in less than 24 hours here at Mobile World Congress, but lets get on with it.

The latest stems around the Lumia 610, a low-end phone for emerging markets e.g. India which is expected to help push Nokia (and Windows Phone) deep into areas where Apple and even Android have trouble due to rising costs. The 610, according to BGR will have:

  • 3.2" screen
  • 3MP camera
  • Cost Rs 11,000 (Euro 175)
  • 256MB of RAM

Going further that image above is reportedly what it looks like. To which we all say "sure, why not?". Nokia is certainly capable of making this phone and "610" screams budget phone as the higher the numbers go, the more high end they are and vice versa for Nokia. All we can say is lets wait till tomorrow and we'll probably even see one in real life instead of shady Twitter accounts, m'kay?

Source: Twitter (@Nokia_N8); BGR



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Cyruss1989 says:

It doesn't even look ugly...

GP07 says:

Hard to say off of one photo,  but it's the added color that makes the difference i'd say.

If HTC had that design someone would say it's ugly

nizzon says:

First thing I thought was, bleh looks like a HTC.
But since it is a really low end phone we can cut them some slack.
Also.. the problem with HTC is that all their phones look like this, even the high end.

OMG55 says:

They wouldn't have to because it would have already been said because all the phone designs are exactly same. The only difference is the screen sizes. They only have one style currently

Residing says:

This phone is cute and different. HTC couldn't design a cute or different device since HTC only knows one style - drab!

Exactly my point. Who cares about design just put a case on it

They did design it, it comes in white and is called the radar.

xmarklive says:

It looks like my old Samsung flight which I use to love.

Look like Tango is going to be announced...

Ewass says:

I heard this might be a fake photo

hbjoroy says:

I would even like a cheap wp7 Phone for my eight year old, sort of hoping to get such phones in Norway too. Should be water resistant and fairly robust.

p.a says:

A picture says nothing about how it feels when using it but it sure looks good. I just hope that cheap, very low specs phones won't endanger WPs trademark smoothness.

Well the processors are still the snapdragon S1

Gmotagi says:

A cheap payg wp7 is needed, maybe this will hit the mark.

venetasoft says:

Has to be under 100€, here in Italy first gen WP phones like LG Optimus 7 is sold now at 145€ (no contract).

rath79 says:

Well the image isn't of a live handset cos when you flick to recent the start of the p is missing due to panorama. Don't mean the device won't be announced tho

J45PER says:

Actually on the people hub (and some other hubs) if you press back when you are looking at recent then it looks how it does in the picture with the title settling over the most recent area.

CarlosTSG says:

All these rumour renders of forthcoming Nokia phones always appears to have extremely curved edges. Has Nokia ever released a phone like this before? Plus the colour scheme doesn't match the Lumia either. Fake!!!

J45PER says:

It sort of reminds me of the Nokia C2-02 in terms of shape so it is a plausible design in my mind, although I'm not thrilled with the looks.

Whether it's fake or not, Nokia phones have always been pretty well built, certainly the £100+ ones anyway. I did have a HTC Mozart until an accident ruined the screen. I now use a Nokia C5, a fine phone for battery life. However, I'd be very interested in this phone, reasonably priced and a smaller screen which would be more comfortable in my hands when speaking on the phone. I even found the Mozart a bit too big for my hands to talk with for prolonged periods. If the core Windows Phone stuff runs like the 512MB devices (i.e. smoooth!) and I could get 2 days battery out of this, I'd seriously consider purchasing this.

Arun3 says:

If this is the real render of the phone, we have a winner here. Brand Nokia is huge in India and it's mostly the price factor (and to some extent, durablity) that plays a role. Almost everyone in India owns a cell phone, the most common ringtone is Nokia's ringtone...So, if Nokia can target that population with such phones. then we have a WP mass adoption.....

paulheu says:

We've seen this model before on photos,  it looks like the 700 model (http://europe.nokia.com/find-products/devices/nokia-700/gallery).

A 3.2" screen will make this virtually impossible to actually use without a slide out keyboard... Hard enough on the 3.6" screens.

Gmotagi says:

Yeah was wondering myself if you need mouse fingers to use it...

Arun3 says:

The size doesn't matter all the time.... ;) The WP has large tiles unlike the grid of icons on other mobile ecosystems; so easy to navigate. Well, with regards to typing, people are used to typing on an iPhone which is just 0.3 inches larger. I guess, it should be okay...

paulm187 says:

I like the look, yeah Nokia is the number 1 brand in India and there are a lot of talented programers there. If this catches on Nokia could carve a nice big chunk of the market in a democratic nation of 1 billion+

rodneyej says:

My take? When I first saw the 710 it looked cheap, and did not look like a slick and flush device. But, when I finally got one in my hands it was a different story. The 710 is very solid hardware, and very nice looking. My point is that these pictures rarely do the phones justice, especially with quality devices.

ahuczek says:

710s feel cheap and plasticy to me. Then the physical buttons.. Screams 90s design. Now the 800,900.. That's another story all together. Beautiful design

dannejanne says:

The fun part is this phone will run smoother than Samsung SGSII.

Ugh, 175eur is not cheap! You can get a first gen wp7 for 120-150eur, or even an android phone with better specs.
This 610 makes no sense at all.

Reaction80 says:

You are aware that none of this is official right? Perhaps we should reserve judgement until Nokia actually confirm something.

Those are the contract prices,this is off contract. And those are often second hand. This is first hand brand new. Please understand how ludicrous your point is.

I'm talking about off contract phones too. Here in Spain you can even get a Radar (2nd gen) for 220€, off contract. Titan was ~350€ a week ago, but now it's out of stock.
If you can find a LG Optimus 7 (mostly out of stock too), they were selling for 160-180€ a month ago, again, off contract.

goldenpipes says:

How much does it actually cost to have 512mb and 5mp cam vs 256mb 3mp? And its will only be capable of running certain apps. Don't like fragmentation with windows phone.

dvorak123 says:

I think it comes down to product differentiation not cost. But I think given where the competition is at, the specs for the basic device seems a bit low.

paulm187 says:

The Windows Phone hardware spec has always been minimum 256MB so its not like Microsoft have lowered the spec recently for emerging markets. If developers have targeted their apps to works on the minimum required specs these phones should not have any trouble running apps available in the marketplace.
Hardware Minimums, FYI: Windows Phone 7 Series Minimum System Requirements

  • Capacitive Touch: 4 or more contact points
  • Sensors: A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity
  • Camera: 5 megapixels or more, Camera with a flash and dedicated camera button
  • Multimedia: Common detailed specs, Codec acceleration
  • Memory: 256 MB, 8 GB Flash or more
  • GPU: DirectX 9 acceleration
  • Processor: ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion or better
  • 2 screen sizes: 480×800 WVGA, 480×320 HVGA
  • Keyboard: Optional
  • Hardware Buttons: Must be fixed on the face