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Bing Health Step Counter

Bing Health & Fitness update enables SensorCore step counter on Lumia 630

The official Bing Health and Fitness app is adding pedometer functionality, starting with the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 when they launch shortly. This is leveraging the SensorCore SDK that was made available to developers last month which allows motion tracking without taking a big bite into device battery life.

Bing Health Step Counter

As you might expect, the Bing Health and Fitness app helps its users stay in shape by counting calories burned, tracking what they're eating, and providing a full workout regimen. A pedometer is a no-brainer addition to an app like this; keeping tabs on footsteps will provide a more precise reading for frequent runners.

With any luck we'll see the feature roll out to other Windows Phones like the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930 once they get their Cyan firmware updates. Phones with the newer Snapdragon 80x chipsets can leverage the SensorCore technology, so older Lumias won't be able to partake.

Bing Health Step Counter

What kind of fitness apps do you guys use for Windows Phone? Does the Bing option do the job for you? Get downloading Health & Fitness v. from the Windows Phone store here, or with the QR code below.

Source: Bing

QR: Bing Health



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This is awesome. Works very well on the Lumia 630 and so cool to see.

Your comment came before the article was actually published?

It's almost like I oversee operations on the site. So weird... /s

Revi Bennett says:


Posted via the WPC App for Android!

CJ Thunder says:

He just wanted to be first.

I3unny says:

Not able to open app download link directly from phone

kenzibit says:

And still no in-depth review

I've explained this before but will do again: we had a 630 show up weeks ago, but it has pre-Cyan firmware on it and we were not supposed to have it. We agreed with Nokia to not review because it was 'incomplete'.

If you followed me on Twitter/Instagram, you would have learned that the phone in the image above arrived at my front door this morning. No joke. That is the proper review unit from Nokia.

I agree we should have our review out earlier but here blame rests on Nokia for not providing us a timely unit for me to review. Despite appearances, not everything happens the way we want to and we work with what we have.

Our review for this phone will be coming out in the next few days.

kenzibit says:

Nice one....thanks

kevC4D says:

Not to mention, this update makes the app usable on 8.1. Not that i couldn't use it before, but it was super slow and took forever to do anything. Now it's a lot faster. :)

sejgiul says:

Yep, works great!

Jagar Tharn says:

people who whine about features in 630 should see this

bbennett40 says:

The only issue I have with Bing Fitness currently is the inability to share workouts. Hopefully will be added in the future.

herbertsnow says:

What no Pedobear Meter? Plus does anyone else think the bing health app is slow as mud?

chrsflores67 says:

Will this work on a Lumia 928?

Sam Sabri says:

Only phones with newer hardware (Snapdragon 400/800) will get this.

Black Lumia says:

822? I'm ignorant about my own phone's specs

jotha says:

Hope the fitbit app for WP will come soon

So does this mean Lumia 920 will get support?

Jagar Tharn says:

920 doesn't have sersorcore 

No, seems like only quad-core phones.

Maybe nokia motion monitor will work

kinaton says:

No update for ME :-(

Rangan Das says:

On my old Nokia 5800, the step counter app worked pretty reliably with the accelerometer. Why are they not providing the step counter on other phones without Sensor Core?

Because the tech is 100% dependent on newer chipsets. Sure, you had it on older phones, but this new tech is very battery conscious and it has open APIs for devs.

Grim San says:

Would this work on my Icon?

Yes, when you get the Lumia Cyan firmware update with 8.1

cesar ruiz1 says:

Daniel sorry for asking but do you know why Nokia motion beta stopped working on the Lumia 1520?

Because you made it stop. It works on mine.

cesar ruiz1 says:

I've uninstalled it various times its installed on the phone and still doesn't work I realm don't know what to do. I have 8.1 preview installed.

Check if it is installed on the SD card. Motion monitor doesn't work when installed on the card. Move it to the phone memory and it will work.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Thanks I had to uninstall it and on storage sense had to change it to all on apps on phone cause I was still having problems with it doing it manually. I tried in the wpcentral forums and alot of people including an editor (no name) answer was "mine works fine" in Android central forums everyone at least try's to help you.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Thanks I had to uninstall it and on storage sense had to change it to all on apps on phone cause I was still having problems with it doing it manually. I tried in the wpcentral forums and alot of people including an editor (no name) answer was "mine works fine" in Android central forums everyone at least try's to help you. Thank you.

Glad that I could help. Does it work now?

Grim San says:


I know what every answer you give would be a guess assosiated with updates.  When do you thin Verizon aprove the Nokia Cyan update?



EspHack says:

Well I rather buy a pretty smartwatch to take care of those things

jvtv says:

The diet tracker is still painfully slow to load.  They need to add the ability to select multiple food items to add at once.

zultar says:

Do the steps show up on the glance screen?

No Glance on 630, so can't test

zultar says:

I had to look that one up, I hadn't realized how many phones don't have glance.  thanks


Jared Hayes says:

That's awesome! Will totally start using it

Fritzly says:

I like the app but the inability, both on WP and W8, to create custom workout routines make it useless, at least for me.

I've used an older version Health app on a windows phone (HTC 8s) without a SIM card when I was running two weeks ago. Apparently, the GPS tracker that is built into this app requires you to have a data connection, because when I was done, the app had registered the duration of my workout, but not the distance, despite having a proper GPS signal. Other running apps work perfectly on this particular phone. So, no, I'll not be using this app, apart from the fact that the 8S doesn't have a SensorCore, nd neither does my newer Lumia 925.

Edit: it may also because this device runs the Developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1, but I don't have another 8s to confirm this hypothesis.

a7medo778 says:

This erritates me, what about xbox fitness ?

Goodbyemoff says:

Cant wait for the htc m8x with pedometer function still in tact.

StefEBear says:

it's a good app but needs a few more features like saved Map tracking (like Runkeeper etc) rather than just the current Distance only

You don't have to wait until Lumia Cyan for these features on Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520. Just go here and download the Nokia Motion monitor beta app.

Register and download here:

tejedor1967 says:

I'm very happy with "Run the Map" which has walking, running and cyling modes and sync with OneNote.

And I don't know how but doesn't drain my battery while using it.