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Lumia 630 now available in Pakistan

lumia 630

Microsoft''s budget priced Lumia 630 smartphone is now available for purchase in Pakistan via Mobilink and the people who buy the phone from that outlet will also get some free unlimited 3G data service.

The price for the phone will be 17,600 PKR, or about $149. For that unlocked cost, Mobilink will also provide Lumia 620 owners with three months of unlimited 3G data service. Just a reminder: the 630 can come in both single and dual SIM versions but is limited to 3G wireless networks. It's brother, the Lumia 635, which is going on sale in the UK this week and in the US next week, only supports one SIM but also adds 4G LTE support.

Stay tuned as Microsoft's latest smartphones start going on sale around the world over the next several weeks.

Thanks to Moiz for the tip!

Source: Mobilink



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erfanullah says:

NP :)
I just wanted to share that it has been available much earlier. This article implies otherwise.

I can't beleive it!My country's name mentioned in a WPC article! :o :o :o

You guys just made my day,thanks a lot,never expected you to write an article about it,#Respect (y) :D

anirban130 says:

Congrats bhai... Love from India, fuck the politicians

Haha,love from Pakistan too :p :D

Congrats from me too!
Totally agree with anirban130

anirban130 says:

Thanks bhai... At least some people like us should think noble

Hahaha.. Right. Above all, we're humans and WP supporters. :D

anirban130 says:

And 512mb ram supported wp fans... Lol

Just logged in to give you my respect on that comment from across the border!

Hahahah nice one buddy

immyperez says:

Windows Phone for a Nobel Peace Prize :)

Suhasa Su says:

And it goes to Microsoft :D

Mavee Shah says:

Loves from Pakistan bro

Dawood Ahmed says:

Love not gonna last long.


Hint: Feburary 2015 adelaide, Australia.

Anwaar Ulhaq says:

Thanks brother that's so sweet of you

usman567 says:

Bro same condition here !

Roger Mike says:

i re-check the link-bar wether it is wpcentral or not after reading this post..
glad for you and pakistan..

anon8649069 says:

When i read "Pakistan" (my country) I was like " What? WPCentral mentioned Pakistan?" O.o

Lol,same :D

But the expressions after that were of immense happiness like :D :P

Yousef Kawmi says:

Hahah the only time they mentioned my country (Syria) it was about hacking Skype's social media account
should i be proud ? :D

Mavee Shah says:

Yup cause that's technology also

LOL,hard luck bro.Sorry ;_; :p 

Technically and being a tech savvy I would say yes :P

Yousef Kawmi says:

Hahaha i'm actually proud :P
and i will be more if they hack some Google service too ^^

LOL! In that case I'll feel even more proud for Syria!

anirban130 says:

Now this will show how popular is wp in Pakistan... Smart move by wpc...

2tomtom says:

Congrats from the UK, great comment too :D

guillams says:

Congrats from Dominican Republic! My respect here!

Might as well throw my 2 pence in. Congrats from the UK and US :) Dual Nationality so I'm representing both.

HyperKid says:

Hmm Pakistani huh....

Aman2901 says:

Congratulations from my side too..To people across the border!!

Kumar Gaurav says:

Hope there is no youtube like war here between indian and pakistani there are some stinkers in both of our countries that really don't deserve to be on the internet. The crap they say to each other.
Love from India

Yeah made my day too :) (Y)

anirban130 says:

Now ask for Lumia 930... Hey chaos now tip wpc for Lumia 930 in India.. Lol

Huh? Ok sure I love tipping WPCentral anyways :D

Microsofts Nokia 'ships' are sailing worldwide now. Love it.

pakknight says:

Yeah that's good! The more users, the better WP is ! 

Rehman Raza says:

Am suggesting my lil sis to buy L635 as she has (LTE service provider) network. So am waiting for lumia 635. And thanks for upbringing Pakistan in windows phone platform :)

erfanullah says:

Hate to be that guy but it has been available for almost a month in Nokia Care store in Islamabad. It was priced at 16,800 PKR not 17,600 initially. Don't know the current price.

Yes but you don't get 3 months unlimited 3G connection, do you? ;)

erfanullah says:

No this price doesn't include 3 months 3G but 3G is currently in beta testing and is free on all major carriers for undisclosed time period.

Actually it will cost you 17,600 PKR If you buy it from Mobilink Service Center.

erfanullah says:

And 16,800 if you buy from Nokia Care electronics store.

Great to know that it's available in my Home country :)

usman567 says:

Now they should start rolling out the Lumia Cyan update !

This might take more time.

usman567 says:

But, i cannot wait for official !!!!!!

anon8649069 says:

I think we will get it after 2,3 months

Hope it comes soon to your country and all other countries too.

usman567 says:

In finland and turkey the already start rolling out update for Nokia Lumia 925 and 625.

We usually get the good things last.Remember Black update?It arrived on my 620 even after WP8.1 pfd was released.Now I'm currently using WP8.1pfd on Amber ;_;

usman567 says:

I am using developer preview on lumia black but i want official!

You're more lucky than me,then.At the time WP8.1 pfd was released(14th April) ,Black wasn't available for Lumia 620 in Pakistan,now even if the official update comes out,I'll have to use Nokia Software Recovery Tool to downgrade my phone to amber,then black and then cyan.Because I can't even update to black right now :'( 

usman567 says:

I don't want to use Windows phones 8.1 pfd anymore. When the official update will release i will also use recovery tool to go official.

Lol, no. You'll be able to update without using the software recovery tool because you are already on black. I'll have to use it because I'll have to return/restore to Amber /black so I can update to Cyan because I cant skip firmware updates. :'(

There are no Nokia/here maps for Pakistan despite being a popular brand here. That may be a reason why Nokia/MS will not be able to impress people over here.

Change your region and download all the apps which are available for other nation and after that again change the region.

Lol. Why change my region to else where when I live in Pakistan and I need maps to walk around in Pakistani cities?

anon8649069 says:

No Here Maps :(

sachinrex says:

Means no app preinstalled??

erfanullah says:

This sucks. I use Waze for now.

Gen Pop 1 says:

They don't appreciate how you hid osama maybe?

usman567 says:

But this is other problem !

Gen Pop 1 says:

In fairness it is hard to hate the smaller countries that provide no value outside of vacation destinations. Without the USA, no electricity, PCs, internet, cars, most medicine, modern world, etc..

usman567 says:

Yah i visit Pakistan but map for Pakistan is not available ! MS should work for it !

Wam1q says:

Lets hope Nokia adds Pakistan maps into HERE...

You are right . Politicions are just using hate to remain in state of war.

Why spoil the mood cause of those politicians!! Enjoy the news. Microsoft has started showing love to Pakistan. Love from we Indians too. Cheers

sachinrex says:

Its sad that they don't have HERE services !!

sachinrex says:

And I'm frm India

Yea feel bad for them too. I am also from India.

Nokia is negotiating with the government for the services of Here Suite & MixRadio.

Mavee Shah says:

Happy to hear that hope that make it sooner than later

Yugiro says:

Means MS think Pakistan as an important market. About the unavailability of Here Maps in Pakistan is not in the hands of MS. It needs to have permission from the government to map your country. (?)

usman567 says:

Pakistan has many cities with difficult name. I think that's why they are not working on Pakistan maps.

Lol there was no logic behind it. Nokia is struggling with the your countries government.

There already are gmaps for Pakistan and anyone can use gmaps here in Pakistan unlike on windows phone. But gmaps are stored temporarily. Here maps can be downloaded for several countries but there are none for Pakistan.

Mavee Shah says:

Love this article

Wam1q says:

My country mentioned here... :)

It is already available in Pakistan. I bought Lumia 630 almost a month ago .

Available in Brazil for a month now... All colors!

pakknight says:

Nokia should push hard if it want to stay in game! Because Pakistani Market is heavily influenced by Qmobile, Samsung and ofcourse Apple! 

Dua Hafeez says:

$149 comes to around PKR 14700, not 17600.

Can you stop whining?

erfanullah says:

Can we stop misinforming?

peachy001 says:

It is a sad world we live in when the only positive thing that I have ever heard about Pakistan, is the fact a Nokia is launching there! Not hating any of the people, genuinely. And, it is nice to hear something positive. Keep buying WP guys, we need ya.

bilzkh says:

Whatever problems Pakistan least the data is cheap.

peachy001 says:

Same here (UK). For some carriers, Three springs to mind.

khansabil says:

Respect and love from USA. Im glad WP is spreading everywhere. :D

windows phone centrail should get author from Pakistan also. let more news come through


Sting921 says:

Backward country...zzzz

Retard comment zzzzzz

ali27677 says:

Ooh so your belongs from a backward country am feeling sorry for your country but remember one thing that Pakistan Indian etc after developing countries ....BTW F*** U

Dawood Ahmed says:

Anyone from Pakistan can help me. I Would like to gift this to my mom in pakistan but i live in australia. I want it to be a surprise for her. So i would like to know if there is any ebay like website for pakistan, and have this phone for sale.

Hazzan Zia says:

U can ship to her via tcs or smthing

It must be available on online shopping websites. Or if evening else fails just contact Nokia Pakistan directly

Hazzan Zia says:

Finally Pakistan in the news feed.

MrA2Z says:

520 was best selling phone in Pakistan. Lot of friends were waiting for newest models. Hope it will boost WP share in the market.

Kaye Morales says:

Why news like this has to be published? As if they have nothing else to announce.

It's good that Pakistan is finally getting 3G service. Hope the YouTube ban is removed soon

sand1le says:

Now also available in South Africa.

I am glade to see that WPC has reported that Lumia 630 arrived in Pakistan. Microsoft is doing good job,it is advertising lumia 630 in good manner, before this Nokia never advertised any lumia on any tv channel, even I did not see advertisement of any Lumia device before this.advertisement is very important otherwise people forget about brands

But I will be more glad when WPC will announce any good app made by any Pakistani developer, developers are not developing good apps here in Pakistan

Yes I know this app but this app never updated in windows phone store since 2013 so I think developers and big companies are not giving importance to windows phone here

nothanks91 says:

i am glad to know that its available in pakistan but this article is poorly wrriten and outdated, its available for a month now and in 2nd paragraph author has written lumia 620 instead of 630.


its nice to see my country name on WPC Pakistan