Lumia 710 shows up on US Nokia site as coming soon

We're not sure if this reflects an impending launch announcement, wishful thinking or just a mistake, but the Lumia 710 is shown as "coming soon" on the US Nokia site.

Nokia is not expected to launch anything in the US till 2012 and even then, it's unclear if that "portfolio" of devices will included the 710 and the 800 or something completely new. Of course perhaps this 710 is simple an unlocked device as we were told both the 710 and 800 would have unlocked versions sold through Nokia's website directly.

Hopefully more will info will come forth today as we finish up Nokia World here in London.

Source: Nokia; Thanks, Jim H., for the heads up



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awesumjon says:

Unlocked? YES!This is what i like to hear as i'm still on contract :/

lovenokia says:

dammit nokia show us that ace on the keynote of the 27th

textomatic says:

I actually like the black 710 with the yellow case. If it's below $300 I might pick one up.

Interestingly, they have removed the "Coming Soon" label on the Products page.

Hey, I actually broke this story yesterday night. You can find it here:http://techblitzblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/exclusive-nokia-lumina-710-com...As it turns out, Nokia will NOT be releasing the phone in America this year.