Lumia 800 White exclusive to Phones4U in UK

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We were all excited (and surprised) with the rumours and subsequent announcement by Nokia surrounding the white Lumia 800. Being already available in black, cyan and magenta, the white variant adds a refreshed look to the 800 range of Windows Phones. Here in the UK, availability of the white Lumia 800 is exclusive to Phones4U, which has contracts available on O2, Orange, and Vodafone.

According to a blog post on the website, the handset is available for pre-order and Phones4U will be shipping the handset early March. It's unsure how long the exclusivity will last.

Source: Phones4U, thanks Richard (the other one) for the tip!



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GU3RO10 says:

I want white 900 or they should let us pay a little extra for our own custom lumia

Sicarius123 says:

Damn this had better come to Telstra next month. My missus wants a white Lumia.

mjrtoo says:

Just buy a soft cover...

GeekAndProud says:

Ok, which heathen uses a mac or safari?

Don't deal with Phones 4 U beware they don't know the meaning of customer satisfaction, save the stress and go somewhere else!!

I remember dealing with P4U, they were charging £400 for a unlocked WP, bit the Carphone Watehouse had it at £290. Not on offer. And they had good employees who didn't push you to other OS'es.