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Lumia 820 Lumia 920

Lumia 820 Windows Phone now available to pre-order at Carphone Warehouse

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has today announced that the Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone is now available to pre-order from today at its website. What's more is those who pre-order will receive a free Nokia Wireless Charging plate (worth £44.99) bundled with the device when shipped.

So how much will the mid-range Windows Phone set one back? The Lumia 820 is available on O2, Vodafone and Orange starting from £29 on a monthly contract. SIM-free is an option at £379.95, which isn't a pad price point for such a device.

Sporting a 4.3" display, dual-core chip, 8GB storage (with MicroSD slot), 8MP camera, LTE support, NFC, wireless charging (on supported backplates), and Nokia's array of OEM apps, the Lumia 820 is a solid handset that's worthy of a looking.

You can view the Lumia 820 on the Carphone Warehouse website where it can also be pre-ordered on supproted plans.



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rockstarzzz says:

Am I correct to assume this comes with same camera technology as 920? What's missing?

pankaj981 says:

This comes without OIS and pureview, it does have Carl Zeiss

rockstarzzz says:

Oh, then what's the appeal? The expandable memory perhaps?

111san says:

Cheper than 920....this is more of a competitor to WP8 phones by other OEMs....also I believe in the UK each 820 is coming with a free wireless charging backplate in hte box so the free charging pad can be immediately used.

CommonBlob says:

"Great looking screen, even use it with gloves."  Errm, i didnt think the super sensitive tech was in the 820?

SpencerUk says:

It's also worth mentioning that EE are showing in the free wireless charger as well (while stocks last) on the 920

we'll even throw in a free charger worth £39.99 (until end of December 2012, while stocks last.)

keizka says:

Why yes, it is. Don't know why they didn't make it clearer, though.

I8RAHEEM says:

The HTC 8X is £350 and has double the ram, double the storage a front facing 1080p camera, better rear camera, beats audio but the Lumia 820 has exclusive apps and micro sd.

Can you provide a link to the £350 HTC 8X. I dropped my HTC Mozart last week and cracked the screen, I have already replaced it once before so not bothering again. I am now in the market for a new WP8 phone, would love a 920 but can't really justify the £460 price tag so was looking at the Lumia 820.

denis7 says:

Both of them have 1GB of RAM, and Lumia 820 can have double the storage if you want.

keizka says:

Now now, you are mixing 8S and 820 in RAM department. You also failed to mention that 8X is lacking Gyroscope.

Off topic, is Daniel okay? Because he lives in new York, and the hurricane is going on.

woodbane says:

He's fine, he was in San Francisco for the WP8 launch when the hurricane hit.

Muessig says:

I was under the impression the RRP for the Wireless Charging Plate was 54.99?

Gmotagi says:

Good news, I  was worried about his hair.

Mohit tyagi says:

naaaaaaaaaah I want NOKIA LUMIA 920
thanx to keep me update any way WP Central ROCKS
Nokia Lumia 920

psreloaded says:

Do they give the Wireless charging pad when we buy the SIM free model as well... The site is not very clear... Plus the SIM free version is only available in Black... thats not very appealing...

strever says:

i LOVE the red lumia with the orange tiles.