Lumia 900 "Ace" featured on Nokia Pulse webpage?

Lumia 900 Nokia Pulse

We could be looking too much into this, or it could actually be the Lumia 900 being featured on Nokia's Pulse webpage. Looking at the above screen capture does reveal some notable differentiation when compared to the Lumia 800. The capacitive buttons are closer to the edge of the handset, it looks marginally taller, but no FFC can be spotted. We'll pass it onto you guys to decide, an interesting find nonetheless. This is -of course- running off the "modified 800" render rumour, but it could well be the "Ace".

Whatever the above is, we'll see the launch of Nokia's U.S. Windows Phone at CES.

Source: Nokia, thanks Jack for the tip!



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anenoso says:

Please bring this to Verizon. Please!

xMalek says:

It's the Lumia 800... see the earpiece is different than what was shown yesterday on the renders.

Well, we'll certainly know something is fishy if the image suddenly mysteriously changes...

pezman726 says:

The ear piece is different...but the button spacing on the bottom is definately different than the 800.  And also, if you look at it, there are no buttons on the side.  So i'm not sure what to believe anymore!!

Rafyelzz says:

2 details.
Nokia is now in the middle, but also " The capacitive buttons are closer to the edge of the handset, it looks marginally taller"
It could be. Why not.

nn_hung says:

Looks like it has a curved grass. So no, it the Lumia 800 ;)

N3croman says:

Definitely not Lumia 800, just compare it with the default Lumia 800 image:

tN0 says:

It is the Lumia 800, but maybe a bad mock-up with the icons on the buttons not on the right position. But it got a curved glass as can be seen on the reflection on the left side. The Lumia 900 has a flat glass.

N3croman says:

I made a little collage - original Lumia 800 image + that new image resized to same size - it looks very similar. The only differences are: missing HW buttons and lowered navigation buttons, just compare it. It might be just some old Lumia 800 render.

juliarobertt says:

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