Lumia 900 in white coming to O2 Germany early June

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The Lumia 900 Windows Phone is making its way across Europe and beyond, after unexpected demand in the U.S. crippled production which subsequently led to delays for other markets. We've now got word of O2 Germany looking to pack the international version of the flagship Nokia smartphone with the website stating its "coming soon". ETA? Early June.

The Lumia 900 sports a 1.4Ghz chip, 4.3" AMOLED display, 16GB storage, and a 8MP rear camera with a 1MP front-facing camera. Note that you'll be required to have a micro-SIM to use the Lumia 900, which O2 will be able to supply (you can also get your normal sized SIM cut at retailers that offer this service). Be sure to register your interest on O2's website, unfortunately there's no word on pricing just yet.

Update: Amazon.de has the phone listed for May 31st as well for EUR 575,00.

Source: O2 DE; thanks Dirk  and Mark T., for the heads up!



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Elephantman says:

The O2 website shows the 900 with 32gb storage.
Your article says it has 16gb.

News flash: O2 is wrong.

DaSchnee says:

Wmpoweruser says that O2 Germany confirmed it

drtolson says:

According to Nokia's website and Rogers, and my phone -- it has 16gb. Maybe O2 is getting more space?

Absolutely, 100% they are not getting more space.

Tahiti Bob says:

If you're wrong, will you send me a case to put mine in? :D

Curtieson says:

The whole lawsuit with MS isn't going to hurt this in Germany?

rath79 says:

Slight side note Australia getting 900 "first 10 days in June" no colour confirmation yet tho

Elmenhorster says:

Amazon says 16GB
O2 is talking about 32GB
and nokia.de? There I can't find anything concerning the memory...

keitht29 says:

The user memory figure has been removed on the Nokia.de website (space above the 512sdram figure) although the heading is still there. Still only showing 16gb on UK website. Am with O2 UK so crossing fingers bigger memory is coming here too!

Sumit8 says:


kazile says:

o2 germany confirmed 32gb lumia 900 on twitter. y u wrong, mr rubino?

No more 32 GB Lumia 900...
Speicher (Memory) now 16 GB
And a better price for amazon.de customer: 499 € preorder Lumia 900