Unlocked Lumia 920 in White available from Clove tomorrow for £520

Lumia 920 in White available from Clove tomorrow

There has been much speculation and angst about the availability of the Lumia 920 here in the UK due to EE having an exclusivity deal on the hero Windows Phone 8 device.

Looks like the folks over at Clove are about to step in and provide the Lumia 920 in glossy white for your SIM-free and unlocked buying pleasure. That is, if you have £520.00 laying around to invest in one..

Those keen to grab the latest smartphones and have the money to throw at it generally prefer to keep away from contracts and buy offline. Doing it this way means you can chop and change when you wish but in this case it does come at quite a price. This is the first stock of the Nokia Lumia 920 to arrive at Clove Technology and it will also be the first Windows Phone that sports LTE capabilities.

The Lumia 920 launched around a fortnight ago in the UK and its SIM-free availability has been somewhat up in the air since then. However, we are now due to receive stock tomorrow and have opened up orders on the Clove website.

While this deal won’t be for everyone, we now at least have the option to grab one unlocked in case you need the flexibility. Let us know below if you’re planning on picking up the Lumia 920 off contract or indeed what your plans are regarding your next device. 

Source: Clove.co.uk



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baggiedave says:

Got mine on Friday for £459 from Phones4u....in white....

CommonBlob says:

I assume not unlocked though

Horrorace says:

I would like to know the answer to this too! Although I am pretty sure I read somewhere that Nokia/Phones4U confirmed that the SIM free phones would not be unlocked but you could unlock them after a month for a £15 fee.

psteve2005 says:

P4U confirmed they will not unlock them. Clove is the only option it seems for the foreseeable future...

myjota says:

in usa only 450 $ but in uk about 700$.

tissotti says:

It's around $770 around EU.

rakocool says:

Us is locked to at&t. Also us price is without tax. Prices in Europe is reported with vat.

glass says:

Exactly. There's so many people who don't understand that the AT&T no commitment price is subsidised by AT&T and the handset is locked and only usuable on AT&T. While this price is for a phone that is completely unlocked (usuable on any GSM carrier, anywhere in the world), and has tax on top of it.

dougwallace says:

Will it carry Canadian lte bands?

jenjen4u says:

wow thats really expensive... especially if it doesnt include free wireless charger (which im assuming it doesnt)

MageSTYK says:

Is the ATT sold unlocked?

Racxie says:

I really want an unlocked one but ouch at that price. Would have considered it at least if it was in black seen as we don't get cyan.

Dare2Blink says:

The US version is not unlocked, this one is. Shame its only in white of they had red or cyan or yellow I would not think twice

Rich Edmonds says:

They have other colours listed, but it's not known when stock will be available. We'll press for more information.

VikArmo says:

Keep pressing Rich! I want the black and the wife wants the grey.

ImAdrian23 says:

What is this shit? Europe really sucks... You can get 2 lumias in US while here you barely get 1 for the same price.

baggiedave says:

Unlocked...i am running Virgin contract free sim...works great!!!!

Junjie Wang says:

Is your phone the one listed at Phones4U website? Hoping it is, then I can choose Virgin as well, dont want to sucked by EE/Orange/T...
I've ordered a blace Sim Free one last saturday, but no further confirmations have yet be received

strever says:

Thats a lumia 900?

PurpleOmen says:

Just go to gsmnation :) they are selling black and white unlocked for £435 including shipping costs!

Tsury says:

But with US LTE frequences. You won't have LTE in the UK.

MrKrishna says:

Do we know if this is pentaband (has 1700 frequency)?

StaticPlaya says:

Just got mine today unlocked. Waiting for my micro sim to activate. Does not feel heavy at all. The price is similar to what I paid so glad I got it elsewhere.

Junjie Wang says:

Got from Phones4u?

VikArmo says:

Where from?