Nokia Lumia 928 gets strapped to an octocopter, produces beautiful footage


Nokia hasn’t been shy about the Nokia Lumia 928. A few days ago they put the device up on their homepage and have slowly been releasing video footage from the device. Today we get another tease. Let’s check it out.

After filming on a rollercoaster and live street music, what could be next? How about strapping the Lumia 928 to an octocopter and setting it free in the wilds of British Columbia. Warning: Do not watch if you’re in a cubicle. You might snap, set the building on fire, and run away to British Columbia to live out the rest of your life in the woods.

Gorgeous right? Hopefully we’ll be getting a more in-depth look at the device sooner than later. Below is a new screenshot of the device where you can see the Verizon logo for 4G/LTE.  Need anymore proof this is coming to Verizon? Also check out that speaker. 

Lumia 928

Source: Nokia



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ksbanderson says:

What if I'm already in British Columbia? Should I worry about watching it?

Sam Sabri says:

No, then you're that SOB that we are going to direct our jealousy towards :)

Z10YkakPES says:

Video is shaking, you can see that. Plus the difference in locations and change in colors. My point is 920 is 6 month old. Next Nokia will be even better.

Ha ha :)  I think I know these guys, as soon as I get a 928 maybe we shall run a side by side test. And then they will have to admit that Nokia is better ;)

blackprince says:

You and me both buddy. Sunny Okanagan.

L2nak says:

Okanagan? Like near the offshoot UBC campus? Oh my dear, I'm so sorry.

blackprince says:

For what? I don't go there.

cdbstl76 says:

That's pretty cool

mark nt says:

Awesome how far phone cameras and videos have come over the last few years

falconrap says:

That footage is unbelievable. Gorgeous videos. It's incredible to think those shots are from a cellphone.

procen says:

Great quality!

slayerjayslb says:

i guess no love this time.

fourbadcats says:

Very nice. Attn Nokia: take my money!

WinnyPhone says:

Looks great, but aren't the colors a bit oversaturated though? Colors don't seem very realistic. Some good shots anyway.

Dexterrino says:

have you met DSLRs?

Wow that is some beautiful footage

diod123 says:

I just need to get my hands on an octo-copter and some better scenery. Video on my L920 is one of the best features, so smooth and sound is great.

kaynachtsman says:

Latest lumia 521 ad from Ben rudolph is Nice http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eV50VXlIhLE

RaRa85 says:

Very nice now announce the freaking phone officially Nokia.lol We get the point.

Cellus13 says:

At these angels and official pictures the phone actually looks apart of the 9xx series.

Im tired of this. Just announces it already!

edboogie78 says:

In the reflection in the water you could totally see it being filmed by a camera crew and a different camera...

Sam Sabri says:

I see what you did there... lol

jleebiker says:


RJ Priest says:

The quality of that footage looks too good to be true.  I really hope that it's true.  Brilliant work Nokia!!

RJ Priest says:

It would be awesome if Nokia included a 24fps recording mode.

DaSchnee says:

So want a crappy frame rate mode? I would love to get a 720p 60fps mode

Nik Rolls says:

If done properly, 24fps gives a more 'filmic' feel. Higher frame rates make it seem 'hyper-real' like the movement enhancement settings on modern TVs, but can also have the side effect of coming across like home videos as a result.

The key to getting 24fps right is to have the shutter open for longer so you get some nice motion blur in there. 24fps is no good if the shutter is only open for a fraction of the frame -- that's where you get the 'crappy frame rate' feel from -- but if it's open as long as possible then you get very smooth filmic motion as a result.

DaSchnee says:

That's just because you are used to movies having only 24 fps. There is no objective reason why 24fps are better. I complain about movies only having 24fps for years now and after seeing the Hobbit in 48fps I am 100% convinced that 24fps movies need to die as fast as possible.

JPDVM2014 says:

I haven't seen the Hobbit in 48fps, but if it looks anything like the anti-motion blur settings on tv's, then 24fps can stay around as long as it wants. I hate the way the anti-motion makes video look.

greg2k says:

So the problem is really having the shutter open a fraction of the time it should record. The 30fps on the Lumia is not smooth either, it's not quite there. If we can't get the shutter accuracy of real 24p cameras, might as well bump up the stuff we have today to 60fps.

Houdani says:

Maybe I'm just being too picky, but the jerkiness when the OIS is confused drives me batty.  It's very  pronounced in the scene just after the copter takes off (big hand, copter on pad, bright light) and we're flying over a grass field.  Everything in the bottom of the screen (the grass) is aaaaarrrgh!  You can also see it before the copter takes off, as it's pulling away from beached boat.
It's like the OIS is sticking to an object just a bit too long before it decides to jump to the next reference point.  The end result is it feels like it's stepping from object to object rather than smoothly scrolling between them, if that makes sense.
It's not going to stop me from getting this phone, mind you.  I've already got the fever.  Release it already!

kidjenius says:

I thought I was the only one that noticed that! ever since i bought my lumia 920, i noticed that the video does that! but yea im with you, if i didn't have a lumia 920 already, i would still buy this phone

tonyluo2001 says:

It is because the OIS system is focusing on keeping the steadiness of the central area. Images on the sides and corners are abit shaky.

benners76 says:

That is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe a tad oversaturated but steady as a rock. Let us not forget that it's a PHONE STRAPPED TO A FREAKING HELICOPTER!!!

hopmedic says:

Take my freaking money already!!!

bryfuture says:

U can have all my money..

nadoj says:

when I first read the title I saw "OCTOBER" for an october release. I nearly shat myself lol

MTL32 says:

Really nice video, the quality is awesome considering... but what's the point of taking the phone to B.C. if it's never going to be released in Canada! It's downright cruel!

blackprince says:

I'm hoping that this means the phone will be released in Canada.

RJ Priest says:

I'm hoping that 928 or Catwalk won't be exclusive to Rogers (or any single carrier).  Every prospective customer should be able to get one.

blackprince says:

Rogers exclusives are just annoying as AT&T exclusives.

MDak280 says:

Wow, that is outstanding. Nothing else to say.

Junior_bg says:

Amazing images of Lumia 928, but Nokia needs to further improve the colors of Lumia 920.

James8561 says:

having a bit of buyer's remorse on my AT&T Lumia 920

Kram Devil says:

Incredible footage!

Evster88 says:

Doesn't using an octocopter defeat the purpose of the OIS? More turbines = more stability.

Nik Rolls says:

Because this video is just about OIS?

PolishHitta says:

Three words... COME OUT ALREADY!

luniboy26 says:


BroszB4 says:

I thought I read that the 928 and the 920 had the same camera tech? Did I read wrong?

blackhawk556 says:

I'm sure they improved it in a couple of way.

welsbloke says:

This looks pretty promising and a nice evolution for the 9xx models. Watching this in HD on the phone and its looks amazing not seen it on a bigger screen yet.

djctz says:

Nokia's are really good for Video nothing but phenomenal footage even from my 900

JPDVM2014 says:

Agreed, I have played a few videos taken with my 900 on my friend's 85" tv, and they commented on how good the quality was for a phone. Granted, the videos were taken of relatively slow moving people/pets in full sun. Which almost all cameras can do well, but it still made me feel good. :-)