Lumia 930 available in New Zealand for $750

Lumia 930

The Lumia 930 is currently listed for $749.99 at MobiCity, with three colored variants reported to be in stock. Vodafone has previously stated the mobile operator is looking to launch the Windows Phone in the region this month, grabbing exclusivity on the handset. Should you wish to purchase the device outright and not be locked into a contract (or with an operator), options like MobiCity are ideal.

As noted above, MobiCity has numerous colors available, which include black, white and bright orange. To refresh your memory on specifications boasted by the Lumia 930, we're looking at a 5-inch 1080p display, a 2.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage, along with a 20 megapixel PureView camera. Will you be looking to pick one up?

Source: MobiCity; thanks, Eby, for the tip!



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Micah Dawson says:

Ouch that price is ridiculous lol

12Danny123 says:

Not really. VERY cheap. for a flagship like that. Better than the $1200 iphone

CobraJ82 says:

Not better in the eyes of the majority of the market ;)

tkhayes says:

Haha really have you seen the prices of other flagships on Mobicity NZ, prices are comparable to other flagships.. Or are you wanting the spec of a flagship for the cost of a big mac...

12Danny123 says:

I'm talking about on CARRIERS. I know that the Lumia 930 is almost $900 - $1000 here.


A big imac here is $2000


NZD and USD are COMPLETELY different saying it's the cost of a Imac is insane

ahmedjan87 says:

Wait so the price that is mentioned is in NZD ?

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CobraJ82 says:

I want a big mac

Nik Rolls says:

Not in NZ, operators will sell it at $999-1099 off contract, minimum.

Micah Dawson says:

I guess in America I am used to like $600 haha

Nik Rolls says:

Mobicity is an importer, so $750 is probably quite fair considering our exchange rate and a small markup. However our operator prices are criminal. In fact a lot of tech companies (including Microsoft) are currently under investigation for prices of products and services in NZ that don't fairly represent international equivalents.

Cecewp8 says:

They could have added on glance, and sold it for $900, that would have made sense

Jupast says:

Sadly NZ is expensive, Phones being no different. My 820 was...$700-800, and that was considered Mid-Range.

We get price gouged in a lot of departments :o/



For my Indian friends..750NZD(New Zealand Dollars) roughly is 39950 INR.. So expect the same price of 930 in flipkart or much higher.

umangpop777 says:

Nice ... Expected to be a hit

thaufee says:

Nope. Wrong Calculation. Pricing of the mobile phone for the country varies depends on that countries tax payments. In India, you can expect the mobile in 36-38k INR.

Nik Rolls says:

New Zealand prices are fairly inflated, so better to do the conversion from Euro or USD.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Even Euro isn't the final price, everything i buy here is almost the same price in USD but with Euro
Lumia 520 100$ ? it still here for 140 euro.... 

Kooosh says:

Someone should do an article about the WILD price discrepencies between countries. This is a $550 phone in the US. I know there isn't a 25% VAT in .au, so what gives? I'd love anyone to explain. 

powersquad says:

It's not $749. It's $900 including GST (tax).

Mobicity is not a NZ retailer. It is an Australian based drop shipper. They just have an NZ website to serve that part of the world but GST is added at checkout since NZ custom charges 15% GST if orders being delivered from overseas are above NZ$400 incl shipping fees.

Fix the title and pricing please.

12Danny123 says:

I have always thought that GST 25% when I was younger

Not to mention no Nokia warranty and a phone not designed for our networks. When this phone is available officially through Vodafone it will $999 off contract at least

Aashish13 says:

Have experienced one thing with nokia. They keep the price more abd after one month they definitely reduce the price by 1000₹. After 2 months more by ₹500.

thaufee says:

I'm scared.

What if Lumia powered android announced?

Will MS allows Android apps to be installed on the Windows Phone?

thaufee says:

what else we can do? We should be calm!

rponting says:

Keep calm. Things have a way of smoothening out on their own eventually. So, everything gonna be fine!

Also now available from MobiCity Australia for au$699. Tempting upgrade from my 920

SAM 77 says:

Its $700 for aussies.


We're still getting ripped off but I got 5 months for the price to drop.


Interesting they listed a brand new 820 at $270

lansir says:

Here in Aus the pre order prices range from $679-$729 so far

Rio4Ross says:

Who through? Have only seen a YouTube ad from Telstra

avdbusse says:



$679 outright til 31 July, $729 after that

lansir says:

^^^^^^^^^ what he said and Harveys have it at $729

12Danny123 says:

Love here in NZ.

Though I was annoyed that house prices are INSANE.

An average house in Auckland is $1 million NZD from what I heard

batkingnz says:

It's not quite, but is approaching... hence why i got the f*** out.

Everything is expensive in New Zealand. It's an island in the middle of nowhere, what do you want? Lol. Although Auckland is a ridiculously expensive city and doesn't represent real estate prices across the country. 

bozza72 says:

F#*k I just bought 1520 coz I thought this was still a long way off :(

WinAnPle says:

If you Kiwis are coming/happen to be in Singapore, it is retailing for SGD 789 which is almost 1 to 1  to the Kiwi Dollar. Sales start on the 12th of July. Plus you get to refund GST.

sladyrko says:

$750 for a good camera? Like the Lumias but the price is ridiculous.. If you are not in US, forget about Cortana.. If you are not in US - no apps for you (In Europe app store is 100x worse than in US). You should be crazy to spend so much money.. MS is crazy.. This phone should be around $250. For $750 this is latest flags from Android and Apple (They are even cheaper).. And you can't go wrong with either of them.. This is why WP will die and MS will be on the last place, not a lot people will chose to spend so much money for nothing.. But if they release Lumia with Android I will get one just for the camera, but still $750 will be too much..

AlainJude says:

Which is better - 1520 or the 930

Enza Knight says:

That depends on how you roll. I had an iPhone 5 until I changed up to the 1520. Could not go back to anything smaller now. It's pretty much like a small tablet on the road. It only costs $600 so that's a he'll of a lot of phone for your money.

Braiyd222 says:

That price is far better than I thought! Still stuck between 930 vs 1520 tho.

750 for a phone in Zealand. Here in the states you could get five or six of them

batkingnz says:

Yeah, and pay contracts for five or six phones for two years?

Jonodw says:

That price doesn't include GST. You gotta add 15%. They collect it to pay customs when they import the phone into New Zealand

cindawinda says:

Is $440 usd considered expensive in America for a Lumia 820? Because that's how much I had to pay for my 820 (bought go $500 NZD but in USD it is $440) :)

sie282 says:

Ohh hefty price but still cheaper then an iphone

MarCou says:

If I have iPhone, Android or L920/925, what I will get by spending this much money for this? This should be flagship abaut an year ago. It had seen its best days before it came out. As someone said before, acceptable price for this is $250. Anyone who have well working phone and pays more for this, should be lobotomized.

Duduosf says:

Too bad Brazil never gets the colorful design. I was hoping to get the bright green variant. I wasn't very into it at first, but now I'm craving for one!

sht309 says:

Mobicity is one of the expensive online Mobile store in New Zealand. Hope it will be way cheaper in other retailers after stock.

tulak says:

I NEVER WILL PAY for such overpriced product!

nez99 says:

Actually mobicity lists phones the cheapest in NZ because their prices dont include gst which means its actually about $900 which is about what id expect. My 920 was $1000 when it came out

Wagan8r says:

Is this in USD or NZD?

bcom77 says:

I was in a Vodafone store in Christchurch (NZ) during the weekend and they had a 930 dummy unit on display. The outright price was $999. I spoke to one of the store assistants and he said they don't have any actual stock yet but should do within a week.

I have seen it on Mobicity but I'm always a bit skeptical of buying parallel imported phones due to the fact that you don't get the manufacturer's warranty, and with Nokia it's a good one becasue it's a 2 year warranty in NZ, Mobicity only offer 1 year.