Lumia 930 confirmed for Denmark and Sweden July 10

lumia 930

Microsoft has confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 930 will go on sale July 10 in both Denmark and Sweden, joining the previously revealed Scandinavian country of Norway for the launch of the latest Windows Phone 8.1 device.

In Denmark, the Lumia 930 is available for pre-order beginning today for the price of DKK 3995, or about U.S. $729 and will be sold via a number of carriers and retailers, including TDC, Telia, Call me, Telmore, YouSee, DLG Tele, CBB, Bibob, Expert, Fona and Telenor.

Over in Sweden, pre-orders are also being taken today for the Lumia 930 for the price of SEK 4999, or about U.S. $741. It can be bought at Three, Telenor and Tele2, among other retailers.

It looks like the Nokia Lumia 930 now has a pretty firm mid-July launch time frame across much of Europe. If you live in that part of the world, do you plan to pre-order the phone?

Thanks to Anders for the tip!

Source: Microsoft 1, 2



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AV2RY says:

How long it takes Apple and Samsung to release phone after presentation?

HyperKid says:

Samsung--2 months
Apple--1 month I suppose

Come on South Africa!!! I'm in need to replace my old 920, when will 930 be available??

SammyD_L625 says:

Dream on. Look at how many people ask about the 930 on Nokia South Africa's facebook page. Their enquiries are just ignored. Its gonna be a while.

Dragonic87 says:


This is the kind of replies I get:

"keep an eye out on our social pages for any upcoming announcements on new devices."

Plus the 630 is still not available :(

I really do hope I am wrong and they maybe release both in July... but I doubt it :(

SammyD_L625 says:

The website says 630 is "coming soon". No word on the 930.

Bruno Sain says:

Just got it last weak with my operator in Itay.(WIND)

sip1995 says:

Hope Wind Greece will sell it soon....

SteenS3450 says:

Ordered a green one today to replace my 920  


samicp says:

Me too! (I hellerup)

aemehran says:

How about Canada, eh?

albvs says:

Any rumours about Windows Phone 8.1 OTA launch?

vukmania says:

Talked to the swedish expansys, they expect to get their first batch next week. So Swedish costumers that have preordered the phone have a chance getting it before 10 of July.

Peterpma says:

I ordered mine something like five days ago via telia Denmark. Can't wait for it to replace my 925 :)

Risvall says:

Go sweden anyone ehant to buy my 1520 3000kr?

Wael Hasno says:

5000 SEK.. Just no.. No phone should be that expensive.

IzaacJ says:

Haha I paid 5408 SEK for my 1520 carrier-free.

theefman says:

Seriously at this point I would skip this phone. Its taken so long its knocking on the door of the holiday releases so you might as well wait for those.

ballanda says:

Agreed. 925 is more than an adequate stopgap until November. I owned the Icon (same thing) for a week, and wasn't blown back by anything beyond my 925, except screen size making it easier to type. But swipe keyboard in 8.1 has solved that issue.

Cecewp8 says:

What about the big China?

ballanda says:

The Lumia 930 is a mysterious and powerful device.

Extraneus says:

Would have been excited if they had given it a micro SD slot... Oh well, quite happy with my 1520 now! :-)

Frank_Yang says:

When in China:/

Bruno Sain says:

Just out in China,you missed it!,next issue 30 August.

July 10? 

Is there a Swede that thinks of anything else than holiday, swimming, lazy days during July?

The biggest concern for a Swede in July is what to put on the grill that evening....

lexus232 says:

Lol so true. And there will be no one in Denmark in July to buy this phone, everyone is in Spain.

teriansilva says:

Rightfully so! Swedish summers are very beautiful.

This developers and builders a re not taking it seriously. Oh! Common Microsoft, provide your 8.1 and wheild it to trigger the market fight.
Android is changing with L, 95% is copied from us, looks prett enought as per their awkward design they carry till date!

cknorthpole says:

Awesome! Then I guess I will be picking up a 930 in a couple of weeks. This 1520 I have feels a bit to big for me tbh. Great phone otherwise.

thatuxguy says:

I am guessing this July 10th date is now pretty much all over the EU. Its just the different regional offices that are trickling out the info.

samicp says:

YAAAYYY!!! Jeg Elsker den! Jeg tar den grønne I danmark :)

DJCBS says:

A lot of countries are marking 10th July as the release date...let's hope this turns out to be true accross all Europe.

williamjaco says:

Why punish Europe with a not so great phone delivered late??  Handsets need global releases - Nokia should know this....

Anyone have info for the UK release? 10th July?

gethappy says:

When will Canada get this phone or variant of the 930?

Kimboo says:

Done and done!

Was in big doubt about getting a black or colorful one... Went with orange. I didn't want anybody to mistake it for an iPhone! ;)