Lumia 930 launching in Singapore on July 12

Lumia 930

Nokia Singapore has announced on Facebook that the Lumia 930 will be available in the country from this weekend. The flagship device will be sold via retailers and through Nokia's exclusive stores.

The Lumia 930 will be available in orange, green, black and white, with a retail price of S$789 ($630). The first 50 buyers to purchase the Lumia 930 from Nokia stores located at Funan & Causeway Point will be eligible to receive a $50 voucher.

Nokia is also selling the Wireless Charging Stand and Fatboy Wireless Charger for half off at select retailers that include Nokia's stores, GadgetWorld, 3Mobile and Handphoneshop. The new price for the accessories after the discount is S$64 ($50).

Singaporean users, are you excited about the imminent launch of the Lumia 930 in your country?

Source: Facebook (Nokia)



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ruddevil says:

5 minutes after the post, still quiet.

Valkyria says:

Dat phone is so sexy
I think my ovaries disappeared

Yeah. Never seen that before.

adrian1338 says:

What about inda.. what about bbm.. any news on 8.1 rollout.. cortana in uk.. whatsapp.. anything? :)

Tips_y says:

Singapore is iPhone country, one of a handful left in the world.

AlainJude says:

How is it compared to my Lumia 1520

Valkyria says:

Smaller screen,no SD support,no Glance screen
It has Sensor core tech,though

Peg Leg says:

In other words, your 1520, which also has sensor core, is still KING.


Y C Neo says:

I like the green one, but I'm hesitating to get one as no micro sd expansion...

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Live2Deliver says:

Tipped WPcentral before this announcement the phone is releasing in Singapore this week. I knew it was coming!

dkxs says:

Lumia 1520 user for 7 months. Never liked 930... Because I can't understand why it can be more expensive than 1520 when it doesn't have specs as good as 1520

Peg Leg says:

Be happy the best phone is cheaper. Also, with updates, will not fall behind for...a long while at the rate MS is slugging along. Minus three D stuff and funny tiles which won't be around until the end of the year. 1520 may get the exploding tiles via long touch/ or double tap anyway.

"The flagship device will be sold via retailers and through Nokia's exclusive stores." -  This is why WP phone struggles.  It is not offered by carriers.  MS should be smart enough to buy a carrier next time.

Peg Leg says:

There is always that tiny thing called the internet. Cut carriers. They are why we are waiting for 8.1/cyan.

booog89 says:

OMG! FINALLY!!! Come to daddy!!!

alokinalset says:

Still waiting on the next phone from MS, my 920 still solid as rock after almost 2 yrs.

Ady Rangu says:

Already available in Romania :)


I'll wail for the price to drop a little bit...

ikhfa says:

Have the 920. Using the 1020 now. Hmmm ... I don't know. 1520?