Lumia 930 pre-orders for United Arab Emirates go live

lumia 930

The Lumia 930 will soon be available in the United Arab Emirates, at least according to a wireless retailer who has posted up a pre-order page for the Windows Phone 8.1 device.

The Axion Telecom website currently has the phone listed as "Coming soon" on its site, for the off contract price of 2,200 AED. That's about $598, which is actually a solid price for the Lumia 930

The phone, which is the international version of the North America Lumia Icon, has already started shipping in a number of European countries, and should be widely available in that part of the world by the end of July. Pre-orders for the phone also just went live in India.

If you live in that part of the world, does the Lumia 930 sound like a good buy?

Source: Axiom Telecom



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ali27677 says:

Having no micro SD card solt....

rianext says:

Give that shit a break man...if glance is a deal breaker for you, you're a nut...

lemonsteveo says:

Sd card is pretty useful to have especially with 8.1

rodneyej says:

Should've gone live in the US back in February.

nutnithin says:

That was fast...just sent a tip :D and so happy to see that its priced lesser than the 1520..
yes its an amazing buy specially when you see the iphone 5s and the galaxy s5 retailing for about 800$ on the same website

myoujin says:

Lesser because 7months late.

armyvet66629 says:

930 and the Lumia Icon are the same phone. For whoever is wondering. The icon had been released in North America already. BUT I do wish att carried it

Anubis4574 says:

Yeah, the att situation is literally making MS/NOKIA lose marker share

aehhaeh says:

It was only released in the US as a Verizon exclusive. Canada has not recieved the L930.

irsyadhhs says:

Microsoft is truly nice pricing 930 and 630. Like in my country, PO 630 only costs $149 plus free coloud and 12GB data.

IceDree says:

That's actually cheaper than the 920 when it came it out.
Definitely a good buy ... Give it a couple of months & you might get it cheaper. I'd be all over it if it wasn't for that amoled screen & the HTC rumors.

lemonsteveo says:

The HTC sounds nice, may give up my 1520 for one. Good to have a change once in a while. One thing though, I hope they've improved the call quality, my last HTC - the TITAN was terrible. And Lumia has excellent call quality.

IceDree says:

Never used the Titan, but the 8X call quality is pretty good ... Its no Motorola but still pretty good :)

Yeah its cheaper here than 920 and 1520 when they came out

BigDre97 says:

Loven my 1520. Thought 6" was too big but its perfect

zairai says:

AED 2200 quite alright with the new Lumia 930. It would be a choice now of either the 1520 or 930 for UAE folks. Just a difference of AED 99 (1520 usually priced AED 2299). The 1520 though is at times priced lesser than the 930, like that of Carrefour UAE webstore current promo of AED 2099 for the black and red variants.

afnan_mc says:

I've seen the 1520 go for a lot lesser on some of the online stores. Around AED 1700.

zairai says:

I agree. Even so, IMO, it would still be better to choose the online stores that actually also have physical stores that you can approach in case of product issues/problems.

sarim_xyz says:

I bought Lumia 920 from UAE when it launched. It was AED 2499 at that time. Interesting that the starting price of Lumia 930 is less than 920. I'm looking forward to buying one, but let's see if I can get it unlocked and unbranded here in the US.

Yugiro says:

Yeah, I got the same phone on the first day it landed in the UAE and it was priced at 2,499 AED. Now my 920 is almost 2 years old. I should have upgraded it to 1020 but that phone was also made available long time after it was announced. I got fed up and told myself I will never upgrade out of frustration.

AymanWP93 says:

1520 still the best WP

YeMan says:

So since were not getting the 930 for a while im guessing, should I just go out and get a 925 or 1520? (AT&T)

coolenigma says:

35800₹ as launch price for India?

Wam1q says:

2200 Dirhams is really nice... :)

good price , im buying one

ghaikal says:

It's axiom telecom. Not axion

AED 2200 is a pretty good price for a flagship device here in UAE..

louisoneal says:

Lumia Icon is the bomb, even without glance.

elshehri says:

Pre-Order is available @ MAX shop as well but its really too late for Microsoft specially after many good competitors have released few powerful phones. Since how long we are waiting for 8.1 or Cyan update. Wake up MS

John, it is Axiom not Axion

I live in the nearby Jordan, and answering your question; HELL YA!

I've waited so long for such a masterpiece, i'll be definitely getting one myself .

Yugiro says:

I went and checked to Axiom Telecom website. I even register as a new user because of this. I dunno how to pre-order. I just click the link, "Tell me when available". Maybe in my wishlist? Anyways, atleast I know its coming, though I almost lost patience. My friend did and got himself the LG G3 instead. He is supposed to be the first timer WP user.

no i will wait for another phone... since i got my 1520 six months back in dubai
(nov-dec is a good time to go for a new phone)

Wow 2200 AED ! Nice price.
In France it costs 549€ (about 2750 AED/750$)

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handson exp says:

Now a days Brand and OS is not important, apps are important, nokia (windows) is giving impotance to all the apps people will never use...Android and iOS rocks