Lumia Black coming soon to the Lumia 521 on T-Mobile

Lumia 521

In January Nokia stated that the Lumia Black firmware update would be available to all in the coming weeks after its initial rollout. That didn’t exactly happen, as we’re still seeing certain regions and handsets lighting up with Lumia Black. For example, just yesterday the Lumia 620 in India received the firmware update. One little handset here in the United States still doesn’t have it. That’d be the Lumia 521, a variant of the Lumia 520 exclusive to T-Mobile. We haven’t heard much about the status of the update, but we do know it’s now listed as ‘coming soon’ on Nokia’s website.

Head on over to the Lumia Black software update page on Nokia’s website. There you’ll see that the status for Lumia Black on the Lumia 521 is now ‘coming soon’. While not as good as ‘available’, it’s much better than the ‘waiting for approval’ status that it has been on the past two months.

What’s this mean in English? We’re probably a few days away from seeing Lumia Black available for the Lumia 521. Keep us posted if you see the update over the next few days.

Source: Nokia Global Support

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John20212 says:

They might as well waited for WP8.1 but at this speed it will be 2015 until we see that on failed T-Mobile.


Good news for 521 owners!

L0gic Bom8 says:

I'm happy for my WP brethren on T-Mobile to be getting their updates despite being an AT&T customer.

Edwardlb20 says:

Now there are two Real Steel games...

Moodi1520 says:

Yeah but this is the official one

Chemilinski says:

Wow.. I've had Black on my 520 for a couple months now. That's not very impressive, T-Mobile..

Not their fault, most likely.

AccentAE86 says:

I just want Black for my 810.  :(  

Guzzler3 says:

Here, here!!! Rat B#$%^&*#$!!!!

I still day dream that they will let it out with WP8.1, if we 810 owners will even get WP8.1 :(

ateitall says:

We'll get WP8.1, Microsoft still loves us. T-Mobile is the one that didn't have faith in such a good mid-range phone, and the final decision on firmware updates is up to them. OS updates, like WP8.1, are out of their reach/control.

As an added bonus, if you're signed up for the Dev Preview program you'll be able to get it when everyone else does! :D

TechAbstract says:

Doesn't developer preview program have GDR3 for Lumia 810?

Aren Clegg says:

Yes. That's the only way 810s can get the GDR3 update. Which is kind of dumb.

+925. I hate how people call me a "troll" for criticizing T-Mobile. It takes time, blah blah blah. If people don't see T-Mobile as half-assing their efforts for Windows Phone, they're either T-Mobile employees or just clueless people.

Aren Clegg says:

Nah, I think tmobile is giving windows phone a hard time. Look at the Nokias not getting black or GDR3 without the Devleoper Program. And it's kind of weird how the Nokia 521 which happens to be on Tmobile happens to be one of the last phones to get the Black firmware update. Plus Tmobile only has like 2 windows phones? Tmobile isn't giving the love windows phones deserves. 

Nope. Just.... Nope.

• The only device on T-mobile to not receive black is the 810, an EOLed variant with incompatible firmware.

• Its not weird. Its a carrier variant budget phone sold on a single network in a single country. Nokia has to prioritize. See one of the above comments of mine for more explanation.

• Their device selection isn't their fault. Nokia has a deal with ATT, and their main handsets are exclusive to ATT. In fact, T-mobiles only "exclusive" was the 925, to which Nokia turned around and gave to ATT anyways.

Can you kindly explain to me why the 822, a carrier variant budget phone sold only on Verizon got the Black update?

Because the 822 is a device that is still supported by VZW and is compatible with future firmwares. An article i found around the time WPC was swimming in 810 LTE update rumors, I found an article stating the update to the firmware broke the device in carrier testing, which is why it never came. And the 810 is EOL, so TMO and Nokia are under no obligation to build, test, and release updates for it.

My daughter's HTC 8x on T-Mobile is waiting....

Never going to happen. This a Nokia firmware release, your daughter owns an HTC device.

I realize that. Forgot to put GDR3 in reference. I was attempting to show how T-Mobile USA is not really supporting WP very well these days.

Aren Clegg says:

sign up for the developer program and then you can get it. I don't know why Tmobile wouldn't push this out to HTC 8xs. Kind of sucks you have to sign up for anything to get it though.

xandros9 says:

its Nokia only, the way to keep your daughters 8x up to date asap is the dev preview program

John20212 says:

What are you two smoking; It's GDR3 [update3] + Nokia Black, so even the 8x should get the MS part of the update regardless of what Nokia includes with it on their phones.

Caling it simply Nokia Black update is a fail on part of WPCentral, since it also includes the bits from MS.



They are probably assuming that if you read this website you are going to be technical enough to be able to sign up for the developer program. In which case you would have had gdr3 for months.

drozdpatrick says:

Which means what exactly, Glance?

ArthJar says:

Nope, no glance for us 52x owners.

Zulfigar says:

Double tap to wake hopefully.

Clavitox says:

The xs to close apps

Roni996 says:


Got fed up waiting and downloaded the developer's preview update. Couldn't be happier (its a bit buggy, but no biggie)

crisdiaz01 says:

How do you get that?

First sign up an App Studio Account: appstudio.windowsphone.com/ Afterwards, Download the Preview for Developers App ( http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/preview-for-developers/178ac...) (Download it on your mobile) Follow the sign in steps and you should get an approved message. Then, reboot your mobile, and go to Settings>Update my phone and the black update should be available for you to update. Cheers.

Guytronic says:

Coming soon!

I remember hearing that as a kid when asking my dad on 600 mile trip from the back seat of our Buick:

When we gonna get there?


I would imagine this means that Metro PCS users are 521 users are included seeing as TMobile bought Metro correct?

Yeah I would guess so

Qiyamata says:

Will MetroPCS 521's get it you think?

I just asked whoever works their support twitter yesterday and those #$%&s never know anything, or let on that they do. Saw this earlier this morning on Nokias support page.

AriesDog says:

I'm so happy I switched to T-Mobile from Sprint.

rcroeder says:

Great, so when will my T-Mobile Lumia 810 get the Black update?

Never. Its an EOL device with unsupported firmware.

emljmnz says:

Atleast Nokia is still pushing updates down to the low-end devices.

Jim Bob4 says:

I will believe it when I see it.

925, 521, but still pissing on my 810, are we?

eddieDOTexe says:

I dont get it, you did get GDR2 didnt you? So why are they pissin on it?

pankaj981 says:

No official gdr3 or black

eddieDOTexe says:

Same with 521 until now so how do you know youre not getting it?

rjvmn says:

What about Lumia 625 in India?

avigyan says:

The update arrived ages ago.

paulxxwall says:

Glad I'm not on t mobile

michail71 says:

Wow, hard to imagine there are still devices just getting this. Does the developer preview still work for these forgotten ones?

onysi says:

I had this phone and also 810. 810 isn't getting it. Lame.

Hopefully Microsoft merges the extra Nokia firmware with mainstream WP after the acquisition goes through. That way after Windows Phone 8.1, we will always get the latest updates via Developer Preview. I am not a developer, just signed up for an App Studio account and done. Must say, this is something at which Microsoft is miles ahead of Apple. For Windows and Windows Phone, you can get the previews free and even do development for free (in case of WP, only one device per MS account for free) - you just have to pay for submitting apps to Store. At Apple, you have to pay $99 for Mac Developer Preview and another $99 for iOS DP.

Aren Clegg says:

Probably won't happen. The firmware has to pass through the carriers for testing. Where Microsoft can OTA the OS updates without carrier approval. That's why a lot of people signed up for Devleoper Preview and why a lot of people got GDR3 before Black. I had a feeling Black would be released before wp8.1 did for the 521, which comes out on the developer program next month.

beerman55448 says:

GDR3 arrived last week on my 521 without black. Hopefully it arrives soon.

intrinity1 says:

Soooo tempted to try the developers previews. Not sure how many bugs there would be though and if its worth the headaches.

Despite those who say it has bugs, you'll get the same GDR3 version that other phones have officially. Any bugs they mention are imagined, in the final version, or because they haven't downloaded the latest update,

jpm1532 says:

Update now Available


Good News to all you Nokia Lumia 521ers, were going Black! I just got the update and it is downloading as we speak. As promised it uses much battery and time there are six steps, there will be an update shortly to see what we acttually get out of this update!!