Lumia Black now available in India for the Nokia Lumia 720

Lumia 720 Lumia Black

Two days ago the Lumia Black update for the Nokia Lumia 520 started rolling out in India. That phone is the most popular in India with over 43.3% of the Windows Phone marketshare. The second most popular, the Lumia 720, comes in at more than 12.7% marketshare. So odds are if you aren’t rocking a Lumia 520 in India, you probably have a Lumia 720. If you have a Lumia 720 you should go check for a phone update because Lumia Black is now rolling out.

Tips are flying in that the Nokia Lumia 720 for India is picking up the Lumia Black update. Remember our review of the Lumia 720? Long story short its design is near perfect and we love the Lumia 720. So we’re very happy to see those get the Lumia Black update.

The update brings a handful of new things specific to Lumia devices. It also sneaks in Windows Phone 8 Update 3 for the device. It also brings double-tap to wake, a feature that we’re sure a handful of you will appreciate.

Go grab the update for your Lumia 720. Then hit up the Nokia Lumia 720 section in the forums to talk amongst other owners.

Thanks for the tips everyone! Enjoy the update!



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del_x says:

Awesome, heading home and updating my wife's device. Thanks Sam.

Lokiwp says:

Awesome.... mine is installing.. now......excited to see new features.

pg2900 says:

how much time it takes for installing update...

Lokiwp says:

almost around 1 hour

Downloading, installing,restart, actuall install and then migrate process about 10 minutes.

pg2900 says:

okay....thnx buddy

pg2900 says:

hey one more query....what about sd card....update with sd or without sd....

Lokiwp says:

with sd card...

dhruv07 says:

Nd nw I have double tap to wake despite of hardware limitations :)

bawajose says:

Yes.... downloading now Yay!!!

Ankmeyester says:

tears of joy :')

I'm thrilled about the glance notifications!

alky13 says:

Me too, can't wait to download the update!

rikipy says:

720 France CV getting now

Abhilash1212 says:

Thank buddy, you are awesome.

purevibz says:

got it, updating right now, love doing this from the Surface app...

LiLCLEMO says:

Updating my 920 now uk EE yippee

Sam Sabri says:

That's what I hear. We're updating ours and will get a post up if the update is also Lumia Black. Word. 

Abhilash1212 says:

Bad experience after black update. Sometimes calls are dropping, many a time i am receiving messages from network provider regarding missed calls. I am observing the working of my l720. It even switched off for a while. It dint allow me to start agin. After long press of lock key and volume down it then switched on. Any suggestions dear friends?

Kaushik Dash says:

And us 620 owners still see no sign of black.

akshaypn says:

Oh come on ...just wait for couple of days or week...you guys are next....btw updating....

mehul92mehta says:

Why there is much delay of black on Lumia 620 devices?

wait for few days , it will be out, your model is supported , so don't worry :)

AML1 says:

The reason behind a delayed 620 update launch is probably something to do with Update 3 features( most being screen related) being optimised to AMOLED screens on a 512mb ram device. Generally IPS screens are more common so inter model porting is easier.

wrm1 says:

Be glad you're getting it at all. Those of us with the Lumia 810 are being totally left out.

S Vaibhav says:

Really hope the update changes to coming soon for my 620......awaiting dttw :-o

hotraia says:

Lumia black is now available in Denmark for Lumia 620

Sadly it's the only (European) country, when will they share the love with the rest of Scandinavia.

lebza77 says:

Lumia Black update on my Nokia Lumia 720, South Africa. Vodacom network.

Waiting badly for 620":/ :(:(

Waiting along with you..

pg2900 says:

hey what the size of download....pls tell me anybody

alv3st3r says:

Just a heads up. The update requires 486.85 MB of space to install it.

Abhilash1212 says:

Please share your experience with nokia black. Is camera quality increased.i mean sharpness in images. Update is not working on mobile netwok 3G. So i have to wait till morning.

Gururajun says:

I have updated my L720 to black, but I did not find any improvement in camera clarity. What you feel after black update?

Reaper7 says:

in Argentina still waiting update for Lumia 920

emirilgun says:

Turkey also has got the Lumia Black Update for Lumia 720 today :)

emirilgun says:

The update is avaible for 1020, 925, 920, 820, 625, 720 in Turkey now :) 

Guys, this is the phone that most deserves a successor!! I cant wait for a Lumia 730!!

prathmfed says:

Agreed wid u bro..might prefer it to be a dual sim phone

S Ricardo says:

When will update black in China 720t?

Rehanmushtaq says:

Can any buddy tell me how much iz d update

ReneGO0 says:

Ay esto no es posible. El 720 y en la india que onda, osea tipo en México y el 920 aún. No !!!.

Rehanmushtaq says:

How much big is d update can somebody say.....

gktrkgzr says:

620 ?

620 ye ne zaman gelecek?

when will windows phone 8.1 preview release?

avigyan says:

Are you tired of counting stars?

dronejc says:

I just installed...working great...the problem of volume down button got resolved after the update...

what was the exact problem before updating ur phone?


irsyadhhs says:

Tell me, is 720 getting glance 2.0?

LTTG says:

It's still not available in Jordan :(

Sarang68 says:

I have a Nokia 1520 so I already have everything. But still missing out on the update excitement! So much for early adoption!:P But this phone is absolutely marvellously fantabulous! Plus its prepared for the future with better specs,so Windows phone 8.1 here's looking at you!

osmankalim says:

Plz tell me when the update lumia black is available in Saudi Arabia for nokia lumia 720. Thank you

qwertius says:

and just like that the lumia 620 was forgotten....THE ONLY WP8 NOKIA THAT HASNT TASTED THE BLACK EXPERIENCE...tempted to switch

nithinsethu says:

Hey.. Can i update my Lumia 720 to lumia black via pc?? I dnt hav a wifi connection.. And, my mobile network z very slow. I updated to amber last time via pc.,.,. Bt, it seems like black update is not available in nokia servers.. Plz help.

There is no ROM available for India i think..download a Chinese ROM and flash ur mobile. ✌

nithinsethu says:

How cn i download a Chinese ROM? will it affect my future updates? Or my warranty??

darklord12 says:

You will lose your warranty if you flash your phone
head to a nokia care centre
that'll be better;)

Updating happily ... Smiles everywhere :) L720 users

Abdal says:

Can we download this update via NSUR ? Same way when we downloaded amber ?

Elangoooo says:

At last.........

Wow . Thanks Nokia for 3rd update within 3 months of the 2nd one. Probably last update for my l720

avigyan says:

Are you migrating?

I love my l720. I am not going to migrate from both nokia and windows os. What i meant was there will be no updates after nokia black for l720.

No man,,we are eligible to get windows phone 8.1update tooo.,,,.don't wry 720 will always keep rocking

Anant Anand says:

What's size of update download?

jainashish85 says:

I remember something around 5XX MB, so free up atleast 600MB

pg2900 says:

hmmm....thnx...i have enough space....around 3gb

Gururajun says:

Is there any improvements in camera clarity after Black update?
L720 India

darklord12 says:

I cant download nokia refocus on my Lumia 520....does anyone know why is that so?

ravi72munde says:

Nokia refocus is just for pure view phones. But you download it on your 520 using a hack

vnitin says:

Same question. What is the hack to install on a non pure view phone?

ravi72munde says:

So is Lumia 620 out of this universe now?

darklord12 says:

Wait for a few days ;))

makarand14 says:

the Nokia Support Asia Pacific page still shows the availability of Lumia Black update as 'Coming Soon' in India. 10:39AM IST

half of the users might have even updated, the web page still hasn't been

Rahul40 says:

Got Lumia Black....
Good job guys...

pg2900 says:

how much time it takes for installing update....

Guys can anyone tell me what will be the download size of the update?.. Just to know

Aziz789 says:

Can any body can tell me that will Lumia 620 will have double tap to wake up feature or not?????

sanfiery says:

I just update my L720 with black,download size is about 70~80mb,take about 80 minutes in whole black update....it got new glance....tap to wake up....cross mark for close app is just awesome,this update also improve camera...and also my data including apps are not being deleted....thanks nokia/microsoft

darklord12 says:

Screen Rotation Lock

Soumya Patra says:

Agree to u...But I did not get tap to wake up feature in my L720. U had to do it manually or it had been activated autometically?

AmitBT says:



I have updated L720 with black..but no tap to wake up...no cross mark for close...no camera improvement..

only got screen rotation OFF/ON..

Is there any settings for the same ? pleas help..

DOWNLOADING  THANKS :) Cheers to Luminites.... :P



nithyanands says:

how much space it required to get this update.

aniket03 says:

When it is coming for 620?


Did it fix the volume down key not working issue

261995 says:

Now...we only need a file manager

i've got this update in Tbilisi/Georgia

for the next update i need a file manager, USB OTG and georgian keyboard

Is nokia camera nd nokia beamer available fr l720 after black update..

Soumya Patra says:

Yes Nokia Camera is available in Lumia 720. But perhaps Beamer is not because it requires 1GB ram.

harshraj says:

:'( get stopped when preparing to install...at 100% what to do..???

LTTG says:

Don't worry, it always takes time :)

Hrishikesha says:

Got d update fantastic........i liked,double tap feature

Soumya Patra says:

I have lumia 720. But I did not get double tap fature. Was it enabled autometically or U had to activate it manually? 

Got the update!! Downloading the update!!

Soumya Patra says:

Thanks for the update.....I just upgraded to Lumia Black update....Few things that caught my attention immediately are i) enhanced glance screen for notification of missed calls, message, IM ,allarm etc  ii) Driving mode iii) screen rotation lock iv) more keyboard option v) ability to close apps directly when viewing through long pressing back button.

I did not get much talked about "double tap" wake up feature...Is there anyone who received it?

I shall go to windows store to see what  is waiting there. According to Nokia I should be able to download i) Nokia camera with more features ii) storyteller iii) beamer (thought my lumia 720 will not support it)

Good Luck guys.


Deedit Totoi says:

Anyone can give me denmark black rom link?

Soumya Patra says:

New features in Nokia Camere:

i) slide to zoom

ii) auto/night/sports/pro mode in ur wiew finder

iii) smart sequence

iv) camera roll & view and reframe side by side

v) reframe

vi) tutorial

Soumya Patra says:

At last got it!!!!! Oh yes much talked Double Tap feature...

Its under touch menu.

settings>touch>double tap to wake up phone

And with a warning

"This reduces battery life."


Swalah Amani says:

I have a lumia 720 ,it is from saudiarabia .is it possible to update from india now ?(black for 720 not released in saudiarabia).

Sumit Aney says:

is there update for 720 in india

Bipin Kunal says:

I am not able to update my lumia 720, Getting " The update couldn't be downloaded(801881d0). Has anyone faced the same problem?

Abhilash1212 says:

Bad experience after black update. Sometimes calls are dropping, many a time i am receiving messages from network provider regarding missed calls. I am observing the working of my l720. It even switched off for a while. It dint allow me to start agin. After long press of lock key and volume down it then switched on. Any suggestions dear friends?

i wanna buy some apps from wp8 store using my debit card here in India but it shows error when i login there......is there any other way to buy an app because i m not having a credit card. if u know thn plz let me know ....it will be very helpful.

I am from AGRA (INDIA) I have downloaded the Lumia Black Update on my Lumia 720.

The DOUBLE TAP FUNCTION to wake up the phone on the Glance Screen is not working, whereas in the settings I have already opened the double tap function.

Can anybody guide me how to activate this,



The glance feature has disappeared from settings after the update.
Can anyone please help me????

arun1991 says:

i aint getting the update for my lumia 720....pls help me...i tried every possible ways that i know...

sanfiery says:

if anyone not getting black update automatically then u can update it through ur computer by NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER FOR RETAILER(a software,u can get it easily through google search links).....or last costumer care

sanfiery says:

Hey anyone feels phone kind of unusual heat up after black update...L720

Today morning I updated my 720 with the Black update. It took just a little over 1 hour,but everything is perfect. All the update modules applicable to 720 were downloaded without a glitch and post the update, everything works just fine. Especially the new Nokia Camera and Mix Radio. In fact, my L720 has become more, say "crispy", but that could be just me.

I set up a Wifi hotspot at home without spending a penny :-). Using my HP AIO desktop PC, Tata Photon 3G and a free app called 'VirtualRouter'

chinna0125 says:

Hai dude could you suggest me how to get black update ... When I'm updating mine (720) nothing happens simply displays 'ur ph is up to date' ....

Total boooo for camera update in lumia 720 india. It sucks man pics are totally blurred! Any idea?

bbbneo333 says:

My Update got stuck at "Preparing to Install 100%"
Any idea what's happening?
Do i need to worry about this?

rjvmn says:

What about Lumia 625 India?

chinna0125 says:

Hey dude when im looking to update my L720 ,it isn't and showing 'ur ph is up to date ' wat does it mean.. Do i have still wait... Eagerly waiting for black update south india...

chinna0125 says:

Wat i hav to do now.... plzzz respond someone quickly plzzz yaar ....