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Lumia 1320 full country listing for Lumia Cyan mass rollout


Microsoft ends Device Hub beta, included in Lumia Cyan

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Lumia 1320 goes Cyan

How To

Want the Lumia Cyan update? You need to downgrade your phone first.

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AT&T's Lumia 1520 is now getting the Windows Phone 8.1 update

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Vodafone AU rolling out Lumia Cyan for Lumia 925 tomorrow


AT&T may rollout Windows Phone 8.1 update 'as early as this week'

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Lumia 1520 reportedly now getting Lumia Cyan in Finland and India


Microsoft needs to make another Lumia 925 for 2014


See if your phone is getting Lumia Cyan with this handy app and Live Tile

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French Nokia Lumia 520 on Orange receiving Lumia Cyan update

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Lumia Cyan comes to the Lumia 925 on O2 in the U.K. and to the Lumia 625 on Ireland's Meteor

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Unlocked Nokia Lumia 930 picks up minor firmware update

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Lumia 625 on Telcel in Mexico receiving Lumia Cyan

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O2 UK shares details on the Windows Phone 8.1 update, teases visual voicemail

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Microsoft: Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developer users should return to normal software before Lumia Cyan

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BitLocker and Lumia Cyan causing issues for Windows Phones running Preview for Developers

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Swing by the forums if your Lumia 925 or Lumia 625 grabbed the Lumia Cyan update

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Lumia Cyan update now available for Lumia 625 and Lumia 925 globally

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Here is how to find out if Lumia Cyan is available for your phone


Lumia Cyan reportedly coming to Spain for the Lumia 925 late next week

Microsoft and their new Nokia employees are in the midst of finalizing regional builds for their Lumia Cyan update, as such, more reports of rollout start dates are becoming known. The latest country on the list is Spain, which is reportedly getting Lumia Cyan on the Nokia Lumia 925 at the end of next week (week ending July 12).

The news was revealed at a Nokia event for the Lumia 635 and X2 when the company was pressed on the issue. In addition, Cortana is said to be coming to the area sometime in 2015.

We'll of course keep you posted when that update goes live, as we are expecting a wave of regions to start at around the same time. To catch up on all the Lumia Cyan news, including to see if we covered your phone or region, check out our main landing page:

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Wam1q says:

Is that a dial-SIM Lumia 925 in the picture? o.O

Out of curiosity I see a lot about Lumia, any update status on HTC? Last time, HTC was quite on track, being the first ones to offer the update, but now, no news..

No news, sorry.

sachinrex says:

In India, first 2 weeks of July according to Microsoft India's twitter account

And about 2 months later still woudnt have reached L620 users.

hotraia says:

Hey daniel no offense,but the search engine in your website is Terrible

wphashan says:

in india, it will realesed 2nd week of july

FirstTwo weeks of July for India

omer620 says:

That's for wp8.1 not Lumia cyan

David P2 says:

Wrong. Cyan, along with new firmware brings WP8.1 to the masses (ie those not running the preview).

Erfan6676 says:

May I know what is cyan update and 8.1 update. I am confused yaar........

mjyumping says:

What's in the Cyan Update? Anything major?

Jagar Tharn says:

click the last link in the article

palmujukka says:

It also comes with WP 8.1!

Talk4Lig says:

Next lumia 920 please! :-)

Clodderes says:

Yes, I'm waiting for it

Marco Enxuto says:

Portugal is nearby :)

So you can just drive and get the update..

willboyce says:

1020 uk please

dedracer says:

925 first to get cuz having battery and heating issues ! :D

Montpbm says:

So true! Mines heats up all day.

DieNadel says:

Mine heats up when I play some games.

kittananj says:

Absolutely, I'm very confused about that!

sudhisoma says:

Facing battery drain and heating issues on my 920 as well :(

kittananj says:

For me, it always appear when I go to sleep :-\.

wphashan says:

Avoid sleeping :p

inseyven says:

And the most important, the 520. We'll see it on early 2016

guri21 says:

No dude i don't think so... 520 is quite a popular device and is the highest contributor to WP growth.... So it will get on time with other devices...

guri21 says:

Excited... So its mostly confirmed that Cyan is arriving in the next few days.... Also since i have a Lumia 1020 so expecting to get it faster unlike they did last time with LumiaBlack on 620...
Lets see .... Microsoft India....roll out Cyan fast.....

David P2 says:

I totally agree... my CV-UK 620 didn't get it until late March, and a couple of weeks later, 8.1 Preview hit.

Xylin says:

Yeah. Next stop: 925's in Romania.

dedracer says:

Yes that is truth cuz we (925) having heating and battery issues since we bought the phone ! So this make sense to give us the update first than any other model! So we can have a bug free phone :)

ByeVanno says:

920 had it just as bad If not worse where my update :(

Conan143 says:

Other sources say update will be starting from next week ...but daniel u r saying it will be late next week...which is true...?May I know?

Jagar Tharn says:

both of these sources are true

palmujukka says:

Daniel is just more accurate.

You May not know...June May Know !!

ByeVanno says:

Just need it on the rogers 920

dkxs says:

What about 1520


READ THE NEWS FFS! Lazy people everywhere, stupid world...

UchilHasmit says:

I am sorry we failed to live upto your expectations.. Sincerely, The world.

Aashish13 says:

When on Pluto. We don't have carrier problems coz we don't have carriers.

nyolc8 says:

Well, to be honest I feel too that the "when it comes in India?" questions are getting spammed all over the site(and in forums) in these days... And the reason why it getting annoying because no one knows when will it come in (almost) any country, but they just keep asking about India... It just starting to feel a little annoying to read these questions everywhere. It starts to feel like spam.

Agree. Indians are annoying me these days.

omer620 says:


RAVI1806 says:

This shows how excited and eager we are to receive the update.may be annoying

juaanmii920 says:

Well, I hope it arrives to the 920 as well (*fingers crossed*)

pankaj981 says:

And news about US carriers :(

I hope they surprise us (in a good way) this time

terrokkinit says:

You got middlemen in that one...give it at least a few weeks to a few months after release. Yay carriers!

pradha91 says:

Waiting for cyan update in INDIA... :)

omer620 says:

This site is not India central. It's wpcentral

Will6371 says:

I have two 925s and none of than have any issues at all, battery life increased in both of them.

wphashan says:

Did you got the cyan? of just dp?

greg2k says:

Cortana coming "sometime" in 2015?? Wow, Microsoft sure love to keep us hanging on to the US region setting don't they?

Also will be available at France on July 08.


And, of course, Cortana for 2015.

irsyadhhs says:

Why always 925? I mean, 1020 and 1520 are the higher ends. *mine is 620. Always the latest to get. Don't worry:')*

omer620 says:

1320 is simply ironed version of 620. I have both phones

j2ds22 says:

Hey Daniel or anybody know if we're getting that interactive home screen for cyan they showed off at the beginning of all the new 8.1 news it's the only feature we're still missing from 8.1

primortal says:

Now if we can only get a US release schedule particularly for VZW's Icon :D

lubbalots says:

Somebody has the cyan update and is not talking about it.

wphashan says:

will you ever stop whining?

you can see people talking about cyan in wpcentral forums.

MiguelCarino says:

Latam will waits for it.

Miistercoool says:

How about T-mobile 925 US❔:-o

fengjch says:

and cyan update for lumia 1520 is ready, will be available globally in couples of decades 

Tim Klunko says:

Why there is no schedule from Microsoft or Nokia?

SAM 77 says:

925 users in Australia on vodafone can look forward to receiving 8.1 in 2 weeks.

All other lumias still awaiting software for testing.

SAM 77 says:

Hopefully Cortana can makes its way down to Australia before the end of the year. We speak English too.

It's not about language, it's about regionalization and accent.

MrVol84 says:

Spain? Spain!? Spain!?!?

TheMoonbeam says:

It would be really nice to see news about the update coming to the US. Especially if, some how, Microsoft managed to bypass all the carriers. AT&T enjoys dragging their feet...

asylumxl says:

I wonder when the UK will receive the update? I'm guessing they will update the older and low end handsets first. Kind of a kick in the teeth to people who have stayed loyal to the brand and gone for a high end Lumia.

Meanwhile they teased Cortana is coming to the UK soon. Still waiting and have a strong feeling we will be for a while.

First world problems eh.

David P2 says:

Maybe they're tying it into the Cortana release for the UK and China.  That's the positive theory anyway lol.

asylumxl says:

To be honest, I don't think it should take very long. The US Cortana understands me perfectly well. I mean like I've said in previous posts, if you're from deepest darkest Wales or from Dundee you may have issues, but I think any voice recognition would do!

When is the update comming for 1520 at Netherlands This is taking to long anyone know wich week ???? And do i need to go back to wp 8 or will de update come To wp 8.1 preview to

ziedba says:

Why swipe keyboard does not support all languages? Norwegian ??

omer620 says:

It supports Norwegian

ziedba says:

No don't . I have a lumia 1520 and it's works with English, French... But not Norwegian,not Swedish...

wphashan says:

well... well... well... I can smell cyan now :D

Actually where can we find the update list? The schedule for the update coming to which country

Its on the Nokia site, however, the site has not been updated for cyan - black is still showing as the most recent update.

Daniel, I live in India. But I've set region in WP8.1 to USA. Will I get the update? Coz India's gonna get update before US.

Firmware updates are delivered by Firmware versions not by phone's region.

When will lumia 920 get the cyan update...eagerly waiting..!!