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Lumia Icon goes mountain biking in epic video

Lumia Icon Mountain biking

So sick! That’s the reaction you’ll have after watching this pretty epic mountain bike video filmed on a Nokia Lumia Icon. Take two skilled mountain bikers, put them on an awesome trail in the Pacific Northwest and film the whole thing with a Lumia Icon. You get a pretty fun video showing off the video recording capabilities of the Icon.

We know the Lumia Icon is pretty epic when it comes to capturing video footage and recording audio. In our review of the Icon we note that it has four digital high-dynamic-range microphones. Which is why it’s so good at recording high quality stereo with distortion free audio.

Rocking the Icon? Like mountain biking? Let us know what you think of the video!

Source: YouTube



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MetaG85 says:

Freakin Nice, now lets see what the Lumia 1520 can do Road Biking!

jcrus says:

Given that it's the same camera hardware and software, wouldn't the results be the same?

MetaG85 says:

My point exactly! ;)
I happen to have both a road bike & now the L1520, this article gave me the sweet idea since I ride nearly everyday.
Now it comes down to a matter of how to mount this beast of a phone lol.

Duduosf says:

It would look TOTALLY sick on your head!!

MetaG85 says:

Lol I'd totally do it too, riding around town with a big red brick on my helmet haha! Question is what to use to mount in all seriousness I must do research!

ND44 says:

Check out the Velocity Clip! They're a universal smartphone and digital camera mount. In the video you can see them using the Velocity Clip mount! I've used it for snowboarding and longboarding and it works perfectly with the adhesive mount and monopod.

MetaG85 says:

I'm on Instagram and I do photography using Lumias from here on I'll be shooting with my Lumia 1520. Feel free to Follow me @icclairphotography

raul_junior says:

They released this last weak and it said lumINA icon instead of lumia

Haha yah I saw that too, glad they fixed it;

RyanAMG says:

Nice. I broke my 928 so I got the Icon Sunday. The wife liked it so much she got one as well.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Great, so she likes 5 in, erh :D

Joel S79 says:

I'd like to know what they used for the mount.

PPCFreak says:

I would like to know as well as I have a ride coming up in June and would love to record it.

Mark Sommer says:

I am about 95% sure they used a VelocityClip. Looks exactly the same and its the only action mount I was able to find that fits my Lumia and digital camera (Panasonic Lumix). Everything else only works for either iphone or android :(  

So they phoned in sick from work and went riding their bikes? Is that it? Not the best idea to post it on YouTube.

Pointless con vid, the only pov footage is taken either in mid air or on smooth mud, lets see it on some rocky trails, perhaps we can see some stabilization at work then. Smh

manwe says:

are you kidding the footage was fantastic for a phone, but you're expecting way too much if you think ois is going to help you on rocky trails

The colour clarity was nice, but that's to be expected these days, I was simply referencing the stabilisation, which you just cannot see in action on that video, but the video kinda points at it being a feature.

sip1995 says:

cool, but still no 60 fps and 2k....why Nokia.

yocktan says:

I'd rather have 720p@30 fps with pureview sensors and algorithm.
I'm having bad experiences with 2000p@120 fps from bad sensors and algorithm, running on CPU, RAM and battery sucker OS.

manwe says:

not fussed about 2k, but 60fps is a big omission

Considering their focus on camera hardware?  agreed. 

a few days ago, the original video of this. said 'Lumina' instead lumia at the end lol

Vertego says:

It appears that several devices (how many?) were used for this. Some static and some strapped to the riders, not the bikes.

Nokia Lumia helmet cam anyone? Duct tape is the panacea, peerhaps.

And this would be very much road bike friendly, With the right road :)

ade333 says:

Icon is great, but the speaker placement/design needs attention in the next hardware revision. I miss so many calls because its so easily muzzled by almost anything covering it. I even had a piece of paper over it once and volume was reduces by about 90%... Wondered if its an airflow thing

eserrano250 says:

I have taken my 920, 1020, and recently my 1520 mountain biking. The 1520 is the best of the 3 with the 1020 being last. For those asking, I use a chest mount and a head mount from

pkvillager says:

I did a bunch of MTB videos last year with my 920 using a velocity clip. Love it. Haven't tried my 1520 this year.

spinzeroWL says:

I have a 1020, and the video stabilisation is simply not as good as the 920. A real shame.
We really do need 60fps video as well (even if it is only 720p). The latest iPhone has stolen a march on us in that department.

Can I get that mount setup please thanks.

Micah Dawson says:

Whoo go Nokia :P the icon truly is an awesome device!

glassadam says:

Love mountain biking, rocking a Lumia 920.

casurfer says:

Such a sick use of the Velocity Clip mounts! I love my Velocity Clip, and its like the only mount that is universal meaning it will work with all of the different Windows Phones.

Anyone that does any kind of action sports that doesn't want to buy a GoPro should check the Velocity Clip guys out. They have killer products!

Yep!  Most definately a Velocity Clip used for the Mount

anon8814234 says:

missing the Nokia logo Already :(

wjyjw1231 says:

Icon is Lumia 930?

Tjarren says:

Pretty much, yes.  930 will have a couple of enhancements/differences.

millercrew5 says:

Wish this phone was on Sprint

1020Fe says:

Try lumia 1020. Let the killing begin.

Chris Yahya says:

The font design is sick too (haha JK, why dont use Nokia Pure text?