Lyrics updated to version 3.0, adds Music ID to your Windows Phone

Lyrics for Windows Phone

Lyrics for your Windows Phone was recently updated which added a few performance tweaks and Music ID. Lyrics is integrated with Zune to pull up not only the tracks in your music library but also the ability to list the lyrics as well.

Lyrics by Musixmatch  has a library of over 5.5 million officially licensed lyrics in eighteen languages. If the lyrics are in the library, Lyrics will help you sing along without missing a beat (or a word).

Lyrics by Musixmatch

Other key features of Lyrics include:

  • Displays artist biographies, twitter handle and lyrics catalog artist by artist
  • Instant Search for songs by Title, Artist Name, or Lyrics Phrase
  • Add all your lyrics to your favorite list
  • Share a single verse or the full song on Twitter
  • Dedicate the lyrics through Facebook/SMS/Email to your significant other
  • Follows Windows Phone Theme

In testing the Music ID feature, it took little time identifying songs ranging from "Dream Police" by Cheap Trick to "Cinderella" by Firefall to "Riverdance" by Bill Whelan. Lyrics even coughed up the lyrics on all three as well.

Overall, Lyrics by Musixmatch is an impressive music player for your Windows Phone. Lyrics is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Store.

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ZuNuKoo says:

I just updated this before. I also use tunewiki.

War Eagle! (sorry couldent help myself when I saw the shades.)

Sarang68 says:

Picolyrics is also nice.

murani says:

This is my go to lyric app. It just got that much more awesome!

Oh, awesome. Did the update the other day but I hadn't checked it out. Being able to choose tracks inside the app is a godsend.

haha...love the pic they use for this article...gangnam style...LMAO!

volcane2004 says:

Right?! Lyrics for this song still don't help understand what they are saying since they are still Korean!

I think this a great app, works for most songs so far, worth getting. I love using it.:D