Machinarium for Windows Phone

Explore a city of robots in Machinarium for Windows Phone [Updated]

We’ve written about our “Newly Discovered Windows Phone Games” forum thread before. That’s where I learned about Pocket Avenger, a game that starts out fun but gets evil really fast. Still, our forum users are great at ferreting out new games for everyone to try. The latest game I discovered within the thread is Machinarium from Czech developer Amanita Design.

Windows Phone already hosts a variety of Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) games from publishers like Artifex Mundi. Those titles borrow elements from traditional PC adventure games, but dilute them a bit in order to maintain casual appeal. Machinarium is a full-blown adventure game that made its name on Steam before migrating to Windows Phone. If you enjoy the adventure genre, prepare to be amazed by Amanita’s first Windows Phone title.

Robot city

Machinarium for Windows Phone

Machinarium stars a little robot named Josef. As the game opens, we see him dropped in a scrap heap outside of a gigantic industrial city. Josef wakes up, repairs himself, and sets off towards the city. Once the player helps him get inside, Josef sets about searching for his childhood robot friend. Along the way he’ll help robotic citizens in need as well as working to stop the evil Black Cap Brotherhood from destroying the city.

The story unfolds without any text or dialog. Instead, characters speak in voice bubbles that show little pictures about what they’re saying. This sells the idea that everything happens within an alien world (and also cuts down on translation costs). And yet the story is surprisingly involving and emotional, thanks to the gorgeous art-style and hand-drawn animation of each character.

Machinarium is one beautiful game. It feels like an interactive cartoon, just like most of the best adventure games of yesteryear. The robots’ world comes to life through an amazing attention to detail. Although I love Artifex Mundi games, this one’s scope is so much more vast and intriguing than any HOPA I’ve ever seen.

Another small victory for Windows Phone

Machinarium for Windows Phone

Machinarium makes the trip to Windows Phone fully intact. To move around the environment and interact with objects, simply tap the screen. You can drag Josef’s neck up or down to adjust his height, allowing him to interact with objects above and below him. The in-game menu lets players save and load at any time, as well as view its non-Xbox Achievements (which are all progression-based).

Already a special game when it debuted on Steam, Machinarium is even more special on Windows Phone. You just don’t see many games like this on our platform, especially with the production values and length that Machinarium brings. It can be hard to figure out what to do at times, but there’s a built-in hint system (and online guides) to fall back on if you get stuck.

It’s great to see small but extremely talented developers like Amanita make their way to Windows Phone. Hopefully a Windows 8 and RT port follows as well, because Machinarium would look even more excellent on tablets. Stay tuned for a full review of the Windows Phone game!

Update: Store reviews claim that the game crashes at a certain point in the story. We're investigating and will report back with our findings.

Update 2: Amanita tells us that they are aware of the crashing problem. An update that fixes the crash should roll out within a few days. We'll let you know when the update goes live!

  • Machinarium – Windows Phone 8 – 221 MB – $4.49 – Store Link
  • Machinarium Soundtrack – 14 tracks – €6 (~$8.28) – Bandcamp Link

QR: Machinarium

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Machinarium for Windows Phone

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xconomicron says:

Great game. Bought it on PC a couple of years ago...awesome soundtrack too. I hope Braid comes to WP.

DennisvdG says:


gutigen says:

I would love to pay for Braid again, it must happen! :)

Bob101910 says:

They make really good games. I'm surprised to see this come to Windows Phone. If I didn't already own it on PC or it had achievements, I'd pick this up right away. I hope Bontanicula is next.

isi mcf says:

I want this! Great PC game. Although most of the reviews says it crashes at level 5

Already own on PC, ps3 and 360 (I think). I also don't think I paid more than $3 for any of those...and that was when it was really popular.

Paul Acevedo says:

It was never released on Xbox 360 because Microsoft wouldn't allow the developers to self-publish.

The PC version is regularly $10, although as a Steam game it goes on sale from time to time.

txkimmers says:

One of the bestest games ever!

Bestest? :D its just BEST,bestest means nothing dude

lemonsteveo says:

You're my bestest mate.

erasure25 says:

This is teh bestest comment!

Samvel87 says:

You're the bestest person on these forums

WRider says:

If I did not have on my PC already, I would buy it, maybe will again on my phone, is a great game, fun and challenging puzzles.

mrcraggle says:

Had no idea this was in development for WP. Really awesome to see it here. I'll hold off buying it for now though as reviews say it's bugged. Would've been a pun if this were Botanicula

Love this game! Wish this was a sequel being released

Kieta says:

I have this on PC but have yet to play it. Got it on Steam sale or Humble Bundle. My backlog of games is terrible.

schlubadub says:

Story of my life... I call it "my pile of shame". I think it's well over 200 unplayed games now... many are AAA titles that I've played for maybe 30 minutes max.

Paul Acevedo says:

That's why I mostly stopped buying Steam games... Too many games unplayed.

schlubadub says:

Yeah, I haven't stopped buying... but I have certainly changed my spending habits. I won't buy a AAA title unless I truly intend on playing it immediately (usually multiplayer-focused games). Now I usually just wait for the GOTY editions to come out for around 10-15 and snap them up.

Karthik Naik says:

looks great!! hope more keep coming

mikithebrain says:

Still there on my Steam, haven't even download it yet. I wish i cold play it in my phone w/o have to pay for it again..

anyway paul, please comeback to throne wars. the girls miss you..

navidee says:

Ill wait until bugs are fixed, but it looks amazing.

ven07 says:

Dear EastX,

Please join us for a chat on groupme 

We have urgent matters to discus.


7th (Throne Wars)

Gamer_43 says:

Hey Paul, do you still play Throne Wars. I wanted to join your alliance. It's a great game they say

Samvel87 says:

This game is amazing, a must buy for sure.

motosada says:

Disappointing that there aren't Xbox Live Achievements, but I'll still be picking this one up for sure.

DieNadel says:

Very bad reviews for the game

HaibaneReki says:

The last game I'd ever expect to be ported! Loooved it on PC. The soundtrack is golden! Hope this sees the same response as DarkLands.

Extremely proud to be from the same country ^_^

wbadry says:

It deserves a shot for sure

Level five needs to be fixed before I purchased so fix it or otherwise I won't buy

Paul Acevedo says:

Don't worry; they plan to fix it within the next week or two.

The article says "within a few days" so which is it??

Paul Acevedo says:

Getting some mixed messages on that. Wish I could be more specific.

SaucePolicy says:

Price is a bit steep. I think I played for free before in a browser. Might have been another amanita game.

Doomguy says:

Probably Samorost 2.

goldzweig says:

i´ve played it on ipad, it´s a great game. then i got it to PC via steam, but it´s better played on touch devices

MadSci2 says:

$5 with no trial? C'mon! It screams that this is so unique and different that far from captivating people it only appeals to a small minority of people. I'd love to see if I liked this, but not going to make a blind purchase for that price.

Bob101910 says:

Trust me, it is really fun. A lot of reviews say it crashes early on though.

Paul Acevedo says:

You could easily find a video online. We'll publish a review as soon as the crashing problem is fixed, too.

Thank you for promoting my thread Paul,and yeah,an awesome article as always :)

Nakazul says:

Cool, thnx for the tip, instant download.

Ruthwik Rao says:

Somehow reminds me of the flash game Little Wheels... It was great in its own way with its lonely, dark-toned point and click based indie platformer... Do check it out! 

Well, as far as this game goes I'd love to buy it soon. B-)


In my country there is problem in level five, when the game shut down after getting into jail. :-/

Paul Acevedo says:

They're working on an update that will fix that. Hope it comes soon!

Markp74 says:

Great tip, bought, installed

bobdonkey says:

Excellent, got this on HTC One and it wasn't playable as part of the interface didn't fit on the screen. Hoping i can actually play it now i have a Lumia 925.

Thanks for this post and for the forum link! What a beautiful looking game.

MekoCommisso says:

I toke it years ago for free by Steam...awesome game but I can't imagine how could some of you bought it on 3 different serious please

sasukeluffy says:

Wow, this game looks AMAZING! I remember when I only had PS3 & Vita, and was waiting for this to come to Vita.. Then it came, but I didn't buy it. Now I just can't think of any reason not buy, except for the bug - that holds me off until it's fixed.

v0lum3 says:

I wish more publishers would consider the Windows Store aswell.. I would very mush like to play and pay for this game on my Surface 2! Im really not a sucker for playing games on phones, too small a screen! :)

AyunFat says:

I tought Inever play this on My PC, actually :3 And whe I read all of Your coment, hahaha, just make's Me want to laughtning :D Funny

textomatic says:

Dear game developers, you must include a try option in your pricey games if you wish for us to consider buying your games, especially at $4.49.   No try, no buy.

KQ17 says:

Lmao this game was release for PlayBook like two years ago.

tbsteph1 says:

What's your point?  Myst was recently made available on the iPad and it was originally released for Windows in the 1990's.

joanzen says:

What a great game Myst was! Really looking forward to the Myst-like 'The Witness', coming this year.

lemonsteveo says:

Lol, what's a playbook?

jabtano says:

I never played it on my PC. But I will pick it up for my L925 and give it a try. Seeing how you folks thinks its good.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Great looking game.

Adretheon says:

Awesome, I'm so gunna re buy this for my phone

leamsifig says:

I bought it on PC a while back, and I had it on PS3, never really finished it though. I might pick it up.

mwiemalte says:

Bought the game for €4,49 and now i am very disappointed because of the bug in level 5 - everytime the robot goes to jail, the app crashes...any fix known?

Paul Acevedo says:

Fear not. The developers are already working on a fix. Hopefully it doesn't take long.

Schikitar says:

I would like to see video overviews of games in the Store, much like Steam does. That helps if there is no try option, gives a better sense of game play than just the screenshots.

Angel Calvas says:

Id love to play Limbo again

Mike Mathias says:

OMG Xbox-Live Please Please Pleaseeeeeees

busyman96 says:

Always wanted to get this game on Steam, but since my backlog is so huge, I decided to refrain from buying anything until I get it reduced a bit. I think I'll grab it for WP when they patch it up, though.

TheFluxter says:

The new update is online! :D now it work! Yeeeeeeeeeh!