Magnet Balls, bubble-burst with a twist

Magnet Balls

Magnet Balls is a bubble-burst styled game for your Windows Phone with a small twist. The balls are magnetic and will shift as groupings become un-balanced.

It's an interesting twist that will open up moves that will keep the game going or close the gap making finding a move all the more challenging.

Sure, it's another bubble-breaker game but the magnetic effect does help Magnet Balls from playing like any other bubble-breaker game. Game play is challenging and somewhat addictive making Magnet Balls worth a try.

The main menu for Magnet Balls has options to jump into the game, view the leaderboards, view the About screen, mute the sounds, access the help section and rate the app. If you are playing the trial version, you'll also see a "buy the full game" option on the main menu.

Game play is along the lines of every other bubble-breaker game. You have a series of colored balls drifting down the screen. Your job is to shoot additional balls into the approaching mass of balls and create combinations of three or more of the same colored balls. If the mass of approaching balls reach the bottom of the screen, the game's over.

Magnet Balls

Balls are magnetically charged and when close to other balls will be pulled together. This can cause the group of balls moving down the screen to shift a little when this attraction closes gaps in the group.  To help keep things interesting, you have a bonus ball that will explode a few extra balls when it's used in a combination and the longer you play, more colored balls come into play.

Magnet Balls is an attractive bubble-breaker game. It starts a little on the slow side but picks up pace quickly. The magnetic shifts that occur will keep you on your toes and the game does have an addictive quality to it.

There is a free trial version available that will let you play Magnet Balls for a short time then prompt you to buy the full version to continue. The full version is currently running $.99 and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store. It is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

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joeynox says:

Can whomever runs the wp8 market ban all bubble burst games please. There's a billion of them

Jaskys says:

Will do in a second.
Thanks for your opinion.

Vb2012 says:

Lame sarcasm -.-

jfmanzo says:

Can whoever posts on here learn that "whomever" is is an object case pronoun?

joeynox says:

I was making a comment on a website not writing my thesis. *is is*

nunyazz says:

One of the best games... very cool.

Fndlumia says:

Damn George that title hurts.... Think mine just went in to hiding...

@Fndlumia that's what I was thinking. I am playing Magnet balls :P that just sounds cool on voice mail.

I apologize in advance but magnet balls is a fantastic title for any game!

craowl says:

New version coming soon;) More addictive, more bonus balls.
WARNING! It will be very addictive!

mms-pc says:

Damn, this game is very additive!!

Aggemam says:

Well... If you're only gonna get one bubble burst game, get this one. It's really good. :-)

cazuall says:

LOVE IT, its the perfect take a break, zen focus game, the magnet physics are more interesting and challenging than any other I've seen, and the board will sway and may hit and touch colors, exploding a chain reaction of color and points. Its a perfectly balanced game experience, I feel.calmer and more razor focused after taking this game break :)

ChichiCruzC says:

I wanna play this game in android phone... and this game isn't available to my phone I only can play if I'm with my friend pit the game for android phone!!! :(