Manga Reader for Windows Phone is now free

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Manga Reader, a popular Japanese comic reading app for Windows Phone, has recently turned free - as in completely free with no advertising. Users are able to browse comics from multiple sources and download multiple chapters / titles. It's a full-featured client with favourites, orientation lock for reading in bed and zoom functionality, to name but a few features.

Some feature highlights of Manga Reader:

  • Multiple sources of manga series
  • Search titles on multiple sources
  • Set multiple chapters and title for download
  • Pause and resume download
  • Streaming of manga to read
  • Single or continuous viewer is available
  • Pinch and Pan to zoom
  • Double touches for quick zoom
  • Lock Screen feature to read in bed
  • Add manga to favourites and manage it
  • Library of manga for downloaded chapters
  • Recent list of viewed manga
  • Latest update from server as reference for manga update
  • Custom background of the application
  • Sort chapters in settings

WP Central

Should you be interested in checking out Manga while on the move, you'll definitely need to have Manga Reader in your app arsenal. The offline viewing functionality gives the app an edge with expanding usage to commuting and when in roaming situations. You can download Manga Reader for free from the Marketplace.

Thanks, Jeremie, for the tip!

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EAA575 says:

That's great to hear, but I wonder what was the reason to make it free.

arcanejerem says:

I just want it to be free that’s all. :) Anyway there is a lot of reader already in the marketplace and it’s free. .99 cents for an app is not really that much so why not make it free. I don’t own any of the servers anyway. I just want to make my contribution to the windows phone community. 

EAA575 says:

You sure have. This has been my manga app for a while, and I appreciate the fact that it's free now :)

cedarlog says:

thank you for your contribution :)

I bought it long time ago. Although this new version is very pleasant to the eye, it crashes a lot, while the previous, more mundane one never did. All in all, I tried last night to read a couple books and couldn't, it's borderline broken.

peterjr1boom says:

Just read a whole Chapter of PokeSpe BW and not one crash :D so glad this app turned free!! :D 

CJ Thunder says:

How does this pull books? I didn't notice any account signup or billing page. Is this app of illrepute?

Alex_Hong says:

It does work properly for me. I just downloaded it and was able to read mangas on it. It pulls from the various manga reading sites over the web. no need to sign up or anything. can even download chapters for reading offline.

CJ Thunder says:

I never said it didn't work. I was subtly questioning the legality.

erwt says:

In the case of certain manga that are licensed for distribution outside of Japan, it shouldn't technically be legal to host on these sites as far as I know, but I think there is some sort of loophole. Its been quite some time since I was involved in the manga/anime community so I really don't know. Its always been sort of a grey area in the past though.

CJ Thunder says:

I searched Berserk, which is published in the USA and it is on this app. So...?

Ninja1043 says:

The answer you are looking for is this one: The App pulls data from the websites that offer it. Such as Manga reader, Manga panda, Manga Eden and many more. The "ONLY" apparent legal site I have heard of, is JManga (Something like that) and their business model is so awful it's not even worth it.

The sites this App pulls data from most likely are not technically "legally" allowed to do so. A popular trend I have seen is to include links where people can buy the Manga and DVDs to support the industry. As such, the App does as well.

So the question is: Is it legal? For many it's gray area and there are barely good sources to do it "legally".
For many this feels like taping a movie from the TV to a VHS cassette, which was not legal to a certain extent; Yet people did it.

AriesDog says:

Is this free? Yes. Do manga fans like it? Yes. Is this shady? Yes. It's the kind of thing that if the rights holders were aware of, it would get shut down. But they're not, so it survives by obscurity.

Big.Boss211 says:

If it wasn't legal it wouldn't be on the market,stop being so goody goody

CJ Thunder says:

The conversation is pretty much over at this point...but damn. You let MS decide everything for you?

AriesDog says:

Or we don't want the Windows Marketplace to become one big bucket of IP violation like the Android Marketplace. You know, where Chinese-based Spider-Man apps are used to spread malware.

Big.Boss211 says:

this isn't malware

Nataku4ca says:

just want to throw my 2c in, to remain legal, just download the ones that you have a physical copy of :) (I have a lot and scanning them would be a pain... so this felt like a good way around this issue...oh and i sure as hell would hate to still have to lug those things arond)

ShahinTr says:

Yup, its pretty much broken since the update. Strangely its free now too, I paid for it too. Oh well.

XboxOmac says:

I purchase it a long time ago. But it has definitely I.proved since version 1.0

It improved design wise but it's not stable anymore, just wait... Sad face...

peterjr1boom says:

when my mate just goes 'IMMA GO GET THAT APP ON MY IPHONE!! :D' and im just like 'HA!! ITS NOT ON IPHONES!! :D' 

hardcoreplur says:

I love saying that to my friends who work at the Apple Store that same thing.

CJ Thunder says:

That will bite you in the ass more times than not.

prestonalan says:

CJ, you're a negative nancy

CJ Thunder says:

Lol Today, a little, yes.

phazer89 says:

Been using the paid version for some time too, best manga app IMO (which is why I bought it in the first place).

milkybuet says:

This is an excellent app. One of the few apps I actually bought. I think I tried all manga reader apps, this one is hands down best. Thanks to the dev for making it free, but I think he should at least make it full featured, app supported as I think he should make at least some money for writing such an excellent app.

ShocWave says:

Nice program, but would it be possible to add fit to height or width to continous page mode or slide view mode, or maybe a "keep aspect ratio"?. Currently slide view squishes double page spreads to a single page.
Continuous mode doesn't allow me to zoom out enough to view the whole page on one screen. I should be able to zoom out more and get the black bars on the top and bottom of the image. Most manga's pages are so wide that I need to scroll left and right constantly even while zoomed out all the way.

DavidinCT says:

Just a Noob based question here if anyone can answer. This is a Digital comicbook reader right ? I have some ditail comic's (CBR files).
Can I place my comics on my skydrive and access them from this app ?
I'm not new to comics but, I am new to digital comics...

DavidinCT says:

Thanks but, Lindy Reader does not have Skydrive support... Any other ideas ?

XboxOmac says:

It supports Dropbox, though. Just use Dropbox instead. Its free

DavidinCT says:

Thanks for the thought, I wil lhave to try Comx Reader instead. It has Skydrive support.
I have a 25gb skydrive, why would I want ANOTHER account ? ! ? Never liked dropbox anyway....

noirsoft says:

Let's stop beating around the bush.
If the translators have not licensed with the original publishers to distribute these Manga in English, then they are illegal. When people say "legally gray area" they just mean "ilegal but unlikely to be prosecuted"
Are the websites and the app legal? It really depends on whether things fall more on the YouTube side of being a content portal that actively removes things when complaints come in, or the PirateBay side of "screw you everyone" -- Unfortunately the websites, given the blatant violations of having top-name Manga that do have proper English versions on the sites, probably fall more into the latter. As for the app, since it has no control over the content, I would say it is more on the YouTube side. The fact that it is completely free also helps here.
All that being said, as a fan, I installed and think the app is well done and worth having. I use it to find and read Manga that is not released in English, with the knowledge that I will purchase said series if they are made available in English, or in Japanese (which is actually cheaper) for my favorites if not. My large Manga collection, Anime DVD/BluRay collection, paid subscriptions to Hulu and CrunchyRoll, and import subscriptions to both Afternoon and Shounen Ace magazines  (in Japanese, but featuring several of my favorite Manga) are evidence that I'm doing a reasonable job of being honest.
Am I 100% legal? no. Am I a hypocrite? Maybe, but I think its worse to try to justify one's self by claiming it is "legally gray" than to just admit some behavior is illegal and to be legal when one can.

ShocWave says:

This app is no different than the emulator apps on the internet.
The ROMs/manga themselves are distributed illegally, however, since the app does not contain illegal content, but merely downloads it from sources available on the internet, the app is allowed on the marketplace.
Apps like these are targetted at a specific community of fans who watch fansubs and read scanlations on a reguar basis. If you are not part of this demographic, this app is not for you.