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Yesterday we heard reports that a beta version of the Windows Phone Mango update would be released to developers this week. We then heard from Brandon Watson (via tweet) that such a release wasn't going to happen this week. Watson never said a beta would never be released, just not this week.

Enter Cliff Simpkins, Senior Product Manager for Windows Phone 7. In a forum for developer feedback on Windows Phone development the question arose about giving developers early access to Mango. Simpkins initial response,

"per @joebelfiore on May-24: We are working on a plan for DEVELOPERs to be able to get Mango for phones before we launch."

Simpkins would also follow up by clarifying that the Mango update and Mango devices are two different items. Because current devices will update to Mango, this helps reduce the number of developer devices needed. This makes sense and will help make the distribution easier on Microsoft.  If your development doesn't require the new hardware capabilities of Mango devices, then Microsoft will get you the update and forgo the developer device. Simpkins also adds,

"I think you'll all be happy with what we have coming; it's coming, grasshoppers, I promise. We're as anxious to get this out to you as you are to receive it - it just requires quite a bit of groundwork so that your personal devices stay as safe as possible."

As Watson mentioned in his earlier tweets, this week the focus was on the Press Release, likely to see what bugs the general public and sites like ours could pick up on. We feel confident a pre-release or beta version will get to developers but as to the "when", it's anyone's guess.

Source: windows phone developer voice Thanks goes out to Max for tipping us on this!



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cannon#WP says:

I think their main concern is once it gets to devs, it most definitely will leak to the net and people like me would flash immediately. They're probably trying to figure out how to get it to devs and ONLY devs. Maybe some kind of electronic NDA before downloading.

Do you know how you log into/register AppHub?LiveID. Would be pretty simple to have the OS check itself against your Windows Live ID to verify you're an AppHub member and should be using it.Granted, that *may* be able to be hacked out, but it would probably take awhile.

jmann#WP says:

the rom update will only work on an unlocked developer device its been descussed. if you are not registered with app hub the update will not work and most likly the rom eather..

ChrisLynch says:

I really do hope MS releases Mango as a ROM update for devs. Forcing us to buy a new phone at $499 is just rediculous, and impractical.

IceCrush says:

Anyone got any news about the tether and network codes support ( those who begin with # or * ) ... I really miss those things :-S

oldpueblo says:

So basically if I fork over $99 I can likely get it early? I was planning on learning to code for WP7 anyway, so this is motivation to get around to it. :p