"Mango" Released to Manufacturers and in carrier testing? [Updated: Not yet]


In the recent Windows Phone Developer Podcast episode, we have some new information detailing the status of the next update for Microsoft's mobile platform - "Mango". This shouldn't come with shock to readers since we've been following the wind with the Fujitsu IS12T handset (as well as Nokia's "Sea Ray"). According to the podcast; "Mango" has been RTM (released to manufacturers) and is also with carriers for testing.

While we've had the next update on devices for some time now, this was of course only a developer preview build (7661). Our Daniel Rubino previously caught on the build number for the release of "Mango" when we covered the breaking news of the Nokia device being shown off in a factory. In fact, we didn't only have the build number, which will be 7710, but we also stated that we received word on "Mango" already being RTM.

Good news all around? We think so, what do you guys make of this somewhat re-assuring news? Do you believe these are signs of an early release?

Update: And the news has jumped the gun again. Bill Cox, Sr. Director of Communications at Microsoft for the Windows Phone Division, just tweeted:

"For those following the rumor mill, @windowsphone Mango has not yet hit RTM. We’re excited about the progress... stay tuned."

For what it's worth, we have heard that 7710 is or near final RTM though and clearly from the Sea Ray video this week, you can see the "OEM" logo as the OS boots. Still, looks like we're not quite there yet.

Source: Windows Phone Dev Podcast;  via: WMPU



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incendy says:

Can't wait for my favorite apps to get recompiled and on my phone!

MaulerX says:

Excellent news! It appears that they are ahead of schedule, which is a nice change of pace.

TiLoBrown says:

I hope its not released ahead of schedule though. Use the extra time to fix any late bugs they may find.

Winterfang says:

Give me mango next month. I want mah groups and facebook chat and multitasking and threads and upgrades on all my tiles and socket support and custom ringtones and better web browsing and and and everything. Give me Mango now.

That's exciting and all, however I would really like Microsoft to get their stuff together and update my Focus v1.3!!!! It's just poor execution!

That isn't Microsoft's fault that is a Samsung issue

pwachleman says:

I remember when they first started having issues with the 7392 build for the v 1.3, of which Im an owner too, they said they would probably just wait and push that with the next major build, I think somewhere we will find out that thats the case and they push it out with the mango build...hopefully sometime this year for our phones, if everyone else gets mango next month.

hardrock1a says:

That was caused by Samsung playing it fast and loose with some of the hardware which caused the firmware issue.

rightisray says:

Thought it was the v1.4 of the Focus that was the cause of the problems. There was an article the other day that stated the updates are now being pushed to the Focus owners.

pwachleman says:

the version 1.3 Focus which I have is still on 7390, not 7392, which just means we never got the security update. Not worrisome other than it will tick me off if we get to Mango and then they have issues because we dont have the right OS version.

TheWeeBear says:

Hope the carriers don't ruin it all again by taking forever to approve Mango.

theflew says:

I imagine carriers will be tripping over their own feet trying to get Mango out as soon as possible. Given the publicity Mango has had already you wouldn't want the bad press of being that last one on board.

Odd-i-See says:

I really cannot wait to get Mango on my HD7.....

Dusteater says:

This is fantastic news. I now have a hope that I might actually get my 1st Windows Phone next month! Time to say goodbye to Sprintdroid and move over to AT&T. Sooooo excited!

cparker says:

That's great news. My biggest concern is how long carriers are going to take testing this, especially with ~500 features packed into it. We all know how long it took for NoDo and that was feature-light in comparison to Mango. Here's to hoping that was just update #1 pains all around and this goes quickly and smoothly!

ATLien46 says:

Yeah but I'm pretty sure the carriers have to test the radio capabilities and with NoDo some carriers wanted to add software to make it special so hopefully they'll just aprove it and add their software later.

Spyral says:

I wonder what this means for unbranded devices? Those don't require carrier testing.

hardrock1a says:

I want it, I hope Verizon doesn't drop the ball or stall the update, but I am skeptical about this being RTM, just because Microsoft has not said anything and I have a feeling that they want to make a stink about it. Ya know? This is going to be a major update and essentially a re-launch, they want to make noise about it each step and Microsoft is quiet. Maybe it has went GOLD, and I think that it is probably VERY close, but until Microsoft says its RTM, color me skeptical.

Odd-i-See says:

Interesting way to view it, I have to say that I agree!

theefman says:

I dont expect MS to make any announcement on going gold. That's of more interest to the OEM's and carriers. It would also be counterproductive as it would raise peoples expectations for its release and the next thing people would say is "where is the update" and then start the criticism that it is "late". More reasonable is for MS to announce Mango when it has been fully tested by OEM's and carriers and they can say they are actually ready to roll it out to existing users and on new hardware. They can also then start their ad campaign in earnest. That will be more impactful than announcing it and then making people wait, which they actually already have done. No point doing all that again.

hardrock1a says:

Well, going off what they did for the initial release, when they went RTM, they announced it. And when it went RTM, they put out the final tools for devs, so that they could get the apps finalized with the final code. When it does go RTM, MS will let us know.

DavidinCT says:

Yea, Verizon will drop the ball...XDA wil be your only option for months...Unless they jump the gun but, Verizon has shown that their interested in Windows Phone 7 is not very large right now (1 model and even waited till the last minute to release it). Time will tell.I'm with verizon but, getting really sick of their **** (No unlimted plans, No new every 2)

logicdev says:

I think its good news for most. Unfortunately I'm on Verizon so given their track record I'd estimate I'll have the Mango release around Easter 2012.

surge48 says:

Hopefully the multitasking is good on it! I have the Beta and there is no point of the multitasking if the apps need to reload!! I don't know if that is an app issue and all apps need to be update or if its because of some Beta issues

jtn05 says:

The apps have to be recompiled in 7.1 to take advantage of multitasking.

surge48 says:

Okay thanks that is all I wanted to know!!

I'm not holding my breath. Do I want it sooner than later? Yes, but after the whole NoDo delay, I'll just tell myself that it'll be out in January and maybe I'll be very surprised....*checks for Zune for an udate*...

mango.lover says:

No better birthday present. Thank you, Microsoft! :-)

Jazmac says:

Pump your brakes on this story. Can you site a source that this has actually happened? I just read on WMPoweruser that MS told Michael Zeman that the source has NOT been released to manufacturing. I want to be true but it doesn't all are on the same page.

hardrock1a says:

I was skeptical that it had went RTM, MS will be blowing that whistle BIG time and they were silent. When it goes Gold, they are going to be shouting it from the mountain tops.

Seven_PRX says:

Well, we're close. Which is actually sooner than I expected. Fall is still 2 months off, so if they 'release' it in a month from now (minus 2 days ;-) it's still 1 month earlier than expect (or 1 day - depends how you see it).I think MS is really up to speed with the WP7 updates. I mean, going from WP 7 to 7.5 in

Seven_PRX says:

Weird, some text fell away? The last should have said: going from 7 to 7.5 in

Seven_PRX says:

Hmm, I'm using IE9 in "filtering mode" and a lot of my text doesn't get posted :|

Seven_PRX says:

Ok, continue from FF (ironic, isn't it? having to use FF to post correctly on a Windows site ;-). Anyway, I was trying to say that for me, MS is really up to it's game here. Moving from a 7.0 to 7.5 OS in

Seven_PRX says:

Guess in FF it doesn't work either. What's up with the removing of contents from post? I don't get it. Not gonna type it for the 5th time :)

Winterfang says:


Tansen says:

I want Mango just as bad as the next person, but I think they are right to give themselves time to iron out the wrinkles and fix whatever bugs have been found. If they are to defeat Android or iOS, they need to have the best interface, features, stability, and just about everything else. It is REALLY hard to pull someone from one platform to another, but I think if they play their many cards right, it can happen.

DavidinCT says:

I'd prefer to wait till late fall and get it fully tweaked and almost bug free (MS never releases a perfect product but, no one does when it comes to software).but, right now...I want it now...

Rob41664 says:

I agree the sooner the better as long as we dont go through another update debacle like we did with NODO. Right now is the best time to strike while everyone is waiting on iPhone5 and this is there best chance to try and sway some of those that are looking at the iphone for the first time to at least get WP in the mix before they get hooked into another 2 yr contract.

mvierling says:

Mark my words. When Mango does release, AT&T will be "testing" it for 4-5 months before they release it.