MapMyIndia’s new app allows you to privately share your location with friends

MapMyIndia ReachMe

‘Where are you?’ is arguably the most asked question since mobile phones arrived. More than often, friends and folk ping you to ask where you were and how long would it take for you to come over. ReachMe tries to help you in this specific scenario.

MapMyIndia is India’s leading mapping and navigation company, and have several location-based apps for Windows Phone. MapMyIndia ReachMe allows one-tap location sharing with your trusted contacts with a link or a unique PIN. The app has been available in the Store since a couple of weeks, and is region-locked to India.

When you fire the app, you can see your current location on a map with an address. You can share the PIN or a link to your location via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype or Facebook.

MapMyIndia ReachMe

When your friends open the link or enter the PIN in the app, they will see their current location along with an optimal route to reach you. Alternatively, your friends can use the 'follow me' feature on to see your real-time movement on a map as you drive to them. Interestingly, the person who you share the link with can track or follow you in the browser, and not need the ReachMe app compulsively. Very neat!

ReachMe is a quick and useful app to solve a specific problem. Download the app for free from the Windows Phone Store. I think it’s quite useful, and have the app pinned on my Start screen.

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Andrew L says:

The store says not available for my device. I have an Ative ?

maybe this is for india only (not sure but working fine on my indian lumia 920 )

It's only available for India. I mention that in the post. Primarily because MapMyIndia doesn't have global mapping to provide directions/location.

JW888 says:

I think you still can send location by using text message to your friend, no need this.

Denegar says:

Yes, you could text your current location, but what if you're moving? The live automatic updating of your location as you move is what makes it so awesome. I wish they had an app like this for the entire world (like the old Windows Phone 7 app called "We're In"). If anyone knows of a Windows Phone 8 app that [automatically] provides this function globally, please let me know.

JW888 says:

The other way around, saved yourself on the address book with address, can be text, email, but can not share on social notwork

Abhishek, Is it available for WP 7.X devices? And any guess about it being region-unlocked in the near future? :)

Nope... Only for WP8. I don't think it would be available outside India since MapMyIndia does not have global mapping data.

Antistatic says:

So this service does about the same thing as Google Latitude do?

makarand14 says:

As Google Latitude USED to do. It's been closed by Google for the better part of this year.

Madhu T C says:

It is very good news. Especially since Google stopped latitude support:D

shishirdbhat says:

"Interestingly, the person who you share the link with can track or follow you in the browser, and not need the ReachMe app compulsively"

Not to nitpick, but that sentence doesn't quite sound right. Compulsively?

shmsnh says:


Happy now?

You should have mentioned in the TOPIC its for Indians/Hindus only ;)

backlashsid says:

srsly...just 'Indians' would have done the job !! stop being stupid !!

No one ever fuckin says its for US/Americans/Christians only !! douchebag..

And maybe also that not all Indians are Hindus. :-)

arjunan says:

there are also christians and muslims and many other religions in India.. Douchebag...