Marketplace Dashboard for Windows Phone 8 on sale for limited time

Marketplace Dashboard

Marketplace Dashboard for Windows Phone 8 is an app designed to help developers keep track of the apps and games they have in the Windows Phone Store. The app gives you a view of your apps including crash count, submission status and download counts.

Marketplace Dashboard has main pages that will list your published works and a page for those apps/games still in the certification process. The paid, version of Marketplace Dashboard, which is currently on saleallows each app to be pinned to your Start Screen that will display app stats.

Marketplace Dashboard

The developer notes that since there is no public Windows Phone Store API, Marketplace Dashboard relies on screen scraping for much of the data it delivers. Future updates hope to add reviews and in-app purchasing details from the Store.

The app is currently on sale for $.99 for a limited time (not sure how long "limited" is). So if you're a developer looking for a simple way to monitor you Windows Phone apps and games, Marketplace Dashboard might be worth looking into. There is a trial version that is ad supported in case you want to dip your toe in the water before buying.

You can find Marketplace Dashboard here in the Windows Phone Store.

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PittaMan says:

Why use this when there is an official app?

joaoluisc1 says:

Yes I agree why pay for an app when there is an official version by Microsoft with all the features and live tiles (Dev Center)

Why pay at all when the official app by Microsoft is free?

jlynnm350z says:

Options people, options. Isn't that want everyone wants? Apparently not

Ticomfreak says:

What advantages does this offer over the official app? Not trying to be insulting...

atkulp says:

Author here: I created v1 of this app back in the Mango days, long before MS finally made their app. Also, the paid version supports pinning your app details to your home screen, background updates, and status of submitted apps.

Doesn't show cyrrilic app names correctly.
Says I have 0 downloads at all. Refresh does not help.

atkulp says:

Can you use the app feedback function and send me screenshots? I'll take a look.

Couldn't really find the feedback function. Here it is:http://cs407421.vk.me/v407421115/954d/NTzRUQ3iaJg.jpg

atkulp says:

Got it. Thanks! Since I can only test with my account, its difficult to try many special cases. Supporting non-Roman characters shouldn't even be a special case!

jlynnm350z says:

Seems like not much support from other devs.

The live tiles seem pretty nice. AFAIK individual live tiles for each app is something missing from the MS app. I'll play with both for a while.

atkulp says:

I should point out that the "limited" part of the sale is while I work out some of the bugs!  I listen to feedback and respond to crash reports quickly, but due to how it works (screen scraping), it's prone to errors.