Marketplace deal alert : Calorie Tracker-LiveStrong

Looking for a good calorie counter for your Windows Phone? One that will sync with an online service? Have we gotta deal for you.

For a limited time only (until the end of August 2011), the Windows Phone app Calorie Tracker-LiveStrong will be free. As the title implies, Calorie Tracker is part of the Lance Armstrong foundation and normally runs $2.99 over at the Marketplace.

LiveStrong has a searchable database of over 625,00 foods and will display the nutritional information (calories, protien, fat, sugars, carbs, etc.) for each. If you need to find and track the calories you burn during workouts, Calorie Tracker will do that too. Everything can be tracked on your phone and synced with free online service at Livestrong.com, The Daily Plate.

So if you're dieting, need to keep track of what you eat or track your workouts Calorie Tracker is worth checking out. Especially during this freebie offer. You can find Calorie Tracker here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.



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markiz says:

i find these calorie counters to un-flexible and tasking to use. I really gave them a chance, but couldn't do it.

ahardin says:

Is that a 12 foot pizza?

Yep. But you can only have one slice.

HD7guy says:

I wanted to like Calorie Tracker, but Livescape has a faster and more polished UI. Livescape also has better exercise data, but Calorie Tracker edges out a win on graphing.One thing I've noticed about all of these kinds of apps: it pays to double-check the nutrition data that is downloaded. It is surprising how often the data for even common foods is outright wrong. I tend to enter the data manually, so I don't have to wonder.Much as I prefer Livescape over Calorie Tracker, I'm going to keep the later installed for the time being.

WPManiac says:

Livescape is definitely worth checking out. It's not free like Calorie Tracker, but once you look at the trial it's simple to see it's worth the price. There have been updates and major features added over the last few months. Nice design and reliable. I actually like the graphing in Livescape better than Calorie Tracker, maybe because it tracks more. The graphing has slowly been getting better. The biggest advantage that Calorie Tracker has over Livescape is that you can enter data on the web, and though that is pretty cool, I don't really need that feature so much.