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Maxthon Cloud Browser

Official Maxthon Cloud Browser released; turbo charge your mobile web experience

Windows Phone gets a popular cloud-based web browser to reduce data and make things faster

Internet Explorer isn't necessarily a slow web browser on Windows Phone, but there are alternative web browsers from third parties.

Maxthon ( is one of these alternatives, and what a second choice it is. If you're looking at a free way to improve your web browsing experience and boost your Windows Phone into space, download this app right now. 

Head past the break to see our hands on video and tour of this fantastic browser alternative!

The name may well be familiar, since the same web browser is also available as a desktop client on both Windows and OS X and it earlier went by the name MyIE2. Already available for Android and iOS (as Maxthon Mobile), the browser has finally made the move to Windows Phone. The desktop edition has reached version 4, taking Maxthon into a cloud era, offering cloud syncing services and more. The browser also inherently sports numerous unique features, including mouse gestures, Maxthon Passport and multi search.

So what will you be able to do with Maxthon on your Windows Phone? As noted already, it's a web browser that can replace Internet Explorer (not systematically, mind you), should you prefer it.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

One of the main features (much like the desktop client) are the cloud services, which make a multi-device web browsing experience feel more connected - other browsers, including Google Chrome also include such functionality. Signing in with a free Maxthon Passport will allow you to synchronise your favourites and more across multiple platforms. But that's just touching the surface.

The team behind this Windows Phone client has taken a hard, long look at the Modern UI and decided to embrace the language along with their own ideas and designs. When using the web, the app bar remains visible with four options: address bar / search, reload, tabs and add a new tab. There are more options and commands hidden away unless you require them. Hitting the tabs button is where the magic happens.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

Taking a new approach to tabbed browsing on Windows Phone, the tabs view enables you to switch between tabs conveniently by swiping across. History is displayed above each tab, and you're able to slide up and down to scroll through previous pages. It feels fluid and natural. Dislike the tab system in Internet Explorer or other browsers? You may just warm to Maxthon's solution.

Those of us who are familiar with the desktop counterparts will be glad to see Quick Access included in the form of Live Tiles. It's super easy to pick, apply and access live tiles within the Quick Access area of the app - some of them will even animate as you'd expect. We also have to touch on the speed to wrap this up. Maxthon is literally a blast to use. The best part? It's absolutely free.

You can download the Maxthon web browser from the Windows Phone Store - available on Windows Phone 8 only.

Thanks, nawzil, for the tip

QR: Maxthon Browser



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Not cool.
It's not available for Windows Phone 7

Jack Neill says:

Time for a new Lumia Lance...

BoBallistic says:

Wait for gdr3 on the 1520 and you'll have the latest and greatest.

schlubadub says:

6" screen? pass

Paul Acevedo says:

I already asked you to stop that.

dalydose says:

Broken record need to stop playing.

Eas195 says:

Why don't simply move from WP7 to WP8? It SAVES you more than you thought.

MrSimmix says:

It is a possibility that he got it on a contract that hasn't yet ended or still has a long way to go before it ends. Cut the WP7 users some slack guys.

Rehan Saleem says:

You want your Not supported for Windows phone 7 complains to be a sensation here?

JABeugre says:

What do you mean by arabic support ? Display ?

xratola says:

Language likely ._.

NIST says:

Acrobatic support?

OsamaAdam98 says:

Not sure if troll...

walter1832 says:

Ar a bic OR Ar a paper-mate?

OsamaAdam98 says:

I regret my life.

walter1832 says:

JK :P. ...but its paper-mate, right?

JABeugre says:

Maybe you didn't understand my question... I was asking you if by arabic support you mean the app to be able to just display arabic caracters or having the option to set it entierly in arabic ?!
PS : No i'm not a troll...


clappenings says:

Giving it a shot right now

sholokov says:

Since it is a cloud browser, Google/Youtube can't detect your phone....which means you can even watch YouTube "Movies" through this browser. Just copy/paste the link in this app.

dkp23 says:

Hopefully it is good, i find IE to be a little sluggish compared to safari on iphone 5s and also the battery drain us IE is horrendous as well. 

absolutshame says:

That's weird. IE renders faster than Safari.

+520 And eats less bettery too

rockstarzzz says:

What a "cloud browser"? I read the article and still want to know how this is different from my IE10.

Watch the video.

It renders the page in the cloud.

rockstarzzz says:

I did that too. Even downloaded on my phone. But what I am after is how is that cloud rendering etc affecting my privacy, security, stability and speed.

Blacklac says:

Shouldn't it have the same HTML5test score as the desktop browser then? It matches IE mobile. It also seems weird it loads mobile sites. Looks like only a skin?

Same sunspider score as IE on WP as well.

musarator says:

well if I remember correctly.. microsoft only allowed browsers based on their own engine (trident) to run on wp... wich is most probably the main reason why we don't have Opera browsers or Firefox etc... also that might've been the official statement by Opera but I'm not quite sure about that..

xaeryan says:

The only thing "Cloud" about this appears to be synchronization (favorites, tabs, etc.). Nowhere does the developer mention pushing any processing to cloud servers.

kullkid92x says:

Do you know about the cloud computing coming to Xbox One? if so, this is another implementation of that.

Basically the publisher has a farm of servers and all the heavy lifting such as rendering pages, gets done up in the cloud. Whereas in IE your processor is doing all the work along with RAM and so on you get the picture.

Also another advantage is the whole syncing between platforms thing, because it is cloud based the publisher can store all your favorites and so on and just sync them wherever you sign in.

I believe some rumors of wp 8.1 said IE 11 for mobile will come with sync tabs, favorites, and passwords.

xaeryan says:

See my post above. Even if it truly did server processing of its own, rendering is typically not done by the cloud since it's tightly coupled to the device.

Nik Rolls says:

Yep, often it's more about the data pipe. The cloud server will gather all the resources together into one packet and deliver them in one go, highly compressed, rather than them being served on-demand as the page is processed as it would without the system.

This won't have as much of an edge when IE11 comes to Windows Phone though, because it supports the SPDY protocol which effectively does the same thing but without the cloud requirement (on supported websites).

Maxthons started using the term for the browser when they added a lot of "cloud" services listed below.
- Cloud Push: Supports sending text, images, websites/links and tabs to Mac, Android and Windows operating systems.
- Cloud Share: Supports sharing text, images, websites/links and files with friends.
- Cloud Download: Supports downloading files in various formats and uploading them to 'My Cloud' for backup on any device.
- My Cloud Tabs: Lets you pick up where you left off by automatically syncing your tabs to Android, iOS or Mac devices.
- Cloud Sync: Syncs account data (Favorites, Settings and Magic Fill data) to other devices.

ricardios says:

This and UC Browser. Good alternatives to IE. Though UC has more features.

shadow118 says:

This has even less features then IE. It doesn't even want to open full sites. Tried one site, where IE had no problems, Maton just crashed after 10 seconds of loading the page. Tried it twice. Also, there are no settings at all. The only thing I like is the interface, that is a bit nicer then IE. UC is ok, but a bit slower/laggier compared to IE

Downloading now to check it out.

immyperez says:

This browser is epic! Can't find an option to default desktop sites though...otherwise, so fast! Tested it on wi-fi and 3g...both worked very well, wi-fi being especially impressive.

Jabid21 says:

I'm using UC browser, one of the fully featured browsers available on WP and Android. However, one thing I don't like is that WP doesn't allow other rendering engines like webkit. I wouldn't really mind using trident but web developers seem to optimize its sites only for webkit browsers. I'll give maxthon a shot.

Ticomfreak says:

It does actually. It's just alot of work.

Nik Rolls says:

Yep, you just have to port them. There's no restriction like iOS has.

Jabid21 says:

Hmm, I didn't know that. Thanks. Although iOS has that restriction, Safari at least uses webkit.

Nik Rolls says:

Overall, Trident is just as good. It's missing a couple of the latest features, but it's faster and has less bugs than Webkit, especially Webkit on mobile.

disposed says:

Just as good yet missing features? Delusional much? And trident is not faster than webkit don't kid yourself.

Nik Rolls says:

'Just as good' because I'd prefer missing out on a couple of hardly-ever-used beta features than have to work around bugs all the time. Are you a web developer?

And sorry, but IE has been winning the Sunspider speed benchmark since IE9. And who writes the Sunpider tests? Webkit.

I like it, don't like that my clock has to be there at all times though. :/

FrankEpr says:

I'm in love with UC Browser but I'll definitely give this a try...

Darren Walsh says:

For one I like the way you can see the time while you're browsing!!

Laura Knotek says:

Now we need Opera, especially since Windows Mobile had Opera.

NightWatch71 says:

You seem to know a few things about this. When is it coming? Do they use their own engine? What does "a lot of work" mean in your other comment? Lol I know it's too much but I need to know..

shadow118 says:

Opera used to use its own engin Presto, but starting from version 15 they switched to Blink (a version of WebKit, Chrome also uses Blink)

Stadifer says:

I'll kick the tires on this browser... The only real complaint so far is the fact that it does consume a fraction of the screen to display that scrolling history which is more annoying that helpful. I have a back button for a reason and don't want to waste precious screen real estate with such superfluous information.
Since there is no Chrome for WP8 and IE doesn't support bookmark syncing this might be my best option for sycning browser data to my WinPho for now.

Tafsern says:

Please add desktop mode, than it will be complete :D

SocalTouch says:

Even better, would love to see it let you choose your own custom user agent.

jabtano says:

I been using Nokia express for my browser I like it better than IE on my L925

mtimbs says:

rockstarzz. Your privacy? You are on the net, you don't have any. Facebook checks your browsing history so it can show you ads based on what you search lol. Strangers can see your photos and info. Cloud based web browsing is the least of your worries

rockstarzzz says:

I don't think so. What I let Facebook see or what I let IE save is my choice. I can choose what cookies are stored on my PC and for how long.

Billy Solis says:

It does not let me to log in to my FB or twitter! D:

Stu Malin says:

Yeah and me, weird?!?

mide64 says:

Got the same problem... Even YouTube

SocalTouch says:

The truth is I am one of those paranoid ones when it comes to browsers. I use alternative browsers like UC and now Maxthon for most of casual browsing but if any website requires a logon, I switch to IE.


Love Maxthon browser!!!


And I can sync all my favorite just needs to remember password from computer!

DaiaX says:

This is redefine FAST. But, how you safe picture? Even UC Browser can store your download on their cloud. Also to quit, you need to hit tab>scroll till home>hit back>hit ok. Not anything near short, at least i'm running on GDR3 520 and can always hit the X button.

flygeani says:

it's slower than IE, have some cute things but lags, I'll keep it default IE.

donkhalil18 says:

Is html5 in this browser better than IE? Cause IE html5 is shitttttt

albertdon says:

Almost the same score with IE using, i wonder if this was derived from IE..

PSRBF6 says:

The desktop version of maxthon is the best browser ever!



Nakazul says:

This is great stuff.

It is fast but laks everything else no open in new tab function no download (unlike UC) no incognito tab no HISTORY !!! Don't have the ability to pin sites to screen no customization (themes also unlike uc) its a basic browser my advice go for UC I think Nokia express is actually better than this

DJCBS says:

I was under the impression that Microsoft only allowed IE as a browser on Windows Phone? 
If that's not true after all, then perhaps there's still hope for a Firefox app (Since, you know, there's little chance Google will bring Chrome to WP8)

pogi920 says:

Best browser during cloudy days..

ltjordan24 says:

  It definitely has some interesting features. I might have to check this out.

alexGhoro says:

Maxthon is the Best browser on Desktop! i love it! 

dkp23 says:

Tried to login to two different forums i go to, wont let me login, just goes back to the main forum page without logging in, then one of them kept crashing the app.  Anybody having issues?

Paul Acevedo says:

I deleted the troll's comments. No worries.

hs k says:

Same here too.


Same for me wont let me logon to youtube or maxthon forum without going to desktop.

guillams says:

Cool, but I use my browser on desktop mode and it has no way to set it automatically, so does not gonna replace my IE.. Could be, but naaah

s_lek says:

Holy shit... Ty god.

HM02 says:

Takes forever to load pages and the scrolling is choppy. I'll stick to IE.

Oris says:

Crashed twice already on my 620. Same here. I'll stick to IE.

shadow118 says:

Heh, crashed twice on my 620 too :D Uninstalled, too few features for normal usage

blueiii says:

it doesn't seem to like ip addresses in the url bar, it does a web search when you input an ip address in the url.

Did you try putting the IP address in like this?
Some browsers require the http: part.

Bob101910 says:

IE has been crashing a lot since getting that dev update, so I'll be giving this a try.

pierrerv says:

Just downloaded.

neel07 says:

It's a wrap up of IE and I can't log in to Facebook and twitter..,it's slow too...,i use Nokia Xpress and UC as it saves data and time,we need opera mini.

BoBallistic says:

Gets hot when using this app, but is a nice browser.

anandv427 says:

Zip folder can't saved. In ie.:(

Dantekai14 says:

Well browser is good but still bugs need to be fix

taudilee says:

How do u delete history and other browsers data

vincentchuck says:

UC Browser is bettrr

jaceot says:

couldn't log in to amazon. it seems like you can't log in to anything.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now all we need is a Puffin, Opera, and dolphin browers.

Nakazul says:

Boy, you like the internet, so many browsers you need :) Time to cut the habit? ... j/k I get your point.

mrcraggle says:

Unfortunately this appears to be a simple wrapper for IE (even html5 tests displays it as such). It's also pretty buggy right now with very few stand out features compared to the desktop version which is pretty great. I made the switch from Opera as 11 kept freezing on me and I didn't like 12 at all. A lot of sites are code optimized for Chrome but I really just don't like the way it works.

flygeani says:

Omg stop saying you have tested it on bla bla and same score, just load youtube on this garb*&! app. and then on default browser and see the real difference.

sip1995 says:

It reminds me the Hiomi logo....(phone manufacturer)

Will it be releasing for WP7

Nakazul says:

Okay, i like this browser and intend to use it .... maybe.

How about developers start implement more language support! WP is still bigger outside U.S. I thought developers would strategically consider that. We got serious language barriers in WP ecosystem to break.
I still don't use Runtastic on WP, the support is simply not there.

There, now I said this. Frustrating stuff.

_Emi_ says:

Ive been using maxthon since some years, so this is good news. of course I stopped using it because it didnt support windows phone.
I still had it installed it on my desktop, and used it to download flash videos... its even useful to have a facebook game (for example) in its own window. and it has nice features.
if you are wondering (nah I know you arent) but in maxthon im Level 23 and almost 24! of course i rarely use it... not like before at least, so I would have a better level if I didnt stop using it at all after IE9 was released and I then became too lazy to download other internet browsers. Im glad IE11 RTM feels so nice, other reason why i was using maxthon was to download files and stuff, becuase IE11 preview was failing.
so anyway! its good news and I wish people would stop asking for Opera, its a sucky Browser with excuses not to release it for phones, even maxthon did it and they have like practically no marketshare in PC and in phones im not sure how they are but i dont think many people use it... its a feeling though! I must be wrong. but if even Maxthon took the time to develop an app, why Opera cant? oh yeah they dont care about WP.
now I stopped being mad at Maxthon for not supporting WP, so Im starting to use maxthon again with IE11. of course since i have an account since years of years ago, its good for me maxthon user! :)

szilix14 says:

Well...I love Maxthon on PC (using it all the time) but after trying it on my Lumia 620 I can say IE is obiously better than Maxthon (on a cellphone of course).

_Emi_ says:

actually IE is better than Maxthon, especially IE11 in RTM with GA updates and all that.
of course maxthon has nice features, I use it sometimes for downloading, and its nice to grab a flash game and put it in its own window. or download flash videos easily. but usually for viewing websites and stuff, IE is superior. I use Maxthon for alot of things, but not for viewing most of my websites. not even the start of maxthon is fast enough to love it. I know im in a crappy pc, but if IE starts fast, why cant maxthon do the same.
of course all this its personal experience through alot of years using maxthon but after IE9 i stopped using maxthon more and more. now they released a WP app, and they are supporting my phone OS. Im starting to use it again, for more than just downloading flash videos easily.

szilix14 says:

Unfortunately, I can't use the latest IE on PC because my PC is quite old (1,5 ghz single core processor, 1,25 gm of ram) and can't run a newer OS than Win Xp properly . The best choice (=only hope) for this PC is Maxthon. It's stable, and has an acceptable speed. 

There's absolutely no settings to all. And no way to delete history.

medianemesis says:

No configuration settings, no desktop mode, no download manager and you cant save photos from webpages. Definitely needs refining in future updates...

coldfilter says:

Can't log into twitter or facebook

Ayman Achoua says:

Is it better than UC Browser ?
Does it support flash ?

The Wikipedia article is screwed up Mac is mentioned under mobile section an no sign of Windows Store and Windows Phone apps.


MrSimmix says:

The only thing I want from IE on my phone is a better tab system.

RoarinRow says:

Somehow it doesn't allow me to log on to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  After I type in my user name and password, it just kicks me back to the login.  I'm on GRD3 on my 920.

I have this as my desktop browser!! Been using it for years! So glad they decided to port this to WP8

willied says:

A little worried about it being based out of China...but it looks pretty cool, and I like the ability to sync.

NikLumWP8 says:

I had installed Maxthon Cloud Browser few minutes ago. Here is my review:

The speed is average, live tiles in quick access may awesome, but this the worst I experienced. I couldn't log in to Facebook, I couldn't log in to WPCentral too, I had tried three times, nothing happen. Is this you call charge your turbo web experience? When I find this article using Maxthon, couldn't login to WPCentral, I touch back several times to go back to qucik access homescreen, what did I experienced? It showed me blank white screen and suddenly, the screen was black, there was word "Resuming" then "Loading" and finally the app force close itself. What will you answer if user experience this?

For me, Internet Explorer is still better than Maxthon.

Salman Shah says:

There is no option of open links in new tab.

TheSportDr says:

Love the UC browser for Nokia 822

Goliwog says:

Anyone tried Touch Browser. I love the orientation lock and saved pages for offline. It also allows full screen browsing

lardladicus says:

is this just another frame around IE?