Medical Image Vault, a companion app for Microsoft’s HealthVault

Medical Image Vault

Microsoft’s HealthVault is a great resource for managing yours and your family’s medical information. Medical Image Vault is a Windows Phone app that provides access to medical images in your HealthVault account.

It is a convenient way to access this information when visiting the doctor or in cases of emergency. Medical Image Vault is a nice companion app for your Microsoft HealthVault account and the HealthVault Windows Phone app.

Medical Image Vault

Medical Image Vault is a nice companion app to the official HealthVault app in that you cannot currently pull up images from the HealthVault app. Medical Image Vault has two main pages that include:

  • Local Series Page that will display any images downloaded from you HealthVault account that can be used locally for sharing or pinning to your Windows Phone Start Screen.
  • HealthVault Series that will display any uploaded images associated to yours or any other authorized HealthVault account. These images have been uploaded from within the Medical Image Vault app or by other means such as through the HealthVault Connection Center.

The three-dot menu on the main pages has options to upload images to the Medical Image Vault, refresh the page view, check your health messages, sign out of your account and view the About screen. Uploaded images are added to your Microsoft HealthVault and can be anything from a photo of an injury to a photo of medical records.

Medical Image Vault

Pulling up an individual image from the Local Series Page will display the HealthVault account it was generated from to and the image description. Below the image is a histogram and up under the three-dot menu you can view the image’s annotations, histogram (on/off), dicom header and the option to save the image to your Windows Phone Pictures Hub.

Medical Image Vault may not be for everyone but if you have the need to manage medical images for you or family members, the Windows Phone app can come in handy. Medical Image Vault is a free app, available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can pick up your copy of Medical Image Vault here in the Windows Phone Store.

There is also a Windows 8 version of Medical Image Vault that you can find here in the Windows Store.

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tmroper22 says:

App link takes me to the wrong app.

Link fixed, George chastised. 

Still takes me to the wrong app. Doesn't appear to be fixed...

Ok, it works now. Thanks.

bAN01TgAZ says:

Still broke in the app, goes to Match.

boxa72 says:

To a game lol

Dean Lewis says:

Wonder which countries it's available in. I'm OS in Hong Kong at the moment - can't get here.

mango.lover says:

They need to improve the standalone Healthvault app first. Allow us to pin weight tracking like in Livescape, or integrate it all in Bing Health & Fitness.

Mike Asfaw says:

+1 integrate the two apps.

Wevenhuis says:

What happens to the data when the healthvault ceases to exist? Who owns the data if it is stored on healthvault or this app? What guarantees does microsoft or healthvault give that prevents this data from being snooped on?