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Melodia for custom sounds

Get this now: Melodia gives you official sounds for those official apps in Windows Phone 8.1

One of the great new additions to Windows Phone 8.1 is the ability to assign custom notification sounds for your apps. Previously, in Windows Phone 8.0 Update 3, developers could ship their own sound to be used, but only a few have taken advantage of that so far. But in 8.1, via the Notification Center, you can configure apps independently, including for alert sounds.

Melodia is a simple app, and it’s free. It’s basically a repository for ‘official’ alert melodies, which you can then play to sample and save directly to your phone. Once saved, they will appear in your custom alerts and by using the Notification Center, you can assign them to apps. Sure, you can do this on your own, but this is much easier using this app.

The app so far is only at version 1.0 and it’s limited to just a few app sounds. These alerts are the familiar unique and custom 'dings' and 'chimes' that you may know from using the desktop apps, or on other platforms. They include:

  • Messenger
  • Facebook 1, 2
  • Skype 
  • Twitter
  • MSN (vintage)
  • WhatsApp 1, 2
  • WhatsApp Whistle (really the Samsung whistle from Galaxy S)

*Note: When playing the samples, if they stutter or there is static, etc., don't worry. Save the clip and assign it anyway. When it plays back during a notification, the quality is much better.

Update: To request sounds you may want, send an email to the developer

Hopefully, more will become available in later builds. To use, just pick the sound you want, hit the save/disk icon and optionally re-name the sample. Do not hit the ‘ringer’ box, unless you want that melody as your ringer!

To assign the sound to your app, just follow these steps:

  1. Settings
  2. Notifications + actions
  3. Choose desired app
  4. Select ‘notification sound’
  5. Under custom you should see your newly saved samples

That’s it. Now, when an alert comes in for Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, you can have that unique and identifiable sound to go with it.

Pick up Melodia for Windows Phone 8.1 here in the Store. Thanks, @normobeso, for the tip!

Is there a notification sound that you want for an app? Tell us in comments!

QR: Melodia



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josonjoy1986 says:

Earlier we were desperate to change the default notification sound of each app..... And now ???

I'm not sure I get your question or point.

matheee says:

I think he means that we desperately wanted our own sounds and now we download sounds that all these apps sound the same again...

But that's false and he misunderstands this app and article entirely.

Currently, Windows Phone assigns a default, universal chime to ALL notifications. There's just one. That's it.

If you're on 8.1, you'd know that you don't need an app to set to default. You just select it (or 'none'). This app gives you the unique sounds from Facebook chat, Skype incoming message, and more to assign to those apps instead of that ding. I thought it was fairly obvious from my article?

matheee says:

Well, I got it... And I'm not a native speaker... :)

josonjoy1986 says:

You didn't get my point Dan..... Never mind....:)

steve_w_7 says:

Nobody got your point...

jaeskill says:

Seriously? His point is as clear as day... but let me slow it down for you guys.


People have been wanting CUSTOM notification chimes forever... this app gives you the OFFICIAL notification sounds of other apps, not a CUSTOM sound that you select on your own with zero restrictions.


Josonjoy was commenting on the irony that people wanted to get away from OFFICIAL notification chimes for a completely CUSTOM notification chime. The app still LIMITS YOUR SELECTION to the official chimes bundled with the apps you have downloaded.


Even the editor couldn't grasp this point?! I dont want my phone to sound like yours when it goes off, I want it to sound like mine. For that to happen, I need more than a repository of default sounds.


josonjoy1986 says:

Thanks alot bro.... I was not being able to explain my point to all..... You did it......:)

jasonxz says:

The app doesn't limit your selection of notification tones that you can use.  This app, in reality, just makes it easier to get MORE sounds and MORE choices other than the one sound that comes with the OS.

And, just because SOME people "were desperate to change the default notification sound of each app", doesn't mean ALL of us were.  If you were one of those people, then this app isn't for you and you shouldn't download it.  For the rest of us, we now have easy free access to MORE options that just happen to sound like the official tones.

I just downloaded this little gem, and despite that, I can CHOOSE to use any tone I wish for my notifications.

Nataku4ca says:

dude, it was meant as a joke...

Nataku4ca says:

sure saved me from typing all that out lol

kwartey says:

the point is so clear. i got it

b23h says:

now we don't give a hoot...

but the problem is I never gave a hoot for changing individual app sounds, only assigning customer message and ringtones.

rockstarzzz says:

Found any other gem that gives Cortana sounds? Really want her reminders to not be silent but a sound that sounds like Cortana will be SO awesome, like when I was 14, awesome!

Couldn't you turn on Halo, and then use voice recorder either on your phone or computer to record the sound, edit it, save it as an .mp3 file, and then send it to skydrive ?

I mean, it's a bit of work, but it's how we used to do ringtones in the 'old days'.  I still remember editing ringtones for my MX-200 and copying them to the phone. 

WavingReds says:

Well before 8.1 we didn't have a choice of what each app can sound like. You only had 1 option for all apps

jhoff80 says:

Well, partly true.  In 8.0 GDR3, the developer did have the option of changing their sound.  8.1's implementation is far better though.

kenzibit says:

To answer question in the article, I want a notification sound for WPCentral :-)

DJCBS says:

Yes. I want a recording of Jay saying "You goh' a message, Gov'na!" in the thickest Cockney accent possible :D

Jay Bennett says:

I'm not cockney ;)

Mayur says:

Ok, can you do East London? ;)

DJCBS says:

I know you're not. But I'm sure you can pull it off ;D

Maybe it could be Dan's voice saying, "Read the Article"

hah, we will be doing our own sound, just need time to pick one and get it going. Hopefully for next update.

gajomau says:

hum, you could use a shorter version off wpcentral theme that apears on your videos.. i realy like that theme...

Ahndz says:

in her latest video review, molly wood said Siri is kicking Cortana's butt... i think she just like Siri...

tkdmacgeek says:

then why do you work at WPCentral then? ;)

HansTj says:

And now... we are happy for having ask these options❓❔

Gigantuouse says:

This is one of those really obvious ideas for an app that you see and think "yeah, why didn't I think of that".

Totally. I'm sure we'll see a small army of them soon enough.

JW7 says:

Does anyone else not have the option to change twitter notifications?

ScubaDog says:

Meh.  I have no use for the notification center.

Montpbm says:

Who cares! We all do! Go to sleep and don't use it.

ScubaDog says:

And I feel sorry for you.  But thanks for helping screw up my user experience.

aitt says:

I can't say the same. I never realized how many news notifications I missed. And I love seeing the emails and able to select a specific or select the account. This has been great for me. I only wished it opened from the left of the start screen to have made it more unique for Windows Phone.

Same. Love the Notification Center.

Dean McCrae says:

It's great. Would be nice to be able to clear all notifications for 1 app alone, rather than for everything.

aitt says:

You do that by swiping that section right.

Dean McCrae says:

Oh thanks, I didn't know that. I tried press and hold for a menu but nothing. This is handy.

aitt says:

No problem that's why we here to help each other

Dean McCrae says:

Sure :-). One more gripe: the length of the notification text should have been increased by now. The Toast (now banner) API is the same as in WP 7 and devs have very little room for the actual text. Now would be a great opportunity to increase this and add some value to the messages, which are truncated pretty early (actually there is an overall length limit of the title + message combined, it is not just the message). Take a look at the list of notifications from wpcentral for example. It is annoying they are truncated so badly. Just doubling the limit and TextWrap the text, also in the banner toast, would be great.

morpheus1982 says:

Thanks for that! Had no idea!

Ben0181 says:

Can't you just swipe away notifications for a single app?? I could swear I've done this. Could be wrong though

tkdmacgeek says:

same here, it is a long awaited feature!

Munkeyphyst says:

I wish there was a way to access old notifications or select which disappears.

JustRay76 says:

If it was left to right swipe then how would you use it in store/people hub/whatsapp/facebook/skype or whatever application you use? It would only work in lock/start screen so default swipe from top of display is only option. Yes, it's same as android or ios, but it actually works. ;)

aitt says:

The same way it works now... You still scroll up and down in apps don't you? It would work no different than RT when swiping left or right.

Chris_Kez says:

I think you *could* implement an edge-swipe from the left. I mean, we have an edge-swipe from the top and we still have vertical scrolling within almost everything.  That said, it would be a little trickier given the reduced space going L>R. Also, while top-down swiping works about equally well with either hand, a left or right edge-swipe would likely work a little better for one hand vs. the other.  And lastly, while we complain any time that WP looks/works too much like iOS/Android, I think it is helpful for people trying out the platform to have some of that consistency.    

I hope that once we get rid of capacitive buttons they implement a bottom-up edge swipe to enter multi-tasking. That would be much faster than having to hold down the back button. I could imagine a nice animation where the little windows appear to flick up and spread out from your thumb as you swipe up.    

aitt says:

Great comment

HansTj says:

Or maybe swipe up from the Windows button? It would be a little bit less straining for my thumb, since I have short fingers. Still love it nonetheless.

Chris_Kez says:

Maybe they're saving left-edge-swipe for multitasking view a la Windows 8?

Roun says:

I felt the same way, having it open from the left of the start screen would have been brilliant. It'd suck in apps tho, so this does make more sense.

aitt says:

No it wouldn't. It would the same way now. Think about Windows 8/RT. You can swipe from any side. It only makes more sense cause that's a default action for OS. That why it would been such a unique way for WP. I'm not griping though. I love it as is.

HansTj says:

Then, just go back to WP 7.

Asrialys says:

I want to change the sound made when the phone's plugged in. Probably not possible in 8.1, huh? lol My phone currently has its notifications set with sounds from Pokemon XY. If I could change the plugged in sound to the Pokemon Center healing sound, that would be wonderful...

Micah Dawson says:

Omg that would be cool lol

Yeah, that one's not possible, or at least not easily done. Sorry.

HaibaneReki says:

I use star trek computer sounds. ^_^ *nerdgasm*

b23h says:

yea, me too...

only Star Trek, I don't need no other stinking notification sounds

The new one is much nicer. Doesn't sound like I've knocked a bellringer down a hill.

aitt says:

Just love what 8.1 has done for the ecosystem.

cruelvaldez says:

I was going crazy with those ugly windows phone ringtones

HaibaneReki says:

Messenger meaning fb messenger or "msn" messenger? I miss the messenger in 8.1.. Skype blows ^_^

Messenger as in MSN Messenger. The FB one has two, both of which are the FB Messenger ones.

HaibaneReki says:

Heheh ^_^ but that's for Rooms' chats only. Pity, no attachments in Skype..

aaa6112 says:

Nice idea. However, I'm not sure how these audio clips were generated, their quality doesn't seem all that great to me.

Don't rely on the samples too much, they sound way better when set. Been using it since last night.

DaveGx says:

Anyone know who this publisher is, or more importanly, how I can contact them through email?  

ITejadaJR says:

Why not respond thru the app review since the developer can see those now?

Dean McCrae says:

Devs could alway see the reviews, just not reply. And this is still the case right now.

WavingReds says:

Do you guys know where these are saved to on a phone without ab SD card slot

abhishek8605 says:

Is it just me or do some of the sounds stutter a little and are of really low quality? Not complaining, just wanted to see if anyone else noticed.

They do on sampling. When set, they sounded awesome to me, no stuttering.

abhishek8605 says:

Thanks, going to give the Twitter one a shot.

One of these simple throwaway apps. Very good.

Dreamspell says:

I already ripped the sounds from the Android .apk's, but this is welcome.

Tahiti Bob says:

I'm pretty sure the Whatsapp Whistle is rather the Samsung whistle.

betacard466 says:

I would like the ESPN sound

jhoff80 says:

I use a version of this myself for MLB At Bat and NFL Mobile (I had planned on using it with the actual ESPN app, but I don't find that to be reliable).  Got it from partner site Crackberry:

Gigantuouse says:

I'd like that too. Getting the ESPN news ticker sound whenever the app gives me an alert would be nice like in iOS. 

SamiSaifDine says:

Twitter goes TWIT .. Facebook Goes TUUT .. WHAT DOES WPCENTRAL SAY ??

TiLoBrown says:

..... Yea, I chuckled

DonnaxNL says:

Haha xD Maybe the last piece of the WPC intro of videos. If you could rip that.

that's probably the easiest...will look into it

astroXP says:

I'd say that bell ding you hear after that shapeshifting WPC puzzle intro

melvintwj says:


irvin792 says:

Lol got a visual of him laying that track down lol

I am not getting notifications of WhatsApp in action centre. Moreover image folder of WhatsApp is not visible when I open from WhatsApp chat.

You will not get action center notifications if the toast notifications are disabled.
For the second issue I think you need to enter chat, tap more ... And then info -> swipe

peachy001 says:

I would like the xbox sounds. Like the achievement sound, or some of the old notifications.

peachy001 says:

Ha ha... Yeah I remember him doing that. Sadly, the Major Nelson site no longer opens properly since WP 8.1, so I didn't bother searching for it. Many thanks. I think he dif others too.

DarwinPurol says:

By this app, other developers will give idea on how to explore sounds for the apps

When WPCentral has a write up about an app with the title: "Get This Now" I am very likely to give it a shot.

Flavio76 says:

Great app willing to pay for more

Al_2 says:

Awesome. Some of these sounds are surprisingly hard to find online or in ringtones apps so this is perfect. I'd like the words with friends tone!

I spent the last night looking for the stock BlackBerry ringtones, and really couldn't find any thing.
Hope the developer adds more in the coming update

FFugue says:

Could be nice if the sound quality wasn't so bad!... It sounds as if they recorded the sounds on an old cassette player...

As I say in the article, the samples are of lower quality. Try setting it as the notification sound and wait until one comes in. They sounded great to my ears.

FFugue says:

Oh, damn, sorry I guess I haven't read the complete article... My bad.

Tahiti Bob says:

I'd like to be able to contact the developer to suggest other app sounds (like eBay for example). If you use(d) an iOS/Android device you know what these sounds are.

brayvefart says:

Very poorly recorded sounds indeed!

O come on .. I think its just fine, just tried the app and I think the sound quality is good.

brayvefart says:

I don't think so. You can sometimes even hear the beep(the beep that recorders make) at the end of a tone. And the quality isn't good,I can hear fragments of some other tone at the end of some tones. Besides that the options are very less too!

Stop listening to the samples. There's errors with playback there. As I said, assign them, use them then please come back and comment ;)

brayvefart says:

Yes the actual notification sounds are fine, samples suck.I didn't even read the complete article out of sheer excitement. My bad!

The only one I think is not the best quality is the MSN tone. Other than that, they all sound good.

Wael Hasno says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! TEN STARS FOR YOU! I just asked for an app like this yesterday but Zedge blows..

I'm uninstalling zedge .. The collection of ringtones for me is crap and it takes alot of time loading.

Great idea, i wish the developer consider adding much more short tones, such as found in BlackBerry phones .. Will be amazing to add for different apps.

Downloaded just for the nostalgia of hearing the old MSN Messenger sound again. Couldn't use these as an actual phone tone though - they're way too short. Unless you were already paying attention you're bound to miss them.

astroXP says:

Oh my Gawd, that Whatsapp Whistle I always thought it was for Twitter on Android. Now it all makes sense. By the way, so annoying.

Most of these sounds have background noise. I guess take it or leave it...

Actually, it's Samsung's sound I believe. It even says that when saving ;)

Fizoto says:

MSN tone used for SMS. Old tone for an old service. :D And it's supremely odd to have the Samsung whistle in my Lumia.

patrickwee says:

This is awesome!! (typed by word flow keyboard . )

odoggyfresh says:

somewhat off topic, but what is everyones favorite app for ringtones?

mlekas says:

Strange, I don't see twitter in my notification list. Is the default Twitter app not supported?

This is a great app BTW.

jhoff80 says:

You only see apps in the Actions/Notifications settings after they've sent you one toast notification.

mlekas says:

Ok, thanks. Strange implementation - I guess an app registers itself to the notification system via notification, not at install time.

Yes, the app adds itself only after you have received the first toast, not before or at install time.

toraji says:

Love This app... Wished i thought of it ;)

john toppo says:

Nice...please add some more...

Definitely want the Xbox notification sounds!!

mans550 says:

What kind of file format is are the sound notifications? I don't like the ones on this app and would like to add my own

reda igbaria says:

Cool app, this is what i wanted!

tboy2000 says:

On your PC, go to C, Windows, Media folder to find default system notification sounds. Email the Windows Notify Email wav file to your phone, save it and use a file explorer (such as Pocket File Manager) to add the wav file as a ringtone to your phone. It will now show up as a ringtone for you to assign to your Email notification sound. Now you have total unity in pc/phone email sound. Also in that media directory, are other soundslike for messaging etc.

Nokia5110 says:

This sounds like, we have an app for that. Ringtone Maker is capable of creating sounds from mp3, the way you want.

Skype is not working, have to open it to see messages!?

agion1 says:

When I go to the app sound settings, the only app coming up is FB (aside from phone, messaging, etc.). Is something wrong on my end? Should I see Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, and others since I have them installed?

MadSci2 says:

For those of us not beta testing the Dev Preview, you cans till download the App, listen to the sounds, and use your t to import any you like into your list of Notification sounds (by first making it your Ringtone, then going to the Notifications section of Settings). I changed my notifications for messages to one of the sounds in this App. A nice little bonus, plus when I install the update I won't be scratching my head trying to remember the name of this App, now that ai can use all its capabilities. :)

buggyglint says:

My WPCentral alert sound is, "Howdy folks! Daniel Rubino here."

milfermon says:

I just find that whistle sound creepy, for some reason

reda igbaria says:

But still a great feature for apps that didn't customized there notification sound, likes twitter

The Dane says:

Am I the only one who thinks these sounds sound like the were recorded with an old tape recorder?? Sounds terrible :(

mans550 says:

I agree the quality is terrible.. What format do the notifications use? I wish to use my own high quality ones

damo579 says:

I'm only missing the ESPN jingle

I would like a crack of the bat for MLB AtBat notifications.

buggyglint says:

I'm using an MP3 file for At Bat that has a crack of the bat with the crowd cheering.

irsyadhhs says:

I have installed zedge. But, I'll try

Yohan BONTE says:

It will be better if sounds could be save in ringtone folder cause they're not enough loud when I assign them. I would like to edit them particulary the twitter song I love