Metro Elements for Windows 8 developer contest winners

Metro Elements from Mindscape

While the news of Samsung's ATIV S may have gotten us distracted, we haven't forgotten about the Metro Elements for Windows 8 contest. We asked readers to let us know in the comments which app or game they would develop for Windows Phone or Windows 8. We then picked ten winners at random from the entries.

The prize... a license for the Metro Elements pack from Mindscape. We received 88 comments with suggestions ranging from a game based on the Sherlock Holmes movie series to a Canadian topography app to an app to control a remote control airplane.

And here are our winners, chosen at random, from the comments.

  • ccrraaiigg007 
  • aderud
  • kathikibbles 
  • CobaltDragon
  • Krispy88
  • LeeDavidJohnson
  • pittphan
  • Nataku4ca 
  • jdv.seishin
  • clownhunter

We are in the process of contacting our winners by email to let them know how to claim their prize.

WPCentral would like to thank everyone for participating in the contest and offering some great, interesting suggestions. We would also like to thank Mindscape for helping make this giveaway possible.



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nizzon says:

The what elements? :P

Sergio0694 says:

Does choosing at random mean that even the dumb4ss who wanted a game based on Sherlock Holmes film could have won?

rhodri22 says:

This is awkward...

CobaltDragon says:

Awesome - this will really help me out! Thank you WPC and Mindscape!

pittphan says:

Wow - I won! Thanks WPCentral you guys are great!

ajua says:

Congrats to the winners.
I was hoping to win to have access to this controls, but I guess it's a matter luck ;)

AdamUCF says:

Stinks that it was random since some of the winners will likely never use it. If you won and fall into that category, can you give it to someone that actually will use it?

clownhunter says:

This is fantastic news!  Thank you so much WPCentral and Mindscape! :)

Thanks so much, I will definitely put mine to good use.

Has any of the winners received their email yet? Mine has not arrived

jdv.seishin says:

Nice! Thanks a lot! I'll implement these into my app...

aderud says:

Thanks! Feels great to win even though some thinks I'm a dumb4ss! ;) I'm sorry you didn't win but I hope you you'll develop great things in the future!