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Metro Photoshop Swatches

Metro Swatches

I spend a lot of my day designing Metro stuff for Windows Phone. And the majority of that time is spent creating mockups of each area of whatever app I am doing, along with testing it with each accent color.

Embarrassingly however, every few days I head over to Bing and search for the accent colors. I've gotten so used to this that I forgot how silly it is.

I almost hit myself tonight when I saw this really simple, but awesome little swatch file for Photoshop that I should have made for myself months ago. So if you're a designer, or a dev that does design, or have PS installed for no conceivable reason at all, head over to the source and download and run the swatch file.

Source: timmykokke



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I had those swatches before they went mainstream.

Aldoron says:

Then you should have shared it.

lamerz23 says:

@SanderLeopard You are so hip.

rikkit says:

It'd be cool to get the manufacturer accents too, i.e. Fujitsu yellow, Nokia blue, Nokia grey etc.

wetworker says:


NiNiYo says:

hi i want use programs