Metrotube updated to v3.4, HD streaming bug fixed

Metrotube for Windows Phone

The popular Windows Phone YouTube client Metrotube has been updated. Version 3.4 appears to be primarily a maintenance update covering fixes for HD streaming bug that we mentioned a few weeks ago as well as other performance tweaks.

You also now have the ability to disable the main tile from flipping. The update has passed certification and you should be seeing it live shortly.

If you haven't tried Metrotube, it's a nicely laid out, feature rich, YouTube client. Metrotube is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Atta and Simba, for the tip!

QR: Metrotube



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jmerrey says:

Great app! I'd like to see the flip side of the tile be customizable; you could make it your faves, subscriptions, etc. I know you can pin those individually, but then you lose the main graphics.

man this app really should be installed on all widowsphones as the YouTube app, unlike the web shortcut.

What about supertube? I also realized that tube pro got an update. Tube pro is 100% the same as supertube.

NIST says:

Supertube pushed out an update about a day ago

schlubadub says:

Yep! I installed it today

AmilM says:

I really love this app. It's the best YouTube client in any platform.

AmilM says:

It should comes default with the OS!

abond32 says:

App shows 3.3 still. No update

Shobiz says:

Is there a way to have this app open as the main youtube app for your phone.  I hate going to the webpage.

shikharkum says:

There is already a Metrotube App for Windows 7.5.
If u were talking about Youtube, there is no such app yet.

DavidinCT says:

I've been looking for a solid Youtube app, as the HTC one is no longer updated. The Microsoft one just opens up IE. I'll give this one a shot, thanks guys !

hc_1540 says:

You won't regret it!!

Got it here in India :-)
HD video working fine tested by playing avicii Fade into darkness :-)

Nokia should get an exclusive YouTube app. :-D

Gunners1210 says:

All the cool youtube related app is not available in malaysia.. T_T

Antwan3k says:

How do you get the main tile to flip in the first place?

hc_1540 says:

I'd be interested to know this as well. No flipping on mine....
(Edit: Scratch that, flipping nicely thanks!! Can't find the option to turn it off though...)
To echo others though, it is a great app and fills a gap that almost had me pining for my Android. The 'official' Youtube WP app (if you can call it that) is totally pointless.

Antwan3k says:

Is mine the only one that isn't flipping?.. What does it show on the other side?

volcane2004 says:

Awesome Youtube app!

pinacolada says:

It'a still my fav youtube client

oh thank god the flipping tile can be disabled! wooo hoooo!
Kept missing it while scrolling :S