Metrowe - keeping track of moochers

We like ingenious apps around here and Metrowe fits the bill nicely. It's an app to keep track of how much money you owe or are owed. But it's not a bill manager for credit cards or businesses, but rather a tool for keeping track of personal expenses with friends and colleagues. For instance, say you lend someone $20 or pick up dinner one night, you can enter that info in Metrowe for easy record keeping. Vice versa, you can add in money you owe others, including noting what it was for.

The app has contact-integration, meaning you can really personalize entries with no effort. It also has a Live Tile that keeps track of your net value (owed vs owes) and flips over to show you your latest entries. On top of each entry, it records a history of transactions for individuals and allows you to 1-touch email them as a reminder--once again, very slick.

Metrowe v1.1

The app is very well designed (lots of Metro), slick and pretty darn useful. We love the Live Tile and contact-integration as it really makes it feel native. But if we're going this far, perhaps the dev can add camera integration too--so you can photograph that dinner or drinks that you bought everyone, why not? Shoot, even location info would be a good addition too. Regardless, as is the app is quite good and we highly recommend.

It fetches for $1.29 in the Marketplace and has a free trial.




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selfcreation says:

sweet app , i have allto of people owing me GUN $$$$ as well. LOL

PS nice   Qcode thing or w/e lol... glad you guys added that after the request :)

Ordeith says:

Yes, but this is a Windows Phone site.
It should be a Tag. 
and no reason not to be, since Tag is free.

NateShowww says:

They can use qcode as much as they want, Bing vision is awesome enough that it can handle it!

Ordeith says:

and it can handle the much better looking Tag format so they don't have to resort to the ugly QR mess.

We're experimenting we various things right now, including toying with MS Tag. Mostly we need to automate the process. (Manually creating codes is a biotch)

Wheezle says:

Just a reminder, you owe me 5 million dollars.

JamesDax3 says:

Not that's a clever and useful app.

Cartman says:

I like it...seems like family is borrowing money more often these days and it's hard to keep track :(

willied says:

Nice...I've needed something like this in the past. I'm surprised it's a $1.29, though.

Lx23 says:

This apps will be veryh useful. Im in university and most students tend to party hard and get broke very quickly, so they borrow a lot!!! It´s hard to keep track sometimes.

Coolaaron88 says:

I paid for it and love it!