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Microsoft adds new education and book features to Bing


Microsoft has announced it has added some new features to its Bing service that include a direct way to view a list of free online education courses within search results, along with faster access to free editions of books.

If a person searches for a subject such as organic chemistry, in Bing, the snapshot pane on the left will now offer a list of direct links to free online courses on that subject. The courses are offered via a partnership between Microsoft and Khan Academy.

Also, if a person searches for a book title in Bing, the snapshot pane might offer links to a free (and we would hope official) eBook copy. If that's not available, the pane will display a link to the closest public library where that book is available for checkout. Finally, the pane could also show an excerpt from the book itself.

Microsoft recently added more direct access to Twitter posts in its search results. What do you think of this new feature and will it encourage you to use Bing over it's biggest rival Google?

Source: Bing blog


Reader comments

Microsoft adds new education and book features to Bing


Without localization and offering their Bing services to the other countries than just US, they are without any chance to compete with Google.

Yes, Bing is maturing nicely. In fact in the car yesterday heard the host of a talk show say, "Just google it Bing it." That was one of those dumb doctor talk shows that's on Sunday, but still on one of the biggest talk radio stations in the south, WSB.

Yes it's very great, Bing is great and MS too, but now we only need the phones and retailers who want to sell them - making it possible to use all these things MS change and make possible every day. And what about Europe, the biggest market, agin we are lost.

Yes it's very great, Bing is great and MS too, but now we only need the phones and retailers who want to sell them - making it possible to use all these things MS change and make possible every day. And what about Europe, the biggest market, agin we are lost.

Nothing good until MS becomes mature to work for markets out of US India and China...uhhh man others are also passionate about your invocations but you behave like kids

Bings growth is the future of Cortana. And Cortana is called bing at large scale. So, the more features will enable Cortana to become more mature and strong dominent in responses, and that is the world where in future people will say, "Cortana do this for me" rather than people today says, "if you want to find, google it!" Or, "ok google now" Lol, m waiting for such transition....

They need to make all these Bing services international. U.S to me is a lost ground. Why waste all these efforts on U.S when you can start converting the international users first and reap up market share. It will then be easier to push for the U.S market. Oh dear Microsoft *sigh*

So fucking true, they are pushing with all their forces there in the US but noone seems to look at them there, but in the rest of the world they have a lot of more market percentages in Windows and WP. Msft is a shame for doing that. For example, here in Peru they have like 2x% of market share in Windows Phone but Bing and other Msft services are terrible.

Its a classic case of "I don't want to admit defeat on my home turf". Plus all the decision makers are all probably based in the US so I guess the hands on experience as an international user is extremely limited.

You guys don't realize that Bing in general, is a work in progress. Without a doubt Microsoft will be unifying Bing globally. Be patient. Let Microsoft further develop these features. You will get the same Bing experience as U.S. users. It's inevitable because it's in their best interest, and yours.

It's always easier to start coding for your local environment, then expand outward. If you speak English only are you going to start a new project in Punjabi?

Bing? You call it the rival of google.....sounds funny ....... I am a big microsoft fan but honestly speaking- there is no competition between these two ( although I use bing as my default search engine on my phone and in every browser I surf with...

Any idea when they started this, because yesterday I was searching for a title on my Lumia and I came across a direct link with a thumbnail to read the book, though it was a sample, still it was a good option and I did not know it was a new feature. ;) MS is becoming more friendly day by day.