Microsoft all set to announce new Windows devices at Computex

Computex is always an interesting show and while some of the products that end up appearing there tend to never see the light of day, Microsoft has taken to Twitter to tease the fact they have some new Windows devices to announce at the show. No further details were given beyond the image shared, but that's enough of a tease to make us wonder. We won't speculate what they're teasing but we'll be following along so stay tuned on June 3-4th or let us know below what you think it may be they're hinting at.

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Flubby2 says:

Pleaseeee suface mini... That would mean touch office too

HarkAtYou says:

The start button looks very small in relation to the bezel, perhaps a large all in one computer?

That'd be great. I'd also want the surface pro as JUST a line of monitors. Would be great.

The devices that will be shown here are unlikely to be Microsoft products. Maybe some new accessories. But no devices. All new devices announced here will be from OEMs. Which is still pretty exciting. I'm still waiting for someone to bring an 7-8 inch Windows device that is better than the iPad Mini and Nexus 7 spec-wise.

Microsoft has taken to Twitter to tease the fact they have some new Windows devices

I would wager you are wrong on both accounts. The wording specifically states Microsoft shall be the party with the announcement(s), and that there will be [Windows-Powered] devices in said announcements.

The twitter account is called @MicrosoftOEM. They will not show any Microsoft devices. At best they will show some new accessory. Don't be stupid.

You're being stupid.  They will surely show partner devices.  "Windows devices" has never ever been used to describe accessories.

Revi Bennett says:

Well..microsoft is an OEM now.

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We'll see. OEM technically encompasses Microsoft, since they too are an Original Equipment Manufacturer. Furthermore, acessories does NOT encompass "Windows Devices", which are defined as devices running Windows, with exception to ones powered by Windows such as a smartwatch or HUD.


Also, it's not nice to call names. It surprises me stupid is even allowed in comments since it gets filtered in the forums.

James8561 says:

The Dell Venue 8 Pro is the best 8" tablet specs wise.

powell8 says:

Nope. ThinkPad 8 has higher specs.

nasellok says:

Are you crazy, any 8" 3rd gen Atom based windows tablet is light years better than any android/ios tablet. They are mini pc's. The Asus Vivotab Note 8 has a wacom digitize

I hope they release the surface mini too.

Benny1434 says:

That would be awesome but I'm pretty sure this is just a new HP tablet.

Notice how they said 'new Windows Devices' (with an s :) ).

HP puts buttons like that on their tablets so that's my guess.

wonder1070 says:

Surface phone? Hmmmm

KasakDesign says:

Omg don't say surface phone. That would be too freaking awesome. AAHH

dhaoracle says:

I hope to God that it is a Surface Phone. I hope that they have a 5.8" screen, with the same VapMg material, a 25 mpx Preview camera, 805 chip in it, and either a kickstand or pen. Then have it on both At&t & Verizon.

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slbailey1 says:

I want it to be the Surface Mini too!!!!!!

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theicecowboy says:

Looks like the fully-developed RT 8-incher got scotched a few weeks from announcement.  You'll likely have to wait for either a full Win 8 implementation (possible because Dell's already done it), or for what was RT becoming the integrated tab environment of WinPhone, ala separate Apple iPhone and iPad apps...

...and that last is likely a year away....

Hola Amigos says:

No, more like Surface Mega... Ha ha ha...

June 3rd and 4th. Added that to the post for you.

taturo says:

Chris from Canada/Cabo, is it u??

blackhawk556 says:

Surface pro 4!!! /s

What took them so long?

keifwoki says:

Maybe 4 /c? Lol

Surface pro mini... Won't buy non pro

The thinnest Intel device it's Surface Pro 3. You can't decrease more.

Shut up there is a dell venue 8 pro can't decrease size pfft stfu

Intel Atom processor, good luck with that.

have you tried a device with a baytrail-t processor? or the baytrail-m celeron mobile processors?

onlysublime says:

yes, they're terrible compared to Core processors and even the horrible Celeron is faster than the Atoms/Bay Trail.  Bay Trail is okay for web browsing, Office, music, videos, etc.  But not for any real work or any major programs like Photoshop.

If the benchmark is tablet computing, then Atoms are fine.  But if the benchmark is real computing, Atoms are not good.

nasellok says:

I run AutoCAD and PhotoShop on my Dell venue 8 pro with no issues......i wouldn't try to build 3d models or anything really teaching, but c'mon mass, the thing is 8" and only cost 200$

Markp74 says:

You obviously haven't used one.

Not if you count atom powered devices.

MSFT_guru says:

They never said it was the thinnest Intel device, they said it was the "thinnest Intel Core device." The Intel Atom chips don't count towards that category. Not to mention the Atom processors kind of suck compared to the i3, i5, and i7 available in Surface Pro 3.

Why do you want a mini surface pro? :-/

Fritzly says:

Personally because it is a device that would fit my needs...

I agree I want a pro mini although if the mini is rt and get popular only if its really cheap it will bring apps to windows

Pro and it's a no buy for me.

doomtuba says:

Yeah, at 8" full Windows is not a pro for me.

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sd173 says:

Obviously surface mini. I really hope it doesn't use rt.

It can't support an Intel processor.

What can't support an Intel processor? How do you know the specs for something that we don't even know exists?

RT is only way I buy it. The rest is just bloat.

You mean full Windows? That's like saying OS X is bloated in comparison to iOS

herbertsnow says:

Some people just want a tablet to use as a tablet. I'm not paying extra for a glorified laptop.

poddie says:

I'm with the RT or nothing crowd. No reason to run desktop apps on a mini tablet.

absolutshame says:

Same here, RT on a 8-inch screen.

EBynum says:

I agree. I just want a thin, light consumption tablet with Windows RT. I do think though that Microsoft should just get rid of the desktop on RT. It's unnecessary and probably just confuses people.

herbertsnow says:

I wish I could get rid of the desktop on my desktop pc.

poddie says:

I like having access to desktop... but I agree that it probably confuses people and causes unrealistic expectations.

slbailey1 says:

I totally agree.

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spinedoc says:

Unless you dock it.  There is something to be said for having your entire PC in your pocket, then you get home/work and simply dock it to a larger screen/keyboard/mouse and can keep going.

True, but "bloated" is very inaccurate. A mini tablet with full Windows is perfect in my case because I do most of my computing on a desktop, and have no need for a full fledged laptop. And anyway, the full OS doesn't get in the way at all, so I don't see the problem. Just like it says in the commercial: A laptop when you need it and a tablet when you WANT it.

Geronimo928 says:

Agree with you...i guess everyone has their use case scenario. I just see RT as a fail....doesn't differentiate itself enough; i feel the average consumer would lose interest. full windows 8 I can see myself connecting to a bigger screen...at least knowing I can run legacy apps.maybe nice if came with a stylus as well.

yeah, they're already planning to discontinue RT and merge RT and windows phone. the desktop OS must also be connected somehow, but there's still no way they'd get rid of the classic desktop.

Fritzly says:

Correction: Your definition of a Tablet. I have used a Tablet PC since 2002 and all of them used Windows (XP, Vista, W7 and W8).
I do not need a " Media consumption device".

Surface mini will definitely not be full windows. That's 99% guaranteed. If I were you I would start looking at other options. Like the Lenovo ThinkPad 8. Which is pretty awesome.

WillBrown says:

That's a very interesting placement of the volume rocker and power button. I assume its to give the device a very thin edge? Limits ports though...

xFalk says:

Not necessarily.  It looks like the edge is raised, so ports could still fit.

Benny1434 says:

Honestly it reminds me where HP places their buttons.

Could this just be a new HP tablet?

Does it have to necessarily be a Microsoft made tablet?

norir82 says:

This is the Surface Miracast dongle/adapter that was reference recently.  Looks like a remote is being shown for it.  That's my speculation of course but I feel it's a pretty safe bet.  Surface Cast or something like that will probably be the name. 

I hope they don't release the Surface Mini until Windows 9.  Microsoft doesn't need another product to stagnate on shelves.  WIthout the Threshold convergence of Windows Phone and Windows RT then it wouldn't have a chance of mainstream success. 

MrSimmix says:

Out of all of the speculations in this comment section yours seems like the most plausible. Not so sure I agree with you on the surface mini thing though.

norir82 says:

Not so sure I agree with you on the surface mini thing though.

I assume it'll come out with Gemini Microsoft Touch Office Suite THIS fall but I wish they would just wait to benchmark Windows 9.  There's not enough to do with Windows RT or even full Windows on an 8" screen.  The apps aren't there so they atleast need a large chunk of the ones available on Windows Phone converted over.  Oh well, excited for the announcement.  I've greatly enjoyed Microsoft over these past two years. 

e1tep says:

The narrow bottom placement made me think.
I first thought of a smartwatch, since tablets and phones have more than enough space on the side.
But your guess sounds good too

percistratus says:

I guess an 8 incher. Probably Surface Pro mini

TLRtheory says:

Surface pro mini? A high end windows phone with SD card that isn't 6 freaking inches?

funkyGeneral says:

You are gonna make some loyalists very excited with comments like that

tkadrum says:

funkyGeneral says:

You are gonna make some loyalists very excited with comments like that


OMG>..take my money now!   64gb HD 4k ready Zune player.

colinkiama says:

Xbox Portable :o

FFugue says:

That would be awesome!

Now there's an idea... A 8" Xbox one mini tablet with wireless controller support that would allow you to sync your games, music, and TV/movie through your Xbox account so you can take the Xbox one experience with you everywhere... With a kickstand, of course!

Looks very much like an all in one computer

Neo Nuke says:

Surface mini. For sure. The profile is thin and they have finally taken that limitation from the full sized USB slots on the surface rt and 2

jmerrey says:

That Windows button looks to be a physical button, yes?

Stevied1991 says:

It looks capacitive to me.

JoeCogan says:

You're welcome Chris! Thanks for the shout out!!

NIST says:

Windows TV box.

Just Bubba says:

I agree. Although I think it will be branded as an Xbox without the gaming components.

MrSimmix says:

Surface phone? ...no?..ok.. :'(

IceCrush says:

that would be it!!

Stevied1991 says:

That bezel is way too long in comparison to that windows button to be a phone.

MrSimmix says:

I know, that's why I said "no"

The device with the switch, volume rocker, and button? Could very much be along the back edge of a tablet thin enough that buttons couldn't fit on the sides.
(Or it could just be some remote, maybe for that Miracast dongle.)

Pocket PC says:

My HP recline 27 (win 8.1 touchscreen) all-in-one is almost perfect, but there's no physical volume control on the unit. You either have to go to desktop etc or break our the huge ugly keyboard to adjust the volume. Wish those keys were on the back of my aio

PC remote control?

I have no idea what that thing is lol

Reflexx says:

A big tablet. Not the Mini.

The Surface Maxi Pad!

...wait... maybe a different name would be better.

KarateDad says:

Would it be too much to ask for a new phone ?  some upgrade on the 930, a 5" screen, 1080 display based on the new 64bit CPU from Intel, a 20MP Pureview camera, 32GB of storage with a micro SD card.  I'd upgrade tonight if I could.

bobdonkey says:

Surface 3 (rt)

Koen Willen says:

surface smartwatch?

Reebs Reebs says:

Is this a legit website? Looks like this could be it.

Hoekie says:

That looks just like a Surface 2. Somebody accidently put in 'mini'.

Surface Mini or bust.

tonyluo2001 says:

looks like a surface phone

cesar ruiz1 says:

Surface phone pro.

OMG55 says:

It must be the SM ; )

xFalk says:

A portable game controller for Windows Phone and Surface

OMG55 says:

Do you want cookie

OMG55 says:

I agree with another commenter, it's mirror cast for the surface 3

swizzlerz says:

Surface mini??

thecYru5 says:

pretty sure they are talking about 3rd party and not microsoft devices.

patstar5 says:

At first I thought the bottom image was a remote but looks like side of device. Microsoft already announced the surface 3 and this looks like a big device. Surface aio?

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TechFreak1 says:

A remote for the miracast dongle? I thought they used the same tegra chip as nvidia's shield which does have miracast. Hope they announce a surface mini running rt that would be the perfect companion device.

Edit: Now that I think about it, it could be an Aio as that is the only thing missing from the surface line up.

ade333 says:

A Windows Tv and remote?

Yu Cheng says:

Hello everyone, welcome to my homeland Taiwan. (Well, but i am living in Miami now...)

SoloXCRacer says:

Most likely, the Surface Mini.  Less likely, but plausable, a MS branded phone (before the Nokia Mobile acquisition).


smoledman says:

Surface Mini just might be unveiled at a show like this instead of a MS-keynote. It's less pretentious and I don't see how you do a 60-70 minute keynote about a mini tablet.

Benny1434 says:

Honestly it looks like a possible HP device.

That's where they have put their buttons in the past. It also didn't mention that what they were announcing was made by Microsoft.

So a new HP tablet is my guess.

flexis says:

I think a smartwatch 

Hope so a surface mini. Or maybe a new WINDOWS surface phone or I guess a hybrid computer monitor all in one. Last , will be a smart watch. lovely!

Yugiro says:

It's a surface phone!

Nokia5110 says:

Two microphones, I have one on my l625?

HP or Dell devices probably.

torbach1 says:

It's got the two thin slots on the bottom that look like the placeholders for a magnetic keyboard cover. The other image can't be a remote because if you look carefully, you'll see that it's back surface (sorry) guys on way beyond the width of a remote. So it's most likely the mini, or some competitor to the mini from HP our similar. I vote Surface Mini.

wetworker says:

Ultra Street Fighter 4 comes out on the 3rd as well as new WIndows device? ... I'm giddy :)

Don't think it's anything from Microsoft itself. The twitter account is @MicrosoftOEM.

Stadifer says:

Good catch... Might be third party wares.

Revi Bennett says:

Microsoft is an OEM!!!

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Maybe this tweet from Microsoft will clear things up for you. Our OEM Partners will announce new Windows devices at #MSFTcomputex next week: http://t.co/SqkE8yBaH9

Stadifer says:

I'm guessing a Surface Mini. I'd love there to be a Surface Phone but so close to the Nokia acquisition I'm guessing that won't come until the end of 14 or beginning of 15.


mswindows101 says:

Surface 3.. Surface Mini.. Courier!! I know... I wish.

wpjoe says:

Surface Pro 3 Type R

Storl says:

Lol guys, Surface, surface, Surface.


They will showcase OEM Devices, not any surface.

roadkyller says:

You're absolutely right. Taking a quick look at the history on the twitter account - it is 100% third party (HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc.) devices. Not even a single tweet on the Surface Pro 3 announcement earlier this month.

Article seems to be unnecessarily misleading. This tweet in no way implies a Microsoft branded device.

jjMustang says:

Methinks WPCentral has a press embargo.

If the device on the bottom is a tablet, it's bezel is way too thick.

cjdrumm says:

Well @MicrosoftOEM is a certified twitter account so I do think it is legit. It looks like it will be another Surface tablet, We all have to assume it will be the Surface Mini because it is too early for a Surface phone or Microsoft phone (via nokia). It would nice to see a smart watch since they are reportedly trying to get one out sometime during the summer. I think it is more likely we will see the Surface mini and Touch Office

Lenn Liggins says:

Surface mini and the new Lumina 1820 if that's possible.

Blu3V3nom07 says:

I'm hoping they announce Xbox TV there.

And also LG, Lenovo, and Sony Windows Phones! :D

mertzi says:

I can not understand that there's still not ONE bay trail hybrid with 64-bit windows and 4gb ram (and 1080p but not monstrous in size). And I mean a real hybrid like the t100, all other concepts are half-baked. The t100 is the most successful windows 8 device, this ultrabookesque hybrid is the winning concept but the product range is ridiculously small.

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rich4aikido says:

Looks like a very thin tablet made of plastic.  Me thinks Surface Mini

Surface phone please.

Id love to see a surface phone by Microsoft Mobile Oy. But with the current Surface prices im sure anything surface would be FAR from affordable. 

I hate the Surface 3 Pro pricing, its not for common consumers. 

Hoekie says:

Then they would not be premium devices. Pricing of the i3 and i5 SP3's are quit ok.

Theres nothing premium about specs, features and capabilities in technologoy that was in Laptops 3-5 years ago. Especially with a 12" inch screen.

Your being charged for mobility, pen support and slight innovation. 

Not consumer friendly at all, just mostly rich consumers. I personally dont know anyone who can just drop $850 to $2000 on a hybrid. $300 - $600 more reasonable like HP.

s_a_r_k_i_s says:

Thats the Surface MINI !!! Waaaahooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! Can not WAIT !!

luizioc says:

C'mon people. Using desktop Windows in an 8 inch tablet must be a pain. It's useless. They're obviously waiting for Office Touch to be ready. And with the new SDK for WP and Windows 8.1 I bet the 8 inch RT would start a new wave of apps coming to the platform. I would want one.

Hopefully a new Windows Phone device, or an official Microsoft Mobile Oy device. 

scottae316 says:


Our OEM Partners will announce new Windows devices at next week:


Taken directly from the profile site at Twitter, sounds like products from others not Microsoft.


More worried about Lumias

jcar302 says:

Please tell me the wait is over for an 8 (or close) 1080 tablet.

Tom M says:

Dell has said they were going to be introducing some new products at the show, tablets and other products.

Wagan8r says:

Whatever it is, it's coming in black, silver, and white. Hmm, maybe some nice new Surface colors?

minzegwu says:

What happened!? I didn't hear any announcement!!!