Microsoft and Italy team up for Xbox Avatar gadget giveaway

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Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone now in mini-size

We all love those free Xbox Avatar Gadgets, especially when they're Windows Phone focused. And for those in Italy, your day just a got a little brighter.

If you follow this link code (LINK) you can download and add a Nokia Lumia gadget to your avatar all for free. It's wee little Windows Phone with Nokia emblazoned on the top and ties win with the Lumia 610 launching over in that region.

Unfortunately when we tried here in the US, we were told it's not available in our region. Heck, even changing our region settings on our 360 didn't help but if any of you clever blokes figure out how to bypass this limitation, hit us up in comments.

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david126 says:

Yup, not available for my region :/

Deejay Ron says:

My avatar may not be able to sport the lumia phone, but he still sport a windows phone

Curtieson says:

Yep, got mine from a year or so back also.  I wish it was a BIT more "out there" though...it is pretty hidden.

Nakazul says:

Can you realky still get that old Windows Phone?

iMlindberg says:

I'm confused, did I miss read something or is this a Lumia-only offer? And ofc Italy :)

stevethenerd says:

Bummer, not available outside Italy. :(

Bernard Wei says:

Sigh... Why region lock such things, I want Lumia on my Avatar too.

mreck says:

I would even pay for it!...

wetworker says:

Not available in my region. Toronto - Canada :(

12468 says:

Just downloaded it on my dutch xbl account.
After logging in on the italian site, it turned dutch and could download it.

So i assume its for eu accounts only.
The download is added to your download queue directly, so you cant just get the code with another account and enter it on your normal one.

If you really want it, create a silver eu account , and download it to your xbox through that.

A us account on the same xbox should be able to acces the downloaded avatar item just as you can use some dlc on a second account

Gorki247 says:

Avatar items don't work like regular DLC and are linked to the gamertag that bought it only. It cannot be used by a second account.

12468 says:

Well ive got a us account for the xbox rewards.
I once bought an avatar outfit from my reward points on my us account. And my dutch account is wearing it right now.

I know it doesnt work for avatar awards but it does defenately work for some purchased avatar stuff

DavidinCT says:

My avatar still has Windows Phone 7 from the very first promotion and still uses it every day I log in or look at my phone.
I would love to be able to get this one as my avatar was holding it and it was really showing off features on it...bummer I am in the US and it's not available for me...

BeetleComet says:

Hey guys, if you live in Ireland there's an advert on the Xbox 360 Dashboard allowing you to download a black Nokia Lumia 610 phone for you're avatar. The advert is promoting the recent launch of the 610 over here! To get the prop you must also agree to receive the Windows Phone Newsletter. I'm not sure if this is in any other region as I found it on my Xbox 360 Dashboard. Pretty cool Ireland gets an exclusive for once.

MichelLoyen says:

I have a Belgium Live ID and was able to "purchase" it....yay! :-)

Nakazul says:

Worked in Sweden, guess all EU will do just fine.