Microsoft announces Build 2014 for April 2-4 in San Francisco (Update)

Update 12 PM ET: It's now official 

Someone may have had itchy trigger fingers tonight, as Microsoft has reportedly revealed that //Build/ will be happening on April 2-4 at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. That’s a favorite venue of theirs, so that’s not too surprising.  What is the shocker is the announcement, which has since been pulled, although the site Neowin  was able to grab the image before it was caught.

Build is Microsoft’s big developer conference that has also morphed into an announcement platform. Build 2013 was last held in San Francisco back in June, so seeing an April date at the same venue makes sense. Registration for the 2014 event will reportedly begin on January 14th at noon Eastern time (9 am Pacific), so you have some time to ponder your expenses before then.

What do we expect? How about the first update to Windows 8.1 called ‘Spring 2014 GDR’. Mary Jo Foley reported that she’s hearing that spring 2014 is the time-frame for that release. What’s more, the Surface Mini may be announced too as that update is supposedly tied to that OS update.

And yes, Windows Phone 8.1 would also be a good candidate for a co-announcement, should Microsoft be looking to publicize everything at once. Sources close to us and Mary Jo Foley have pinned down spring 2014 (or at least, before June) as the time frame for the 8.1 update, and this April period for Build 2014 looks apropos in light of that information.

Either way, we’ll be there live to cover the event! Stay tuned and we’ll see if Microsoft comes clean with the rest of the details.

Source: Microsoft News; via: Neowin; Thanks, Katsch I.,for the tip!



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I can't wait for APRIL for 8.1! IS THIS A JOKE

Sorry to hear.  What are you going to do with your phone? I hear there are some needy 7.8'ers out there who want it, lol

titoyees says:

Hey! More respect bro.


They is right, if he can wait drop their phone and give it to a WP 7.X user. 

mjfadaway says:

Is it too late to sign up for that $19 Dev Account, and also have access to that early update program?

12Danny123 says:

I think it's more of an in depth of WP8.1

B_Sack says:

Can't wait 4 months?  I feel sorry for you son. I got 99 problems, but a Quarter aint one.


Yes I know 4 months is a little over a Quarter, but it needed to flow ;o

Got 99 problems but a third 'aint one~

B_Sack says:

I thought about that, but when you invoke "third" you then have to specify what that third is relative to. Since companies do things by fiscal and calendar Quarters, I chose to use artistic freedom to use an incorrect term for the betterment of the song.

Beshoy Hanna says:

Danny always jumps in the comments section when he knows something we don't. What do ya got for us Daniel?

Yeah, I mean these GDR updates don't do much. I was hoping for 8.1 to be announced instead of GDR3, or at CES, heck even MWC! April is too far away! :'(

Westoncreg says:

Gdrs are more support them android gets most of the time so I wouldn't say I'm too disappointed with the update cycles

MaXi32 says:

On April?? I hope that they will leak the preview version by next month! 

Nice we'll see some wp8.1 apps there :P

With those itchy fingers, I wish if they would have "mistakenly" released WP8.1 with Internet Explorer 11 and File Explorer 1.0 on web, bypassing carriers!

That, my friends, was a nice dream.. ~indeed~

Zulfigar says:

At least we got GDR3 to bypass carriers (in a way), so that's something. :D

Eas195 says:

... using the Developer Preview update, right? :D

ruddevil says:

I wished 8.1 would come sooner.

ZX9 says:

So did I. Then we got it. 2014 seems like forever ago doesn't it?

Zulfigar says:

Why is everyone looking forward to August 1st (or is it January 8th?)? Aww man I'm confused!!!

Acbuono5 says:

This 8.1 better be good!

IceDree says:

Oh man can't wait !
With the event being on April, i hope Microsoft sticks to "Shut up & Ship" whatever they announce & ship it ... before WWDC & I/O "Invent" it on June.

Ultimateone says:

How did we go from Jan-Feb for 8.1 to now April? UGH.

I think once Nokia put Lumia Black on an 'early 2014' release with Update 3, that should have been a sign about 8.1 ;)

IceDree says:

Yep, can't have Nokia ship U3 while Microsoft ship 8.1 , it will look bad.

Talbot690 says:

So WP8.1 and Lumia black are separate things I get that but is there an equivalent to Lumia black for other phones (ATIV,8x and 8s)?

Zulfigar says:

Not really...

Westoncreg says:

Black is just update 3 with Lumia specific items

Talbot690 says:

Ok cool makes sense.

Bloobed says:

Updates always take 2-3 months after the announcement anyways, so Jan-Feb would still make sense for release, with the update available for most phones in April.

nizzon says:

Or it will be released in April and available after the summer. Still no update 3 in sight on any of mine or my colleagues WPs.

Could you tell me guys what lumias will be available to upgrade to 8.1?. Example,Lumia 1020?

fwaits says:

All WP8 Lumias.

lippidp says:

There have been no announcements. The likely scenario will be like GDR3. Enthusiasts can get it straight from MS and upgrade all WP8 devices. Non-enthusiasts will be at the mercy of the carriers.

Samst22 says:

I'm hoping we get a glimpse of WP8.1 at WMC at end of Feb. Maybe Microsoft will release it then for the developers through the app. Then it's just a month later till April and they'll release it for the public just after Build.

Worst case scenario would be that they announce it at Build, and we don't get upates untill Summer :|.

12Danny123 says:

I think this is the case. They did this for WP8 in 2012 in June. And they gave an in depth conference of features in WP8. Same thing will likely happen for WP8.1

no, its just a possibility at the moment, it can always

be put back if things are delayed.

Neo Nuke says:

The first update to 8.1? As in GDR1 for 8.1 in April or 8.1 in April? So confused...

rightisray says:

They were speaking of the first update to Windows 8.1, the PC OS.

Neo Nuke says:

Crap. Answered it myself. First paragraph is about windows 8.1 . Second is about Windows Phone 8.1 . Still sucky news if true.
I'm pretty much a fanboi now but everyone bashed me last time for expressing sadness that 8.1 release for early 2014 is much closer to mid year in April. Microsoft really is slow but I do understand the need to shut up and ship.

crise says:

Wp8.1 in April? Slowwwwwwww

lippidp says:

And they wonder why they're in a distant third place.

mklemin says:

I bet we won't see WP8.1 available on any devices before June.

Jf.Vigor says:

Except mine because I will have the developer preview

andrew1967 says:

you, me and thousands of others,.

Didn't you mean September?

hopmedic says:

Bring BUILD to the east coast!

Sam Sabri says:

West Coast is best coast. 

RobbCab says:

East Coast. The coast with the most.

hopmedic says:

You can't go wrong on the RIGHT side of the country!

wpguy says:

Irk both sides and bring it to the middle of the country.

Yeah! Bring cool conferences to the midwest!



ymcpa says:

If they bring it to the east coast, it will be in Miami.

So nothing to MWC??
So an WP8.1 announcement only in April? A Preview in April and the final update only about 3 months after (look GDR3 and the all holding late Nokia firmware updates)?? WP8.1 seems forever away from us... Tired to wait and I will have to wait 6/7 more months... :(

Studio384 says:

I doubt that there will be anything important at Build about Windows Phone, after all, the full name of the conference is Build Windows, not Build Windows Phone, Build '11, '12 ane '13 where all about Windows...

theefman says:

I would keep my expectations reasonable for WP 8.1. The OS is still far behind the competition in many areas and expecting Microsoft to add so much functionality in one update is unrealistic. There will probably be the much rumored notification center and a few other features but I think most of the work is going to be to the underlying OS rather than user facing features. Best to just enjoy the OS as is and not expect any huge features to be added in 8.1, it'll be a less stressful wait that way. :)

Luigi Lop says:

by april, we will be at the first iteration of wp8.1; by then, we will have android 5 and iphone ios8.


I hope it's a joke, because if it's not, i'm gonna change phone and never again buy into this platform, that i do believe in.


They are not being serious about it

damo579 says:

I don't know about android but IOS8 won't be released until September.

Tiiiiime says:

Why are you so sure about that?

Brenetics says:

? Nope nope nope.

Duffau says:

Faith in what? You believe that just because there will be a new version number, the other platforms will get better without any proof or even indication? Doesn't sound like faith to me.

Luigi Lop says:

I believe the improvement made to android since wp8 was released are tremendous and shows how much work goggle is putting in the platform, both for developers and users, while wp8 is lagging behind a lot and its starting to feel stale. Im typing this from an ativ s, a device i am truly satisfied with, but i cant begin to describe the differences between android 4.2(released in november 13, 2012 around the time wp8 was announced) and android 4.4 . As a wp8 user i would to see a similar pace of development and tangible improvement to the os.

Duffau says:

You see, my point was that WP has a lot of things the other OSs don't have. True some things are missing, but to say WP's pace is slower is simply untrue IMO. If you're saying some features should already be there because the other platforms have them, I agree, even though WP has been around for a lot less time and has been fighting a much steeper uphill battle. What did happen between android 4.2 and 4.4? Yes some stuff was added and some appearances were changed, but most of the changes were under the hood, to decrease lag and resources required on lower end phones; this is something WP has been able to do since day one. What happened from iOS 6 to 7? Aside from a few things being added, the UI changed in appearance. What did they change to? Flat UI design, something that WP has had since the beginning. Not to mention, many apple fans don't like the new look of iOS. IMO my point still stands. There is so much positive/promising news (leaks) surrounding 8.1 and beyond, yet you say that android and iOS will progress quicker, without any news or indication of future releases for said platforms. Whether or not you realize it, what you said doesn't exactly have the connotation of faith.

Brenetics says:

Is build only open to devs?

Bloobed says:

I believe it's open to anyone who buys a ticket.

hopmedic says:

It'd be a waste of money for a non-dev, though.

TallAssRob says:

It's intended for Developers & Press. Tickets are like 1600$ so it would be a huge waste of money for non-Devs.

Chris_Kez says:

I bet the big news will be the release of WP8.1 and a reveal of the Gemini wave of Office updates for W8 and WP8, with release soon after. I think we get some sneak peeks at W8.2, but no new bits.

My crazy wildcard prediction? They showcase W8 apps running on Xbox One and announce they're significantly reducing barriers to app development for the console.

JediTWang says:

Good to get a date, still LOTS of catching up to do with that (critical) release.

Mellifluous says:

Sorry to be spelling police, but - "accidentally" :)

I think I will try to go. My money will be ready. I will not buy any surfece that way I will get the windows mini and a new phone with windows 8.1. Wooee Christmas in April.

poiman says:

Either Microsoft or Nokia will have to show something on WMC! I mean they can't ignore it! That event is too important for a company that is desperately trying to grow on the mobile market! If they aren't showing us the Lumia 930 what can we expect from WMC? Only that dual-SIM Lumia?

Roshan Roxx says:

May be 2020 and 825 will be announced with that money penny dual sim

theefman says:

Maybe the new Nokia android? :)

Roshan Roxx says:

We want windows phone 8.1 update to all the windows phone 8 users
They have to provide a major update to us! These GDR's are minor
Common MS gives us the updated!

DJCBS says:

I don't think you'll see any WP at CES. Only Windows. Microsoft will most likely leave WP stuff for MWC which is just a month after CES.

ruthietootie says:

The thing with Microsoft and its OEMs, they're never ready to ship immediately! April 2014 will be the announcement date, new devices will probably follow at least 2 mths after if we're lucky. I really want them to prove me wrong this time though.

irsyadhhs says:

Wp8.1 and available on that day too. No more waiting!!!

MaXi32 says:

Wow, April is too long. Pity to those WP8 users who want the update but they are having cancer and can only live until 1st April 2014. Microsoft is evil.