Microsoft brings April's XBox Live Deal of the Week selection to the people

Vote for April's Deal of the Week

Microsoft has shaken things up a little for April's XBox Live Deal of the Week selections.  Rather than just putting it out there, they want to know what games users want to see discounted by creating a poll of four games.  The choices offered up for your consideration are: ZOMB1ES on teh ph0ne, Earthworm Jim, Doodle God, and Deer Hunter.  To vote, simply head to the source link and click on your choice, then click "Vote."  You can also find a link to the poll in your Windows Phone Games Hub.  Once you've made your decision, you will see what game leads the pack. 

There's no telling whether or not this will become the standard for Deal of the Week going forward, but it's pretty cool to see MS looking for users' input.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks for the tip, Natres!



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razzelbazzel says:

Not fussed! All crap!

sagivh says:

im sorry, but all these games are lame. I uninstalled all of them and would rather we get more than 1 live game a week, because so far the selection is limited and the competition has many many many more..

awesumjon says:

It takes time and there are rules for games that want to be an XBLA game. Also, xbla games and games in general are different.

sagivh says:

i get that.
but the reason that only one game is coming out every week is pure marketing i think..

J4rrod says:

You're wrong, the competition has zero XBL games.

MastrMeatWad says:

don't "think".  Kidding.  But seriously, XBL certification is a different process and to compare to the consoles, they only have 1-2 games per week.  That will not change.  Some of it is marketing and some of it isn't.  To be totally fair the "other" OS's have been out for far longer and are more mature than WP7. 
Also, like the other OS's there are plenty of games to choose from that are 'not' xbox live titles.  Dragon's Blade is freaking perfect.  LOVE IT.  Cartridge is cool and so is BBB: App-oclypse.  There are plenty of games to pick and choose from and that is perhaps a better comparison to other OS's. 

rfso says:

I already have Doodle God and ZOMB1ES on teh ph0ne.. Might give a shot at Earthworm Jim.

MastrMeatWad says:

I believe Earthworm Jim already got a discount once, right?  I remember downloading it and did not like the controls on touchscreen. 

evilrobot says:

What are the chances these will ALL be a deal of the week in April?  I'm not interested in any of them (already own Doodle God) so I hope not.  Waiting on a deal for PacMan CE DX.

pressstart says:

Me too! Anxiously waiting for Pac-Man CE DX to go on sale. I will bite at $5

tylerh1701 says:

Hoping people vote for Doodle God or Zombies on teh Phone, as they haven't been DotW yet.  Not getting good vibes from the comments so far.
And please don't vote for Earthworm Jim.  It's been on sale twice AND controls like ass.
EDIT: Zombies is winning at 35%, Earthworm Jim in 2nd with 25.4%, and Doodle God 3rd with 21.7%.  Glad I went with Zombies

MastrMeatWad says:

Hey Tylerh1701.  I agree, Earthworm Jim's controls are bleh.  I usually buy every title on DOTW, but I could not handle the controls for Earthworm. 

I will vote for Zombies.  Great title!

WPSteve says:

Doodle God & Doodle Devil are both amazing games that deserve more recognition. Just sayin'

Beezie84 says:

Only one I don't have is deer hunter.. but pretty sure I still wouldn't buy..

DavidinCT says:

Hope they bring earthworm jim down to $0.99....

trazer says:

I want none of those unfortunately.

Are they planning to lower the prices ... ?

I have Doodle God, and no interest in the others. I'd still vote DG for support though, it's a great game.

gtbuzz says:

I really wish I understood the fascination with this Doodle God. Seems like a bunch of 'guess and check' to me with no real strategy. Tried it when it was an indie game and didn't care for it. Ditto whn it was rerelesaed as XBL.
I didn't even bother grabbing it for my Kindle Fire when it was Amazon's free app, so a discounted Doodle God doesn't really float my boat.

SlainArmor says:

I don't like non of them. They should introduce new games and put those on sale for a limited time.

We need better games like GTA 3

DaSchnee says:

I would love to see GTA 3 on WP7 as well...

paulomalley says:

Unfortunately GTA3 requires a dual core processor apparently.... =(

Can94 says:

I would like to see some xbox live games getting the limited time free treatment.

Ffs, Everything leads to moaning and whining... what a strange society we live in.

schlubadub says:

There's no need for everyone to comment if everything is wonderful :P

Would love to see Microsoft bring more titles everyday than just once a week.

Why are people complaining and crapping this post. Just be glad we are given a choice,sheesh!

schlubadub says:

Is complaining about complaining any better?

schlubadub says:

Alchemic Phone 7 is far better than Doodle God

Nakazul says:

Earth Worm Jim plz

Sweet. Doodle God. Maybe they can delete it again and try to charge me a THIRD time for the same app. This was the biggest rip-off move of the entire marketplace.

EvoFxStudio says:

i think you where all wating for this this easter 2012
and you all will get for free , and rember to read the text on the buildings
wpcentral , the cool site

schlubadub says:

Lol no... Definitely not waiting for that

MastrMeatWad says:

I think people forget that there are a LOT of games on marketplace.  They just aren't xbox live titles.